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Moving to a New Home

A lot of men and women consider moving to a new house as the most arduous task and it's true indeed. As we begin to live in a place, we grow natural bonding with every nook and corner of that place. We eventually fall in love with the concrete floor, the faded wall paint, the not-so-wide alley, the neighbourhood laundry house, the grocery store or even the giant mango tree that can be seen through the living room window. Although the idea of shifting to a more roomy flat in a posh area carry a lot enthusiasm, fun and commotion, our hearts cry over the thought of bidding a good-bye to the house we lived for so long. But life goes on and we soon stop being sentimental…
But hey, most of the dilemmas associated with shifting can be solved with a little sincere willpower. First of all, if you can afford then hire professional movers. There are several local companies committed to helping you with the hectic task of packing and unpacking. These people have their own fleet of transport and boxes and cartons to carry your belongings to the new place. But it would be rather unwise if you rely 100 percent on these people and stop supervising. Monitor them regularly as a little negligence on their part can spoil your favourite furniture, electrical gadget or crockery forever. It's always better to contact these people well ahead of time. If you give them a call on the eleventh hour, they might fail to undertake the moving tasks appropriately. Ask them to come over to your place a few days before the final day to survey your furniture, gadgets and other household stuff as it would help them to come fully prepared on the morning of the shifting day. Keep in mind that the cost of hiring a moving company might vary depending on the actual weight of the items and any extra service.

Start the whole preparation weeks ahead. Encourage your husband and kids to pack their own stuff or at least assist during the packing sessions. Together you can make this chaotic experience an exciting one.

Instead of depending on the moving company, you can always shoulder the responsibilities. Purchase cartons or cardboard boxes (you can buy cartons of any size from the Govt New Market) and start putting your belongings. Be especially careful about your crocks and books; ensure that careless handling does not damage them. If possible, discard the furniture infected by roaches and termites as an attempt to control pests from multiplying in your new abode.

Remember that shifting to a new place also involves a series of other tasks, for instance, the need to collect clothes from the local laundry house or pay the utility bills or cancel the newspaper. Ask the manager or landlord of your old house to save your mail.

Unplug all electric devices at least 24 hours before moving day. Make an emergency box with essential items like brush, toilet paper, screwdriver etc., which you would need upon arrival in your new home. Remember to carry fragile electrical equipment with you rather than use the movers for it.

Finally, it's your responsibility to check if goods are properly loaded on the pickup van or truck. If you hire a moving company, then supervise them for the sake of your belongings. Carry fragile items like TV, PC etc with you and don't find a place for them in the truck.

Be present in your new home to accept the goods being delivered. If you cannot be there in person then appoint someone trustworthy to monitor the movers or the hired labourers as they unload the goods. After all the goods are unloaded, check if all the items have been transported. Inform the moving company of any loss and damage; many of the moving companies have compensation policies for their clients so be aware of the terms and conditions.

Moving to a new home is certainly a backbreaking job. But don't be too frenzied over the whole thing. Once you settle down in your new home, take a deep breath, relax, look around the sparkling new home and you would see the pain of the past month melting away little by little.

By Wara Karim

News flash

Prabartana's monsoon collection in green

The colour green is a symbol of youth and vivacity, and it is Prabartana's colour of choice this monsoon. Their line comprises of fatuas, kurtas, shalwar kameez, dupattas, and gamchha saris, all in varying shades of green. They have also introduced traditional brass, copper and silver ornaments. Also a new line of coconut shell, and seashell ornament.

The price of shalwar-kameez ranges between tk950 to tk1500 while prices of kurtas and fatuas begin at tk250 and goes up to tk750. They are producing gamchha sari to promote the tatis. A gamchha sari will cost tk375 and dupattas are tk150 to tk600. Prices of ornaments range between tk65 to tk120. Prabartana is situated at 2/8, Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur.

-LS Desk

TC's BEST: The new ice cream shop!

For the last few days the mercury has been shooting to new heights and that coupled with the spectacular humidity has made malarkey of what was supposed to be the monsoon season. However fear not, I come with glad tidings.

To rescue us from this atrocious heat comes Mahin Group, who have just inaugurated a new ice-cream parlour. Situated on the second floor of the Awal Center (just beside Iqbal Tower) the new ice cream shop is entitled TC's Best.

The Grand Opening of TC's Best took place on the 7th of June at 4:28 pm. (yes that's right, 4:28 pm). Most present there were more than a little surprised at the curious choice of time, but the Managing Director explained that this was in keeping with a Thai custom, which apparently signifies good luck.

If you are wondering why Thai, it is because TC's Best is a Thai brand and Mahin Group has bought the rights for the franchise in Bangladesh. TC's Best is originally a part of Key International Foods Ltd. and their Managing Director, Jarunan Juruthien was also present at the press conference.

Amidst resounding cheers from the near hundred strong crowds present, Abdullah Al Mahmud launched TC's Best in Bangladesh. In the following press conference, him among others related that they expected to become a firm competitor in the ice cream market in the very near future.

