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Shop Special

Go berserk at Bata!

Have you gone shoe shopping lately? Or has it been too long? Remember that feeling of exhilaration from when you step out of the shoe store with your new pair till you reach home? That I can't-wait-to-put-these-on feeling? Well if it's been too long you have to get out there and got shoe hunting! And what better place to start than the fairly new Bata outlet on Gulshan Avenue?

Now don't start feeling deflated because it's Bata. This Bata outlet has a brand new look as well as top-notch shoes that put it in league with all the other reputed designer shoe outlets in town. The interior is spacious and provides ample display room unlike other Bata outlets. So you won't have to squint your eyes to look around for a pair you like. The cool, air-conditioned interior has comfortable seats for you to sit in and try on pair after pair. And the salesmen are equally helpful.

Above all the store, as well as the Bata brand in general now has excellent designs especially in women's wear. Under the Marie Claire label Bata is now creating trendy shoes and all the designs in this line come from Singapore. The Marie Claire line has flats, pumps, mules, sling backs, and ballet slippers among other designs. These designs are very in-vogue now and because it's Bata, you know you can count on the quality.

Apart from the Marie Claire line it has it's other lines such as Hawaiinas, Power, and Bubblegummers. The showroom also has bags, socks, shoe polishes and whitening chalk. And if a shoe doesn't fit, you can still exchange it as long as you have the receipt. The outlet even accepts three different kinds of credit cards.

So with a new outlet that boasts excellent collections, helpful staff, gorgeous display and above all comfortable shopping, why are you still reading this? Grab your bag, go to Bata and go berserk!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop Talk

Instant Mango Drink
The mango season is winding down to an end. But the summer heat is showing no sign of relenting. So why not beat the heat while still enjoying the taste of mangoes. Nutri-C's Instant Mango Drink is just the thing to kill both birds with one stone. Because it is instant, it is easy to make and so kids can help themselves to some if there is no one around to make it. Available at Moyuri (Road 6, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi) it costs Taka 75.

Magazine File
Has your office or cubicle recently suffered an avalanche of files? Is every tabletop in your house cluttered with magazines? Well it's time to file those files and magazines away in a magazine file. This upright, top-loading, box-like storage unit with a label is ideal for keeping important files or treasured magazines altogether in one place. Sturdy and with slots to see through, these plastic units can be dismantled when not in use. Available at modern Stationery, New Market, they cost Tk 100.

Bubblegummers Shoes
Anyone who has a toddler at home knows how difficult it is to find cute-looking shoes that withstand wear for a long time. But Bata has just the thing for your child. Bata's range of Bubblegummers is specifically intended for small children and the red or blue denim sandal shoes go perfectly with a child's wardrobe. They are easy to wear and comfortable. Available at Bata outlets, they cost Tk 150.

Planning on taking the IELTS exam? Want to learn but not hire a tutor? Then get yourself an IELTS Second edition practice CD. This CD has practice lessons and other features that allow you to learn on your own before taking the exam. The more you practice, the better you will learn. Available at Buy & Win (Shop 112, IDB Bhaban) they cost Tk 50.

Flavoured Noodles
Sick and tired of the same old noodles? Want to try some new flavoured noodles. Well Nissin Mi is just the brand for you. This noodles brand has five different flavours of noodles to suit different tastes. It's easy to prepare and is perfect for afternoon snacks or children's tiffin. So grab a flavour each at Agora outlets. Each packet costs Tk 10.

Screen Print Bag
Looking for a tote in which to carry everyday essentials or files and documents? Well Bata has just the tote for you. This bag is made of jute and screen printed with multi-coloured butterflies giving it a very bohemian look that goes right with this season's look. Just big enough to carry files yet small enough not to lug from place to place this bag costs Tk 60 and is available at Bata, Gulshan Avenue.

Pen Drive
Sick and tired of malfunctioning floppies? Wasting precious CD space? Well then get yourself a pen drive. Easy to carry and with loads of space pen drives eliminate the space problem and connected to any computer at any time. When buying such things it is always better to spend a little more to get a branded good. Imation is a good brand for pen drives. Their 256MB pen drive costs Tk 1900 and 128MB costs Tk 1100. Both are available at International Computer Vision (Shop 15-16, IDB Bhaban), Imation's distributor in Dhaka.

Amra Bangladesh Bands
Feeling a little patriotic? Want to do a good deed by donating? Or simply wondering what the red and green band the Bangladeshi Cricket Team wear's on their wrist is? Well then get yourself an Amra Bangladesh band. Just like when you buy a yellow Livestrong band the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, if you buy an Amra Bangladesh band, the proceeds go to various charities including orphanages, flood relief programs and The Acid Survivors Foundation. This band is meant for people of all ages so just don't stop at buying one for your kid. Available at Pizza Hut, Roll Express & Westecs amongst other places they cost only Tk 150. So have you done a good deed today?

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob


Honesty may not always be the best policy but laughter is always the best medicine. It is probably the one cliché that has lived on through the annals of time. Laughter is vital and essential to a person's well being. As a famous author once said, "If I had to live my live over again, the one thing I would do more of is laugh." Why is laughter so intoxicating and vital. Here are a few reasons:

Laughter makes for good health
When a person laughs, chemicals named endorphins are released. These are the same chemicals triggered in response to sexual stimulation. They make a person feel good, relieving stress and indirectly reducing one's risks of suffering a heart attack and other health problems. Laughing relaxes facial muscles that can become very tense especially on long working days. Also, plenty of laughter creates 'laugh lines' in a person's face, giving the person a kindly look.

Laughter is important in forming first impressions
First impressions form a vital part in others acceptance of a person. It may even affect a job interview or working relationships; humans are occasionally shallow creatures and may assume that a person who looks grouchy is grouchy. So laughing at the right time can even get you a job!

It is used to defuse potentially explosive situations at times
Laughter's importance can be observed in tense situations as well. Take the case of my younger brother for example. When he is naughty and utterly infuriating, he will resort to whatever means available to make the family laugh. This allows him to escape just punishment.

It is essential to ensure a long-lasting relationship
In marriage, many women want a man who sees the funny side of life. A sense of humor is important to lift a relationship, and there is something special, almost intimate, in sharing a joke with a friend or spouse.

Laughter is uplifting
It enriches a relationship by taking it to a deeper level where there is understanding and a mutual letting go of a person's inhibitions and reservations. Laughter uplifts the soul like nothing else.
So keep laughing and develop those smile lines!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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