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pining for parks

Whenever one visits New York City, Central Park is a definite stop on their itinerary. After all it has been a prime location for movies and TV shows for years. And it is a wonder on it's own that in a yellow-cab infested city with high risers as far as the eye can see, lo and behold, there's a gigantic park that even boasts a zoo and more importantly, a castle! Alas if we could only say the same for Dhaka.

Dhaka is house to not one but four large parks: Ramna Park, Osmani Uddayan, Baridhara Park, and Bahadurshsha Park. But unfortunately most of these parks have fallen prey to bad elements. If it isn't the park's own disrepair that's making it redundant, then it's negative elements like pestering vendors and chadabaajes who are making the park unfit for visits.

Our grandparents still reminisce about the old days when they would go for walks in the morning and afternoons at Ramna Park. Our parents, uncles and aunts reminisces about their college days when they would sneak out for dates and take a boat ride. Sadly we cannot lay claim to such experiences.

The problem doesn't only lie in the parks themselves. Osmani and Baridhara are still quite good for recreation but people living in other areas find it too far away for their convenience. Bahadurshsha Park is considered the only spot of space in the jam-packed Old Dhaka Area. And Ramna is beyond redemption.

It leaves only one question to be asked? Will we pine away hoping for a good park?


By Tahiat-e-Mahboob
Photo: Munem Wasif



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