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Beauty talk

Sadia Moyeen, Beautician, La Belle

Dear Sadia,
Hi I am a girl of 17. Can you suggest any home remedies for necklines? And I have stretch marks all around my hip. It looks very bad. I don't know why that happened. How can I get rid of them? Waiting for your advice. Worried

Lines on your neck will not disappear completely because they occur due to the natural contours of the neck but you can make them less visible by a regular massage with 1tbs olive oil and gram flour (1tsp). You can also use a concealer, the exact colour of your skin to cover it completely for evenings out or even during the day.

Dear Sadia,
It is your vast knowledge and experience in the grooming field that has persuaded me to seek your advice. I'm a guy of 19. I have short-medium hair, which is very 'fine' and 'frizzy'. It used to be thicker before, as well as silky and shiny. I am a fashion enthusiast and several experiments that I have subjected my hair to (use of gel, mousse, straightening, rebonding) has led to its inferior condition. Note that I have rebonded my hair once almost a year back when it was shoulder height, but had it cut so the chemically treated parts are gone, nevertheless my hair condition hasn't improved. Please advise me on how can I replenish my hair and get rid of this frizziness. And also note that I use Lolane extra hair treatment with Jojoba oil as a deep conditioning agent. And do tell me if using gel damage hair and suggest me on the different alcohol, non-alcohol containing gels and their brands. And furthermore I used to have bright pinkish lips, but they are fading away due to coffee and tea intake (I don't smoke). How can I get them back? Your advice will be of immense help thank you!

It seems that you are getting carried away with experimenting with your hair and I'm glad that now you have stopped torturing it. Regular use of hair products is really not a problem, but you should wash it off at the end of the day (not necessarily shampoo). Use of chemicals, has to be done very carefully, using good products by reliable personnel.
Give your hair a complete break -- use the following hair patch twice a week and shampoo off using a mild shampoo Johnson's Baby shampoo or Timotei shampoo --
1 tbsp -- coconut oil
2 tbsp -- fresh grounded amla paste
1 tsp -- conditioner
1 tbsp -- mashed banana.

As for your lips -- you're a 19 year old boy -- why would you want rosy pink lips anyway? Besides its normal that as you mature into an adult you lose your adolescent features and become more of a man, hair growth increases, voice changes and so do the features. As long as they are not unnecessarily dark, be comfortable with them. Apply petroleum jelly at night to keep them from getting too dry.

Hi Sadia
I am here to talk about a friend of mine who is a smoker. He wants to get rid of the darkness of his lips caused by smoking. How can he do that? Thanks.

Dear Tilottoma,
Can you convince him to quit smoking? It will help his health as well as his lips. The use of cigarette holders will keep the heat off his lips and prevent further darkening.

Hi Sadia
I will be 16 this October. As it is a turning point in my teenage life I want to look very special. Will you please help me to solve some of my problems? I have been doing swimming and my complexion has turned pretty dark and my hair, which was very thick, has now become so light that I probably will go bald by the age of 20. I use Garnier Fructis as my shampoo for about 4 years and now I can't change my shampoo because people say that after using one brand of shampoo for a long period of time it destroys your hair. Is it true? And one final problem is that my head usually stays very hot. Please help me with this problem.

Dear Trisha,
The chlorine in swimming pools will have an ill effect on your hair if you don't wash it off after every swim. Wear a plastic swimming cap to protect your hair.
Its a myth that using the same shampoo will destroy your hair, though its a good idea to use a different shampoo for a while and then switch back to your original favourite.
Always wash your hair with cool water and twice a week use the following hair pack to cool your scalp.
½ cup yoghurt (cool in fudge first) and 8-10 mint leaves paste. Keep it on for half an hour then shampoo off. Apply henna once a month.

Dear Sadia
I want to know two things from you.
1.I want to dye my hair white or dark red (2 or 3 streaks). But I don't think there are any parlours where I can have my hair done. If there is any please tell me and tell how much will it cost.
2.I have noticed that I am getting darker than before. My face was fairer than my hands and legs. But now my face is getting darker. I want to have glowing skin and that's why I use sunscreen and other stuff for my skin. Can you please suggest me a paste that I can make at home and apply it to my whole body and face? Thank you.

2-3 streaks should cost about Tk 400. You are welcome at La Belle.

