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Shop Special


This brand name by Beximco had opened its doors at Bashundhara City on the 26th of October, 2004. (Their other outlet is located at Etc in Dhanmondi, Rd 27, and another is yet to open at the Pink Plaza in Gulshan 1) The name symbolises positivity and new beginnings, the spirit of which spills onto the trendy styles and cuts of their exclusive men's wear. The ambience is distinctively earthy and pleasant with red brick walls and soft lighting.

The Yellow line comprises of Ultra formal, formal and casual. The ultra formal line consists of a whole range of impressive patterns including checks, stripes, macro-checks in black and white, micro-checks, stripe checks etc. These are made of pure Egyptian cotton, and this particular line also includes silk and polyester ties imported from China, with a host of funky patterns such as polka dots, pin stripes amongst others. Some of the more attractive shades for these come in mauve, tomato red, silver grey and maroons.

The summer line is inclusive of both half as well as full sleeves in a host of cool summer hues like solids in powder blue, melon, yellow and lime green. Examples of patterns would be combinations of magenta and green in large checks, sea green and light blue in stripes, pink in pin stripes and so on. Attractive motifs such as bottles, aeroplanes, and flower prints characterise this section. Denim shirts are also on display, and which are made of both the softer qualities, perfect for the summer, as well as the thicker kind. Many of these shirts are 'over dyed' which means that they are of an extremely soft quality, which is, needless to say, very comfortable to wear. The casual section comprises of some very trendy cuts and styles; for example, shirts with frayed edges on the bottom and so on.

Solids also comprise of deep greys, black and navy blue within the formal line. Some of these shirts (as well as some punjabis) are stain resistant and wrinkle free. Punjabis are yarn dyed and come in similar, attractive designs, and of course there are jeans as well as semi-formal trousers. Prices of jeans begin at Tk699 and go up till Tk999, while semi-formals are Tk699. The ultra formal range is Tk1199, formals are Tk699, while casuals are priced between Tk599-699. Silk ties are Tk699 and polyester at Tk499.

The brand Yellow has its own in-house designers, both from India as well as Bangladesh. It is worth mentioning that their products are export quality. So if you are a fashion conscious male who desires to look trendy and 'with it', Yellow is one brand that is certainly worth checking out.

By Rubaiyat Khan

Shop Talk

Rattles are an essential part of an infant's toy collection. From the bright colours to the many jingles and chimes, rattles seem to be the best toys to captivate an infant's attention. And these days rattles come in so many different shapes that even parents are a bit thrown when they try to decide which shape their baby will like best. Kids and Mums at Banani Road 11 are an excellent place for rattles because they have a wide variety and also carry rattles from Tollyjoy, a well known infant product brand. The price range is very broad depending on the size and brand, but rattles usually average at Tk10.

Baby powder
With the temperatures reaching a record high this summer, don't be surprised if your baby develops a bad case of prickly heat. This highly irksome skin irritation can be avoided if you make an effort to see that your child does not sweat frequently. And what better way to ensure this than to douse some powder on your child after their bath or during the afternoon when the heat becomes unbearable? Johnsons Baby Powder is undoubtedly the best product for such situations. A 200 gram bottle will last you a long time and usually costs Tk70. These are available at Moyuri at Dhanmondi Road 6, Agora, Almas, at New market and any other shopping malls.

Bottle Sterilisers
Feeding bottles are probably one of the most used baby utensils. And as most mothers know, baby bottles are a pain in the neck to clean because of the various processes involved. So why not save all that time and trouble by investing in a sterilisation kit? The kit allows you to store four bottles, add 200ml water and then heat it in the microwave to kill all those germs. There are different brands which usually cost around Tk3,500 or more and are available at Gulshan Market (1) on the second floor at several stores.

Teething rings
Teething is a tough stage for both infants because they suffer the pain and parents because they have to endure seeing their little one's miserable. So why not make this painful experience a little more bearable by getting your tiny tot a teething ring? These rings not only add to a child's toy collection but also help exercise their gums. Available at Kids and Mums in Banani (Road 11), good quality teething rings come around at about Tk100.

Baby cots
Just had a baby? Afraid of putting your newborn in a regular bed? Want your baby to have a nook of his/her own? A baby cot is the perfect solution to such a problem. Bounded on all four sides, a baby cot provides infants with not only a sleeping space but also a safe haven in which they can play, learn how to roll over, stand and sit up and even take their first step. These days, cots no longer look like fenced in pens. Rather they come in different sizes, shapes and colour. Some even have cartoon characters on them and follow a certain theme. Furnifun at Dhanmondi, Road 31 is a good place to look for these. Prices are generally around Tk8,000.

Baby shampoo
Giving infants a bath is a very delicate task that needs to be done with care. And in the way these things usually go, infants are a bit resistant to taking baths. And if there's anything more difficult than giving a baby a bath, it is trying to wash their hair. So why complicate stuff by using shampoo that might sting their eyes? The best brand to use for this is Johnson & Johnson because their shampoos come with a "no more tears" formula that ensures that your baby's eyes won't sting. The shampoo is specifically formulated for baby hair and leaves it feeling soft and supple. A 300ml Johnson's Baby Shampoo costs Tk200 and is available at Needs and Moyuri at Dhanmondi Road 6, Agora, Almas, at New market and any other shopping malls.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob


It's that time of the year again, when the days are getting longer, and beyond the last leg of classes and exams, the summer lies waiting, rich with promise. Time to pack your bags and get out and grab that holiday you've been dreaming about. Just so that the dreams don't turn into nightmares, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Pack light
The more baggage you're weighed down with at the start of your journey, the more trouble you'll have lugging it around, worrying about losing stuff, and the less shopping you can do. Save yourself a lot of grumbling by packing only the bare minimum. When it comes to clothes, pick stuff you can mix and match with, so that you can get more mileage out of fewer items. For shoes, take no more than three pairs, and pick neutral colours like black or white, which go with all types of clothes.

Prepare for emergencies
Pack a tiny first-aid kit tailored specifically to your needs and your destination. One popular item is laxative - because people tend to find it difficult to adjust to foreign cuisine. If you're on medication, make sure you have a copy of your doctor's prescription with you. Practise extra caution if you're travelling with young children. Teach them a few basic rules about what to do if they suddenly get separated from you - like waiting in a safe place, and not talking to strangers. It helps to make sure they carry some form of ID with them.

Beware of thieves
Thieves and pickpockets are the bane of every tourist. To minimise their threat, try carrying the 'hard' suitcases as opposed to the softer canvas ones, which can be cut open. In the event that you do carry the soft luggage, put your more valuable items in the centre, further out of reach of anyone who decides to slit the case and slide a hand in. Carry your passport, money, and other small valuables on your person. The best way is to carry it in a small pouch, hang it from your neck and tuck it under your clothing. A 'fanny pack' attached to your belt also works, but remember that it can be cut off. Make your wallet harder to pick by wrapping rubber bands around it.
Here's wishing you a fun, hassle-free trip.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

With reference to the article "The artistic endeavours of Zeba Rasheed Chowdhury" (June 7, 2005), we regret an error that crept in inadvertently. In the write-up Zeba is said to be the chairperson of the Orchid Society. In fact, she is the vice chairperson of the Society.


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