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Beauty Talk

Sadia Moyeen Beautician, La Belle

I was told that daily use of hair gel could cause loss of hair. The same was said of hairsprays and hair creams. I have in fact seen a number of people who went all bare up there, while others seemed to be going fine. Could you clarify why that is? Is it because of the difference in brands? If so, which brand do you recommend for men? Thanks.

Dear Mishta
The use of hair gel, sprays, etc do not cause hair loss. Its important though to wash off or remove it at the end of the day and re-apply the next day. Repeated application without washing will lead to a dry, itchy scalp or even dandruff sometimes and might make the hair fall.
If you are not too keen to shampoo everyday, at least wash it off with just water before going to bed.

I would like to take your tips for my mane. It used to be straight and silky, but well, now it isn't like before...alas...I've been keeping either a step or a layer cut consequently for about 1-2 years and it has become kind of wavy: as though its got crease (not exactly wavy). The shine and softness seems to be gone within the recent few months of increased sun exposure, and I guess it's not curing inspite of a weekly basis of oiling and conditioning after shampooing. My hair has thinned too. Please give me a permanent suggestion to get back the lustre, smoothness and straightness. Thank you!

Trim your hair regularly. After shampoo and conditioning, apply a repairing treatment balm, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse off.
You can also make a pack at home and apply twice a week before a shampoo. Keep on for ½ an hour. For the pack you will need 1 mashed banana, ½ an egg, 2 tbs conditioner, 1 tbs vinegar (white), 1 tbs, almond oil.

Dear Sadia,
I am a 16 year old girl. My problems are:
1) Hair loss: my hair is really thick, but now it is falling. It's still thick enough, but I don't want to be bald by the time I am 40.
2) Complexion: my skin tone is pretty fair, but lately it's darkening because of pimples and sun burning. I don't want to apply sun block. Can you suggest any paste that I can make at home and apply to my whole body, which will help prevent suntan and pimples.
3) I want to cream rebound my hair; is it harmful? If it does not work for the first time, will I be charged again if I have to redo it?
4) I wax most of the time. Suggest a good hair remover. Does using cream leave rash marks or make it spiky after hair starts growing again?

Dear Dan
Here are your answers:
1. Don't worry, women don't really go bald; it is the one problem we have left the man to deal with. If your hair is falling, there may be several reasons for it:
dandruff (b) stress (c) natural shedding, wither way.
Use the following pack twice a week for 20 mins to ½ an hour:
1 egg (beaten), 1 tbs yoghurt, 1 tbs onion juice, ½ tsp methi paste, 1 tbs oil (coconut/amla) 1 tbs lemon juice.
(2) Make a pack with 1/2 cups of uptan, lemon juice, yoghurt, 2-3 neem leaf paste. Massage on face and body. Please remember that sun-block is a girl's best friend.
(3) No, if done properly, rebounding is not harmful. Irresponsible use of chemicals can harm your hair. If it does not work, yes, at La Belle, we will repeat it for you and I'm sure so will other responsible outlets.
(4) 'Veet' and 'Nair' are two easily available brands in Dhaka. Before using, always test any new chemicals for any allergies or sensitivity. Re-growth is the same as it would be after waxing.

Style Files

Maheen Khan Fashion designer, Mayasir

I like to wear simple styles in solid colours. My suits are almost always in kurta cuts or a-line paired with wide trousers. They sometimes can look a little monotonous, so in order to break the monotony I like to wear interesting accessories. I would appreciate if you could please suggest a few new ideas.

There are many who are like you, like simple yet strong lines. Your styles looks great with fun scarves which are either printed or woven in interesting patterns, this can come in varying lengths of course and can be worn as you please. Large beads on your neck in wood, stone, or shell looks quite striking. I would suggest you also try large pendants in silver which are strung by smaller beads or roped in cotton yarn. The other option would be to wear large dangling earrings like a chandelier. It is also fashionable to wear hoop earrings in large sizes, or rings in one or two layers. These large scale pieces add character to your overall look. The trendiest accessory that you should try to carry this summer probably would be bangles. These are generally hip in wide oversized sizes. Cuffs are fitted and the bangles sit loosely on your wrist. Wooden, leather, mother of pearl, or in metal are all boho chic. Use them in excess.

I am a college student in Dhaka. I am short and on the heavier side, and although I like to look trendy with the new short styles, I feel uncomfortable. could you suggest some new styles?