Apply the following pack for fair skin
1 tbsp -- upton
2-3 tsp -- rose water
1 tbsp -- yoghurt
mix -- apply for 15-20 minutes -- use 2-3 times a week.

Dear Sadia
I have been facing some problems with my hair. It used to be straight and silky, but now I lost all that. Although my hair is not wavy, but it is one step closer to becoming wavy. The volume that I used to have is almost gone and I have been facing hair loss as well. I used to shampoo and condition my hair twice a week and also oil my hair once a week. However, recently I have been applying a pack of 1 egg, 2 tbs conditioner, 2 tbs lemon, 1 tbs Vatika oil, on my hair and also on my scalp. Is this the right pack to use? I apply this pack on my hair once a week, and after applying it, I just shampoo my hair but I don't condition it, because the pack contains 2 tbs of conditioner already. Is that the right thing to do? Could you please tell me what the benefit is if I apply vinegar on my hair? I desperately need your help.

Try the following pack for softer, shinier hair:
1 banana mashed
1 egg
1 tsp olive oil
shampoo and then use condition vinegar makes a great rinse for shiny hair.

By The Way

For a good night sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try not to nap during the day because you will throw off your body clock and make it even more difficult to sleep at night. If you are feeling especially tired, and feel as if you absolutely must nap, be sure to sleep for less than 30 minutes, early in the day.


By Iffat Nawaz

The Bengali Parent Trap

I remember numerous times hanging up the phone on my mother while I laid on the bottom bunk of my cubby-hole like dorm room…no we were not fighting, and it was complete unintentional rudeness, it was just…morning sleep…that daze which makes you say and do anything just so you can get the extra minutes of zzz's, while my mother played the role of an alarm clock with the snooze feature included.

My roommate would seethe with annoyance, she would toss violently on the top bunk which would then start my mornings off with a bitter disposition…
mad towards Ma mostly and also towards my attachment, the bond that we share which is never talked about or evaluated but tested everyday…

My non-Deshi friends still look at me funny when at a certain hour of the evening Ma calls to say Hi…everyday…they often ask if this dependency is "normal," if there is an "issue" that I should perhaps think about, I look at them blankly and say "we are just checking up on each other" and they give me a smirk which translates to "you are hopeless." But that doesn't stop me from receiving the calls, with pleasure or agitation, my Ma remains that one necessary element in my life, sound waves through cell phones at any random hour always demanding to be heard…

I know I am not alone in facing this "baggage" as the westerners will call it. Do I call it by a different name? A blessing instead of a baggage? I never was that mushy to analyze it to have such positive outcomes. But I do know that it's a comfort, a routine, love, concern, protectiveness…
and mix of other bad and good habits that I cannot explain. But I know us, the children of post-71; with parents who raised us in a free county with free spirits have built a different kind of affection that is perhaps unexplainable and totally illogical to anyone outside.

I know protectiveness and love is universal between parent and child. And I know that by calling me twice daily my Mother doesn't love me any more than say my roommate Mary's mother loves her…then what is it that makes it so essential and different? Has the protectiveness in our culture leaped over the boundary and reached possessiveness or is it that love from a Bengali parent can only come through irritable inquiries…and why is it that we the children are addicted to this "disorder?" I know we are more spoilt, more strong, our blood has more milk and ghi and our shoes smell more of leather than plastic than our parents did. Did our parents in the process of giving us all the goodies also inject us with a bug that would keep us connected to their hips or the modern day equivalent (cells and emails) for the rest of our lives?

A friend of mine, who did the average American thing, leaving home when 18 and now visiting family only during Thanks Giving, Christmas, weddings and deaths was telling me a story about a set of Deshi parents he had seen at an airport, the Deshi parents seeing off their son stood for hours until the son was no longer in sight behind the sound proof glass wall, my friend thought it was one of the most freakiest thing he had seen…and of course I thought it was only natural…which makes me into a "freak" as well…

So our freedom seeker Bengali parents have raised us to be free thinkers, high achievers and most of all emotionally crippled with overwhelming ambiguous feelings to the Ma and Baba words more than anyone else I know (I am not counting single Italian men in Sicily with live-in Moms to take care of them). As a proud new generation of freaky Bengalis I will always look back when at airports and stations to find the face that once bore me, will always pick the calls from the voice that sang me lullabies…I have accepted my abnormalities and adopted old habits with even older realizations…rest of the world-Please move on….


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