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Biotique Men's Herbal Clinic

Women are shouting for equal rights and empowerment. The men, not to be left behind, have also transgressed borders, and now find themselves on the verge of a breakthrough. Day by day, an increasing number have become distinctly more fashion savvy. And here is the best part, not with clothes, but with their bodies, skin, and complexion and their altogether outlook. While gyms take care of the staying fit part, what to do about the skin and complexion?

Biotique Herbals brand new men's salon is here to cure you of that particular predicament. With distinctive cutting and styling methods in a laid back atmosphere, Biotique Herbal Men's Salon is a "barber shop" with a difference.

After four successful years of operation with Herbal Clinics with ladies, Biotique has dared to venture into the market for males by opening its first branch in the city on the 7th of July 2005. Renowned TV artist and director Afzal Hossain was chief guest while famous model Novel acted as special guest in the occasion.

There was a brief press conference, which opened with Naheen, a Beauty Consultant and Cosmetologist of Biotique, recalling its successful history not only in Bangladesh, but also in the subcontinent. She then invited the luminaries to speak a few words and both duly obliged. Afzal and Novel both stated that skin and hair care were required regardless of gender and it was pleasing to see a specialised international standard clinic for skin and hair care for men in the country.

The most eye catching aspect of the salon is its interior decor which is done up quite beautifully, striking a perfect balance of light and shade. It gives an air of sophistication and elegance that is likely to draw men of all ages to the salon.

Although the target group looks likely to be executives the price ranges looks affordable for most. Even children, who dislike haircuts at the best of times, will be willing to sit still and bear with it, especially with the plethora of posters of comic characters on show.

Its not just the clothes that make the man- the hair and skin are equally if nor more important. Biotique operates on the belief that a person's total image depends a great deal on healthy fashionable hair and good skin care. Biotique Herbals exclusive Men's Salon is the pioneer for men's hair, skin and body care in Bangladesh.

So what are you waiting for? Grace the latest trendy barbershop of the city with a visit. It is located in the Viand shop on the first floor of the NCC Bank on Gulshan Avenue.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

CMD technology in Dhaka

Wouldn't it be great if you could have early detection of illnesses? It surely would be, because if an illness is diagnosed in its early stages, then your chances of getting completely cured from it increase significantly. Sadly, with the technology that we had till now, many illnesses have been diagnosed only after reaching a very advanced stage, and so chances of getting completely cured from the illness were greatly diminished.

Nowadays, due to the availability of a technology known as CMD (Computer Meridian Diagnostics), you can detect illnesses before symptoms appear. If your CMD report suggests that you will come down with an illness soon, then you can start treatment in its early stages and therefore improve the probability of making a complete recovery.

CMD combines ancient Chinese medical knowledge with advanced computer technology. It was developed by the Russian Space Agency at a cost of several hundred million dollars over a period of 35 years. Basically, they developed this technology to thoroughly assess the health condition of their intending cosmonauts. As a journey to space is very demanding on health, only those candidates who had outstanding CMD reports were selected as cosmonauts.

The Russians first used CMD in 1984 while carrying out work for the Mir space project. Although they used it way back in 1984, it was only in the year 2001 that they released the technology worldwide. In this short time span, it has become immensely popular in many countries of the world. CMD is also available in Bangladesh. It was launched in this country on 18 December 2003.

A CMD test can be done within the matter of a few minutes. CMD works by measuring the body's energy systems. These measurements are taken through a special easy-to-use CMD sensor. The readings are then sent via the internet to the central CMD server in Germany and are then compared with data obtained from people of the same age, gender etc. An evaluation report is prepared within a mere 20 seconds. The evaluation report shows in full colour graphics and easy-to-follow text, the state of a person's health. If energy readings are out of the normal range, CMD will suggest simple and proven self-therapy measures.