All their ice cream will be imported from Thailand and TC's Best also offers the customers something which other ice-cream outlets do not -- frozen yogurt. A supplement of ice-cream, the best part of frozen yogurt is that it has ten times less calories than ice-cream with no perceptible change in taste. I bet all of you are already licking your lips at the prospect.

As for the shop, the decor is simple yet elegant with lots of room and plenty of light -- just right for an ice cream parlour. There is a plethora of choices and most of them at very competitive prices.

So, if you are nearby, do drop in for a visit and when you do, be sure to try out the Nutella and Light Blue Sky, with the Twix toppings! I trust you will not be disappointed!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

Chittagong Chitchat

Sunset Splendour at Bhatiary

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life lies Bhatiary… the hidden green paradise of Chittagong. It is situated near the Bangladesh Military Academy near the Chittagong Golf Club. If you live in the city centre, it'll take you approximately half an hour to reach Bhatiary via car.

The best time to visit Bhatiary is undoubtedly in the afternoon, when the sun's rays don't feel like your worst enemy in this summer heat, and there's enough light to enable you to drink in the luxurious beauty of your surroundings. Being a hilly area, it allows you an obstructed view of the neighbouring areas. You get green flora and fauna surrounding you from all sides, and can enjoy an incomparable view of the red, setting sun in the midst of the hills.

There's also a small shop there that offers refreshments. The best part about Bhatiary, foliage aside, is the lake. A fascinating sight, it's also an enchanting experience to rent one of the boats and go on a long ride the entire length of the lake. Protected from overcrowding of boats and people, they do an excellent job of preserving the animals in their natural habitat. So, keep your eyes open for a few, unusual animals you might encounter. But here's the best part: Bhatiary is still 'unexplored' territory. It's clean, its safe (though I advise to return immediately after sunset), and untainted by civilisation, at least till now!

So don't you think it's a good idea to visit this part of paradise in Chittagong before it inevitably vanishes with the invasion of civilisation?

By Jennifer Ashraf

A bit of this...A Bit of that

BY Shirley Momen

"Gossip…Us ?...Never!"
As I sat watching television on one of those rare evenings when all my work was over, I noticed my daughter chatting away on the phone. I was not overly concerned because I know all her friends. So, I went on watching my favourite T.V.show. My ears perked up suddenly because my daughter's voice went alarmingly low. That was when I realized in horror…my baby was "GOSSIPING'. I sat there thinking about where I had gone wrong….didn't I teach my daughter the right moral values? But when I accused her and her friends of gossiping…she just rolled her eyes and said,
"Gossip..Us?.. Never!"

It dawned on me, this GOSSIP is what we all do knowingly or unknowingly, ..whether with the intention of hurting someone or not…we do it nevertheless…But when we are accused of gossiping, we simply roll our eyes and say,

We love to meet over lunch and tea ..Perfect for a little exchange of news with so-called friends. And of-course the after dinner meetings to tear apart somebody or the other is always popular. It is so delicious and satisfying that we never realize we are perfecting the form of dissecting a person's character, life and all that is important to the person.. But when accused we say,"Gossip?…Us?…Never!"

The art of gossiping is the forte of the Queen Bee Socialites…Whatever they say.. goes…we, the ladies-in-waiting are just meant to spread the news. It is our responsibility to tell anybody and everybody…
it is our sacred duty to inform the masses the flaws of human beings, who are our friends, forgetting the simple fact ...we, too are humans. Gossip?…Us?…Never!"

True or False, that is never the question…The fact remains gossiping is much more fun than talking about what ever else is happening in the world. Who wants to talk about Tsunami disasters or about the soldiers giving their lives in another country or people losing lives in launch disasters.

It is up to us to bring Mina's Flab into light, not thinking for a moment that she just had a baby, it is up to us to show how ugly Tina was looking in her black sari and diamond jewellery ,when in reality ,we all know we would give an arm and a leg to be in her place. "Gossip?…Us?…Never!"

It is up to us to let everybody know the way Simi was talking to Lina's husband, forgetting the fact that they are our friends and it could ruin their respective lives if interpreted the wrong way. By gossiping about someone, we are in fact character assassinating We are all educated.. we read the latest books…watch the latest movies…are in with the times.."Gossip?..Us? ..Never!"

Have we not seen the the way Jane copies Alice?…from sarees to everything else! Have we not seen the way Mary is climbing the social ladder.. Are we not aware Martha only keeps in shape to attract the male species…not to keep fit…
The list is endless readers and…yet " Gossip?…Us?..Never!"

We, the people, tend to forget how damaging gossiping can be to our lives…We can forget that we have a mirror in the house..We can dream that we are infallible …but are we? We can be the victims of our own gossip…which damage careers, families and marriages…Can we not rise above this senseless time pass…Can we not be a part of " Gossip?…Us?…Never!"


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