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Shop Special

Doubly Modern!

In a place like Dhaka, where it is quite difficult to find good art, architecture and office supplies, Modern located in New Market is like an oasis. In fact Modern sells so many things that they need two shops to house all their ware. So don't get thrown off if you see two shops side by side named Modern. They have categorized their items and divided them accordingly between the two shops so that it saves space and is more time- saving when people come to shop.

One shop mainly sells art supplies. Here you will find paintbrushes of all different sizes, shapes and uses. You will get paints: oil, acrylic, water colours, pastels, colour pencils, fabric paint, tubes and several other kinds of paints and auxiliary products such as turpentine. They sell different types of sketching material as well. The shop also has sketchbooks, easels and canvases of different sizes and shapes. You can even get canvases custom made to your own size specifications.

The second shop sells more of office and architecture supplies. You will find blueprint canisters, drafting pens of various sizes and stencils to name a few things. They also have Post-It Notes, double sided tape, and sticky tabs among their handier ware. Beyond their specialised products they sell all regular office supplies (files, folders, staplers, paper-punchers, ink cartridges etc). They even sell monogrammed notebooks for different schools in town.

What makes Modern different is the amount of things and the different varieties of things they store. It's a one-stop shop that will fulfill all your office needs. So drop in to both shops and have a look around.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop Talk

Digital Diary
While PDA's are quite the rage now, they do burn a hole in your pocket. For people who are looking for something more affordable to act as a diary, calculator, watch, alarm clock, and other highly necessary elements, Casio's Digital Diary is an excellent buy. The Casio model SF-7990-SR-w digital diary has one megabyte memory and has all the above mentioned functions. It is small, slim and light making it perfectly portable and because of it's storage capacity it is ideal for storing loads of information. Available at Ideal Watch (328 New Market) it costs Tk 2700.

Are you an artist, designer or architect? Do you do a lot of labelling? If yes, then stencils are very handy things to keep in your office. They come in different shapes and sizes and are plastic making them light weight. They are perfect for labelling, drawing blueprints and drawing shapes. Some even come with measurements so that you don't have to worry about scaling. Easy to store, stencils are very handy tools. Available at Jalil Trading (175 New Market), stencils costs anywhere between Tk 70 and Tk 400 depending on the size and shape.

Multi-Purpose Calculator
The three Cs of any office are calculators, clocks and calendars. Every office on this planet has them. So why not combine the three to save space and money? That is exactly what a company called Highstar did. They have combined the three Cs into one multi-functioning battery operated unit that shows the time and date and calculates. It has a slick design that resembles a flip phone and is small and portable. Available at New university Book Depot (187 New Market) it costs Tk 250.

Tack Board
If you want to put up notices or display old greeting cards, a tack board is just the thing for you. These boards are made of velvet covered foam framed in a wooden frame with hooks for easy hanging. They come in three colours: blue, green and maroon and are ideal for offices and homes. They also come in different sizes. The smallest size is sixteen-by-twenty-four inches and the largest is four-by-eight feet. They can be mounted in two different directions as well. The smallest costs Tk 150 and the largest board costs Tk 1400 with various sizes in between. All sizes are available at Book Villa (171 New Market).

Post It Notes
Using Post It Notes is the easiest way to give yourself reminders, mark books, or leave messages. Just write them up and stick them on. And their bright colours definitely catch the eye. They are easy to carry as well making them the perfect office supply. Post It Notes come in different sizes and shapes as well. Each pad contains one hundred sheets and the small ones come in packs of a dozen. Available at Chowdhury and Sons (156 New Market) they cost Tk 25 per pad.

Mechanical Sharpener
If what you do requires the constant use of pencils and colour pencils, mechanical sharpeners are a must have. They are quick to use, help your pencils last longer, sharpen to a needlepoint and don't get blunt easily. They even have a compartment to store the wood shavings and keep things clean. They are easy to use and so they are ideal for kids as well. Available at Siraj and Son's (188 New Market) they cost Tk 350.

Three Hole Puncher
Three ring binders are much stable for storing documents without tear. But to use them you need a three-hole paper puncher. These punchers are heavy weight and heavy duty and can punch several sheets at a time. They are aligned to fit three ring binders and are very useful for offices. Available at the City Paper House (173/174 New Market) They cost Tk 550.

Glow In the Dark Stars
Redecorating your room? Want to bring the night sky indoors? Then get some glow in the dark stickers to do the trick. They are cheap, easy to put, and jazz up your room. And they come in various shapes and sizes. One pack contains several pieces. Available at Pen Garden and Stationer's (182 new Market) a single pack costs Tk 40.

By Riyana


In this world of fashion magazines, magic makeovers, beauty pageants and more, the importance of image is often overstated. Feeling good is equated with looking good. Admitted, nothing gives you a bigger boost than looking your best. However, no one said that you can't look fabulous even if you don't have a fab figure like Catherine Zeta Jones. So don't let those curvaceous waifs you see in beauty magazines give you unreasonable ideas about what looks good. Don't waste useless time and energy on diets and exercises that are wrong for you. According to genetic factors like your natural metabolic rate and more, physiologists have divided women into three basic body types:

They are lean, long-limbed and often tall. These women have long torsos, slim hips and shoulders and small bones in proportion to their height. The Ectomorphic women generally have a very high metabolic rate making it difficult for them to gain both muscle and fat. If you're one, you've probably hankered after Beyonce's curves, while your chubbier friends have envied your lithe lankiness.
Ectomorphs generally need less aerobics and should do anaerobic/strength building or Resistance training exercises with repetitions in the range of 6-10 with a resting time of 45-90 sec between each set. The number of sets to be performed will depend on the need for fitness or a particular sport. The aerobic workout should last for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week for cardiovascular fitness. If you play a sport that requires physical conditioning, then you will need to vary the routine for aerobic workout according to the need of the sport.
If Ectomorphs desire to gain size, they should indulge in strength training repetitions of 6-10 with heavier weights with a resting span of 30-45 sec.

They are short of limb and torso with more rounded bodies. They tend to store body fat easily and might also be big-boned. They generally tend to gain weight in the lower part of their body. Many endomorphs spend their lives fighting fat.
A cardiovascular workout of at least 30-40 minutes, 3-5 times per week is desired. Similarly, due to a serious need of increasing the metabolism to burn more calories at rest than fat, endomorphs need to take up a Strength training program composed of higher repetitions at least 12-20 reps (with 30-60 sec of rest between the sets). Aerobic exercise is essential for weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and body-shaping, on the other hand anaerobic exercise is essential to gain muscle and build strength.

These tend to have a square, sturdy bodies and often are fairly big-boned. They are athletically built and can bulk up their muscles more easily than women of other body types. If they do gain weight, it is generally centred in the abdomen.
Mesomorphic women need to take up 20 minutes of cardiovascular workout, 3 times a week to maintain their fitness level. They generally need a balanced strength training program composed of low repetitions for size and high repetitions for definition. The span of aerobic workout will vary according to the sport you play or the goals desired by you.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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