As mentioned earlier, CMD is available in Bangladesh and a test will cost you Tk 1,250. Presently, in Dhaka it is available at five places and they are:
· Inno Health Check-up, Purana Palton, Phone # 7162620
· Uni Health Check-up and Therapy Center, Uttara, Phone # 8958977
· University Campus Health Service, Topkhana Road, Phone # 9560225
· Rifat's Dental, CMD & Prognos Clinic, New Elephant Road, Phone # 8650988
· Criti Care CMD Clinic, Green Road, Phone # 0189241502
Already, many Bangladeshis have greatly benefited by availing a CMD test, as they have managed to take precautionary measures against certain diseases after their CMD reports advised them to do so. If you would like to carry out a thorough check-up of your present health condition, then you too can do a CMD test by contacting any of the above-mentioned CMD test centres.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam

Cookbook clips

BySherifa Ahmed

1 kg round Brinjal/Eggplant
Oil for frying
1 Chicken cube
2 tsp salt, ¼ tsp Black pepper
2 Onions grated
¾ minced Mutton/Beef
500ml tomato puree
½ tsp Oregano

White sauce:
½ cup Butter
½ cup Flour
1 litre Milk
Salt and Black pepper
½ cup Grated cheese
2 Egg yolks-lightly beaten
1 Egg white-stiffly beaten before use

Peel and slice eggplants into 1/3" thickness and fry until brown, then drain.
Heat 2 tbsp butter and stir-fry the onions until light brown, add the minced meat and chicken cube, salt, black pepper, ½ tsp oregano. Cook the meat for 6/8 minutes. Now add the tomato puree and cook until tender and almost dry. Keep aside.
Make the white sauce by melting the butter and blending in the flour. As soon as the flour froths, add milk, slowly stirring into the butter-flour mixture. Then add salt, pepper and grated cheese. Cook, stirring until smooth and thickened. Remove from heat.
Grease a baking dish and arrange alternate layers of fried eggplant and minced meat twice, ending with a layer of eggplant on top.
When the white sauce cools, add 2 egg yolks and mix in half the beaten egg white in the sauce and pour the white sauce over the top of the eggplant. Spoon the remaining egg white on the surface.
Bake in the oven at 375'F for 45 minutes to an hour until it is golden brown.


Home Manicure Tips
Properly groomed fingernails are not only attractive, they are practical as well. While maintaining your nails, keep in mind that with a great manicure, you're less likely to have to repair them later.

Painting your fingernails is an art, and it's fun. Those of you who don't have the time to visit the parlour regularly, here is a little do-it-yourself guide.

Before you begin an at-home manicure, place your nail tools in an antiseptic solution for about 15 minutes to kill any bacteria and germs. Remove your old polish before you begin. Never file the nail in a back and forth motion. Instead, go from side to side, in one direction. Your nails should be shaped into oval tips. Buff the surface of the fingernail after filing. Soften your cuticles by soaking in a small bowl of soapy, warm water or cuticle cream. Gently loosen your cuticles with cuticle remover.

Be creative when you give yourself manicures! Add wild colours, decals and stickers specifically designed for your fingernails. But first, you'll need a good surface to work with. To avoid air bubbles in your polish, don't shake the bottle. Roll it gently in the palm of your hands before applying. Apply your fingernail polish in three strokes, one in the middle and one on each side, taking special care to avoid your skin and cuticles. If you're in a hurry, or plan to redo your nails soon, apply only two coats of polish. Allow the first coat to dry before adding the second coat.

Apply the polish to the edge, underneath the tip of the nail to reinforce the area. When you're finished, clean up any additional polish on your skin and cuticles with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Let your nails dry completely for about 30 minutes before doing anything, and don't go to bed with wet polish. If your favourite polish is getting old and thick, add a bit of polish thinner or remover to revive it.

Longer nails are more prone to chipping and breaking. And if you do have broken nails the sooner you repair it, the less damage there will be. It's best to always have nail clippers and a finger nail file in your purse and at work for a quick fix. To remove a polish smudge, dip your finger in nail polish remover and tap lightly. For a chip in your polish, smooth the edges with nail polish remover and polish the bare area sparingly. For a torn nail, clip and file. For a big break, file off the rough edges and apply glue to the surface of your nail. Hold your nail in place while it dries. Buff out to smooth.

Those of you love artificial nails, here is a little pointer. Before you begin, it's important to lay down some paper for a work surface. This will help prevent any glue or nail polish from getting on your table. Have all of your tools handy beforehand.

First, buff the surface of your natural nails. This will clean them and rough them up a bit, allowing the glue to adhere better. Then dry the surface of your nails and apply the artificial nails. Gently rock them back and forth to get out the air bubbles. Press tightly and apply glue just under the tips where there is usually a gap. After the glue dries, file your nails as you normally would and clean off any excess glue. Paint as usual.

-LS Desk


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