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romancing the rain

Nature is wise we must say. After the wrath of the scorching sun for more than two months, every living being feels jaded. Nature knows how to simmer down the rage of the sun. It sends the blessing of raindrops for the thirsty surface to revive all its greenery.

'Aashar' has a few more days of rain and then there is Srabon, and it rains in Ashwin too. Feel the verve of the rain in style and revive yourself. Let loose your inner child when it pours. Go straight on the rooftop and let the blessing of raindrops wash away the gloom of your jaded soul. Let it trickle down your skin; relish its fresh feel.

If you are out on the streets, don't just hurry home. Ignore the umbrella and let it remain unfolded inside the bag. Play in the puddle for a little while, and rediscover the amazing sensation. Pay no heed to the grimy exterior or the stare of onlookers.

How about a steaming cup of tea under the shades of makeshift tea stalls? Or you can enjoy it at home with loved ones. In that case, take a rickshaw ride if possible. Forget about the hood.

When you are all cosy and comfy beside the window, jazz up the vibes with your favourite tune in the background and flip over the pages of your favourite book that you have already read a hundred times.

Chanachur or jhalmuri tastes divine on rainy days with an extra zing of green chilly on it. Khichuri-Ilish and ceaseless adda will do the rest if you need more spice to this rainy day ambience.

Romance the rain, dare to try out all that for once. That is of course, if you are fit enough not to catch a cold, or the next morning, if you don't have to struggle for a running bus and swing like a bat on it all the way to Motijheel.

By Shahnaz Parveen



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