It can sometimes be distressing when you are short and heavy. But don't worry; there are solutions for all body types. I think you will not look right in short tops or very long ones. You need to wear something which is just over your knees. Wear v-neck, with three quarter or long sleeves, but the cuffs should be narrow to provide a slimming effect. Stripes will make you look slimmer; these can be in solids, geometric, or in floral. Try on pants that are narrow legged but not too narrow as you wouldn't look okay with tight thighs. Wear cuts that are form fitted but not too right. The style mantra this season suggests one two or more layers. Slip on triangular or square ponchos for great coverage and style.

I am required to travel at least once a month for my official work. I would like you to tell me what I should be packing. I would like to travel light but at the same time look presentable and smart during my work or leisure activities. Please help.

I think when you are traveling on work, you need to travel with a sensible wardrobe. Carry blouses or shirts in neutral colours in three different styles. One sleeveless with mandarin collar, one polo neck knit t-shirt, one button down ruched in short sleeve. You can always layer it under a soft jacket in the summer. Use charcoal, navy or khaki pants take any one since you are making a short trip. But make sure it is the wrinkle free lycra mix kind if you intend to get mileage out of it. Take a shalwar kameez suit or a formal sari for an evening out. Keep your jewellery to the minimum. Don't forget to take your swimming suit or your gym gears, and always make time for your work out.

By The Way

Did you know…

that when you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop, even the heart? And when you sneeze, air rushes out your nose at a rate of 100 miles per hour! Did you ever wonder why pepper makes you sneeze? Pepper, be it white, black, or green, contains an alkaloid of pyridine called piperine. Piperine acts as an irritant if it gets into the nose. It stimulates (or irritates) the nerve endings inside the mucous membrane. This stimulation will cause you to sneeze. Actually, the nose wants to kick out this irritant and the only way it knows how to do this is by sneezing.



By Iffat Nawaz


I had a few left-over feelings of yours. I didn't realise they belonged to you, so I had taken it with me, in a little brown doggy bag, stored it to be explored later, and it rotted in the back of mind, until today, when it's strong odour and infectious roots touched a few of my other nerves.

So I opened the old brown bag, only to find feelings that never belonged to me, and were just left-overs of your mind. The concept of left over was new to me before. No, not the before when you and me were you and me, but the before when I was fresher, still unaccustomed to cold milk and cold sandwiches. Milk to me was still meant to be warm, boiled in high temperature, the white bottles full of whiter milk in the grocery aisles never made any sense to me. And neither did the cold cuts, or the bland turkey sandwiches…how could they, I would think, how could they eat and drink such things.

So it was those days, those "before" days are what I am talking about. In those days, I use to think left-overs were destined to be thrown away, fed to the cat or the dog in the absence of a homeless person or a beggar. But in America you don't feed table-food to cats or dogs, it ruins their system and makes them into lesser beings…so the other option was that I could feed it to the birds, and I soon found they were way too picky about their carbohydrates. But still, I would think, "no way, never should one refrigerate left-overs for a few days at a time; who does that?"

Well, soon I learnt that I do that, and I do it with pleasure, microwaving left-over meat and lentils and trying to search for old flavours in the recently warmed carefully frozen home cooked food. I had made it into a habit along with others around me who also accepted the coldness of American refrigerators, a magic box of freedom offering choices in frozen blocks.

"Tora je ki kore bashi khabar khash" my grandmother would say during her visits to the USA, barely touching any of the left-overs warmed and served in microwavable platters. She would eat with sheer disgust and try to make a few dishes every day herself so she doesn't have to be tortured yet another time at the dinner table with food that was one or two days old. I didn't mind. Fresh food always makes me happy, like the way folded laundry or fabric softeners do.

So that's how I got used to left-overs, and soon I started to look for them everywhere, in all parts of my life, like they all do…or we all do. The left-over quarters, dollars, saving from left-over pay checks, left-over seamless conversations flowing onto the next, left-overs that needed to be packaged, in my mind or in my freezer, frozen, kept, intact, until it destroyed itself without my help. I knew the drill…

I now knew about left overs. And between those days, we started sharing our freezers, our minds and your left-overs stored in mine and mine stored in yours. Your unfinished dreams out of place in my mind locked up in zip-locks, and mine lost forever in your closed cold darkness. So now, as I stand here, your left-over feelings are playing in my palm, your little Bangladesh and your unfinished USA all jumbled up with your desperate attempts to be someone different. They have rotted and transformed into different colours and shapes, but I still cant throw them away. The left-overs still rule my life and yours. The past, which can't be thrown away, infects the present…and I can't let go of my left-overs.

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