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Shop Special

Looking for leather? Go to Leather Plus!

If you're tired of looking for pure leather bags at random stores around town, well then, your days of bag hunting are over. Two brothers, Khondoker Nadimul and Wasimul Ghani have opened Leather Plus, a store that specialises in all things leather. Be it pocketbooks, purses, belts, backpacks, portfolios or even jackets, Leather Plus has it all. And if they don't have it, they will make it for you if ordered.
The store has a wide selection of pocketbooks, wallets, purses, portfolios, backpacks, belts and even jackets that are all locally made with mainly cow leather. The designs are very trendy and the brothers confess that it is their ideas as well as their sister's that result in the production of such trendy designs.
The price range of all their products is very reasonable to say the least. Pocketbooks cost between Tk. 500 and Tk.700. Bags start at Tk. 600 and go up to Tk. 1500. Backpacks are in the range of Tk.1500 to Tk.2000 and belts and wallets are between Tk.300 and Tk.500. Their most expensive products are their portfolio cases (between Tk.2000 and tk.4500) and their jackets, which cost anywhere between Tk.3000 and Tk.7000.
The shop also takes corporate bulk orders for logo emblazoned office supplies and stationery, and will use faux leather if asked and ordered in bulks. All their products are locally produced and if a customer wants to have a particular design made, all they have to do is bring in a sample and/or pictures and measurements if needed.
With a good wide selection, good display and fitting décor, Leather Plus is an excellent place for that perfect bag or wallet you've been looking for. So check them out at: Navana Tower Shopping Complex, Shop-2, Ground Floor, Gulshan-1.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop Talk

Finesse Plus Shampoo
If you have Rapunzel like long tresses and are not sure about what shampoo to try, Finesse Plus Shampoo-Conditioner combo might be the answer to cleaning your hair. It is enriched with soy protein that leaves hair looking softer and shinier. And because it's a combo, you don't have to worry about getting a separate shampoo if you don't want to. A 443 ml bottle costs Tk 270 and is available at Priyo (Road 5, Dhanmondi, Mirpur Road).

Teddy Banks
Saving up is a valuable lesson that all parents should teach their children. And what better way to encourage a child to save than buying them a little piggy bank in which to put their money? But these days piggy banks are no longer confined to "piggy" shapes. Children's banks can also be found in the shape of cute teddy bears made out of fuzzy materials. These adorable little teddy banks are very cute and will equally encourage little ones to save. They cost Tk 250 and are available at Hallmark (Anam Rangs Plaza, Satmasjid Road).

L'oreal Face Powder
When you use a cosmetic product such as face powder, it is always wise to buy a good brand so that it serves the purpose perfectly without having an adverse effect on your skin. L'oreal Face Powder is a trusted brand and users have said that it has a smooth effect and doesn't harm the skin. It comes in a flat case and can be easily slipped into your purse. It is available at Almas Super Shop (Dhanmondi, Satmasjid Road).

Dicca Pots
Over the years we have seen an abundance of vases and pots being created out of clay. But these days, old terracotta pots are giving way to a new breed of pottery called Dicca pots. These pots are generally made by the Garo tribe and have a burnt matte ceramic effect and are encased in strips of jute or wood. They come in different shapes and sizes and have a very ethnic look to them. Available at Ayna (Anam Rangs Plaza, Satmasjid Road), they start at a price of Tk 100.

Jordana Lip liner
Sometimes there are too many shades of maroon and dark brown lipsticks to count. And it would be quite an expensive feat to get a matching lip liner for every shade of either colour. So why not invest in a standard shade that will serve the purpose when using such colours. "Currant"- one of the shades in the Jordana series of lip liners - is quite suitable for use, along with shades of dark brown or maroon. This lip liner costs Tk 50 and is available at the Jordana Showroom at Rifles Square.

Nagras are the latest in vogue footwear. Whether you wear them with jeans, skirts, kameezes or saris, this season's must haves are a pair of nagras. Embellished with intricate embroidery, nagras are flat shoes and thus very comfortable to wear. They come in an array of colours, so matching a pair to your wardrobe will not be a problem at all. Made in Pakistan, a pair costs Tk 800 and is available at A1 Departmental Store (Anam Rangs Plaza, Satmasjid Road).

Soft Touch Body Spray
Most body sprays have a very strong fragrance that leaves little room for the further use of perfume. In general body spray fragrances are quite strong and overpowering. But Soft Touch is a new kind of body spray with a pleasing and misty floral scent that makes it perfect for after-bath usage, while still leaving room for using a perfume later. This floral smell is ideal for use on it's own as well. Available at Priyo (Road 5, Dhamnondi, Mirpur Road), it costs Tk 170.

By Riyana


Eat, sleep and stay sharp
Age, stress, lifestyle…there are many things that reduce that razor sharpness of your mind. It doesn't make things easier when you realise that modern life has greater demands on an alert mind. Fear not, there are some simple ways in which you can keep your mental batteries revved up.

Eat fresh, pure foods
Stay away from foods with chemicals, pesticides or additives. The purer the foods you eat, the more of their intelligence you absorb. Of course that's easier said than done, but avoiding processed food and having more green vegetables works wonders.

Balanced Nutrition is essential
A diet rich in healthy proteins, such as from soy, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, is good for enhancing mental potential. Don't count fat out entirely; fat plays some essential roles in the physiology.

Antioxidants Energise
Citrus fruits, and spices like clove, cinnamon and oregano are powerful brain food, because they have a high antioxidant value. This is important, because the brain is especially vulnerable to free-radical damage.

Counting sheep
Research has confirmed that sleep deprivation leads to diminished mental performance. The amount of sleep required by an individual varies according to age, physiology and lifestyle, but on an average, a person requires between 6-8 hours of zzz's.

Call in the stress busters
High levels of stress negatively impact both mind and body. Practice meditation at home, or sign up for a yoga class. Physical exercise is also a good way to de-stress, so working out, dancing, or just slogging it in the gym can help you feel relaxed and energised. A quick and easy way to reduce stress would be to take five during a busy day, and just practice deep breathing.

Keep that Brain Working!
Like the battery in your automobile, you have to keep your mind active to keep it running. So keep those creative juices flowing and exercise your brain regularly! Try solving crossword problems on a regular basis, or skip the calculator and do mental math when out shopping.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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