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Sleeping beauty

Bedrooms are rooms for sleep and relaxation. Therefore, the most important facet of their design is comfort. The room may focus on a bed or may be disguised as a sitting room but a soothing environment is the key to success.

A bed generally presides over the room in which it stands, so its appearance is critical. Changing the bed can change the bedroom. If you want to transform the entire atmosphere of your bedroom, simply change the bed and the colour of the walls. These two are the vital parts of any bedroom. If an annual bedroom makeover is a tad hard on the wallet, don't worry, there are still many ways of freshening up the look of your room.

Colours are crucial decorating elements, speaking volumes of any interior. Warm and cold colours affect the environment in their own ways, giving you different sensual experiences. Whether it is neutral, floral or richly exotic, there is no one colour that is 'best' for a bedroom as it all depends on what sort of ambience you want to achieve. One person will long for a calm space of quiet neutrals while another will find delight in bright colours and interesting accents.

Dressing the bedroom in a bright and bold theme is a somewhat daring move. Some colour schemes are influenced from elements like tropical fruits. We can use rust orange, ruby red, luscious golds, glossy purples, and deep blue. In bedrooms, deep tones are usually used as the main theme or to add a touch of luxury. Contrast and harmony is the key when using deep colours. The pastel palette is made out of colours, which are softened by white; red and white become pink, green and white become apple, green yellow and white become primrose and so on. Pale and attractive, these colours sometimes take on a slight chalky and watery appearance. Although white is the best colour for making a tiny room feel light and airy, soft pastels create a tone of relaxation.

Bed dressing is the vital issue when decorating a bedroom. A well-dressed bed is conducive to good sleep. A bedroom is a place for sleep, but it is also a room where you can be a little self-indulgent with your forms of decoration. Don't just stick to the usual plain bed dressings, instead use checks or stripes to add a simple yet-eye catching area of interest.

Red-trimmed linen: Cool linen sheets and pillowcases are irresistibly inviting after a long day. The red adds a little flair.

Appliquéd quilted bedspread : This bedspread is made from matelasse, a thick double cloth with a quilted effect. A crisp blue striped ribbon has been appliquéd to the bedspread in a bold and geometric pattern of squares.

Canopies : Add drama and romance to a bedroom. Even an ordinary divan can be transformed by the addition of flowing drapes. A corona creates a formal, elegant effect while a simple mosquito net suspended above the bed will add a hint of colonial style.

There are various styles and options for sleeping beauties but the fundamental principle is that a soothing environment is the key to success. Shut out the noise and chaos of the outside world physically and psychologically through various design options. Sweet sleep and pleasant dreams.

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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