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kitchen couture

Kitchens have become the main gathering place in many modern households. Families congregate there to eat, work and talk. Entertaining has become more informal, and guests nowadays are often involved in the meal-making process, instead of waiting politely in the living room.

Since the 1950's, kitchen floor plans have been designed with an eye to what is called the 'work triangle'. The work triangle links the three noise-activity centres of the room: the refrigerator, the sink and the range or oven. This basic principle of the work is sound and can be useful in the planning of a new kitchen, but it not always easily applied in an existing kitchen.

There is no one 'ideal' kitchen.

What is perfect for you depends on your personal lifestyle. To acquire that perfection, you need to establish your personal priorities. The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the home, and needs detailed planning if you are to be satisfied with it. The first stage is planning the layout, the vital key to making your kitchen easy to work in. You need to work this out before you go on to set out ground rules for positioning kitchen units and appliances.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose from a variety of styles, from a country farmhouse kitchen to something hi-tech and modern, or even something minimalistic. There are various shapes of kitchen design: the L-shape, the U-shape and the single line. Space is also a consideration. Can your kitchen accommodate an island layout? Or is it so tiny that not a centimetre can be wasted?

Our featured apartment is 3000-sq. ft., which is pretty sufficient for the clients. An informal kitchen was proposed for the service area. We were very lucky to get a long service space to work with. The focus of this part is a wooden decorative kitchen, which is literally the heart of the household. The room is almost square shaped except a corner wall, which is at a 45° angle.

A workstation has been installed on both sides of the wall. One side of the counter is L-shaped. There is also a punched space for a functional Aristone oven, with a kitchen hood for convenience. An exhaust fan has been installed nearby to remove any odour. Kitchen sinks are generally placed under windows for very practical reasons. So for our featured kitchen, a huge wash basin was also installed under the window.

The dual basin is really purposeful for healthy washing. Light coming in through the window illuminates the working area. Proper window treatment had to be arranged for this luxurious kitchen. In keeping with the wooden cabinets, a wooden palmate was teamed with light lemon sheers for the curtain. The curtain holder parts the curtain properly for natural light. Readymade kitchen cabinets have taken the world by storm.

Our clients had also requested a custom made kitchen with modern accessories. The cabinet we installed has two portions, the lower part being 2'-6" high and the upper part being about 4'-0" high, with a 2' gap between them, just like any standard kitchen cabinet. The cabinets are made of Burma Teak board and shogun beat.

See-through glass was placed on part of the cabinet to display crockery, and to give the area a dressy look. The long space with glass sections is for storage. These are be used to store dry fruit, biscuits or other items. The tops of the lower cabinets are made of brown granite. Granite is the best material to use as kitchen work tops, being easy to clean.

They are also important for the installation of electrical appliances. Our client has placed two beautiful refrigerators on side of the kitchen wall. Careful consideration must be given to the placement of kitchen appliances, to best suit the needs of the area. The decor in the kitchen, as in any other area, is characterised by a consensus between formal and informal styles to arrive at a beautiful co-ordination of style colour and texture.

This kitchen boasts special Spanish semi-rustic tiles. The beautiful patterned border begins just over the counter and runs around the kitchen walls. The ochre-coloured tiles and wooden cabinet work together to create a dramatic ambience. The centre of the wall that forms the backdrop for the workstation has been treated differently.

Yellow tiles and patterned pieces have been set diagonally across the wall to create an interesting visual effect. Lighting in the kitchen should fulfil the specific requirements of usage. A modern hanging light set over the small breakfast table gives focus on the eating area. The kitchen also has a slim white false ceiling with decorative wooden beat. Spotlights have been placed in the false ceiling.

The door is the reception point for the kitchen-cum-dining area. Our kitchen has an ornamental wooden door with eye-catching glasswork. This changes the total view of the place. A slightly expensive option is to arrange some green plants, painting, photographs or decoration pieces to dress up the place. You can put up small paintings, collection pieces and photos in every available corner to give the place a personal touch. There you have it, a cosy area with an unusual colour scheme, and plenty of personal items. Who could ask for a more pleasant place to cook and dine in?

Nazneen Haque Mimi Interior Consultant, JOURNEYMAN For more details, contact journeym@citechco.net
Special thanks to Mrs. Farzana Azim for allowing the photo shoot in her beautiful kitchen.
Photo Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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