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Politics of bomb blast and people's reaction

"459 blast in 63 districts in 30 minutes", was the headline that appeared in The Daily Star on 18 August, the day after the blast. On the day, panic was definitely the first reaction. All around the country cell phone networks were jammed with thousands of calls. People were glued to the TV set switching through channels hoping to know more, hoping that their loved ones were alright.

"I was very nervous because my daughter was in school. I left work, went straight to her school immediately after I heard about the incident." This was the immediate reaction of Riffat Hossain, a bank employee. "Its an out of the world incident. It only proves that mass people like us are no longer protected" Hossain adds. "I am angry at my government for not acknowledging its fault." Hossain believes that the comment of the home minister about the blast is outrageous. "If they've known about possible attacks beforehand why didn't they do anything about it", was Hossain's aggravated reaction.

"Although the casualty rate was very low, however, the implication of the incident is horrifying" comments Faisal Ahmed who is in the tourism business. "This incident proves that those who are responsible are very well organised and they are capable of causing severe destruction beyond imagination". Faisal Ahmed questions, "Jama'atul Mujahideen is a banned fundamentalist party. How can they still be in operation on a massive scale like this?" Ahmed also adds "It only proves that the state is playing a completely ineffective role and that there is no security in the country for the common man".

Tarana Nizam a student of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York was equally worried like everyone else. She was visiting her parents in the summer vacation. First thing she did right after she heard of this horrible news was to call her father in the cell phone. She thinks that, "incidents like this is driving people away from the country. There is no security here, which is why more and more people are rushing towards other part of the world hoping to find safety for their children". Tarana also thinks "Because of incidents like this, our image is being undermined in the international world". "As none of the culprits of last year's grenade attack or any other blast incidents were brought to justice, those who are responsible for the blast on 17th think that they can get away with anything." Tarana relates.

"I was not that shocked to hear about the incident," says Nazmun Nahar a researcher in an international organisation. "We've seen so many similar incidents lately that it has become an ordinary experience for us. I think we are becoming immune to any feelings", she adds.

Zakir Kibria's, an Independent Research Consultant, comments were mind blowing. "This is definitely an addition in the Guinness Book of World Record. 459 blast in 63 districts in 30 minutes, I must say that no country in the entire world holds this record", he says.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Shop Talk

DVD players
The bigger the screen the better the movie experience. If you watch your DVD's on the computer chances are you will end viewing it on a 15 or 17 inch monitor. If you have a much bigger television lying around make good use of it by getting a DVD player . All sorts are available in the market. You can get weird sounding brand name units for under 5000 taka. These do the job but quality and warranty issues are often dubious. If you go for the brand name items go to the authorized dealers to avoid future aftersales hassles. Price range is from 8000 to 10000 taka.

Single colour T shirts
Simplicity can be best at times. Take for instance single coloured t-shirts without any writing or graphics. They are the ultimate in casual wear. They are great for simply lounging indoors or taking a stroll outside. Who needs expensive exercise outfit when you can simply put on one of these and do your stuff? Made of cotton these are comfy, simple and elegant. You can find these at New Market and Gausia about 30 taka a piece but it is difficult to find other colours besides white. Meena Bazaar sells T's in varied colours at 35 taka each.

Sassy table clocks
Made of brushed aluminium these table clocks look high tech despite being very low tech. After all, these are just analog clocks running on a pencil sized battery. But they definitely look smart especially if placed on an uncluttered top. The design is very simple with a round clock face, a flat base and a thin stem connecting the two. Available at Etc of Dhanmondi prices range from 680-780 taka.

Gillette gel antiperspirants
If you intentionally want people to avoid you then cultivate body odour otherwise do everything to avoid the odour itself. Check out Gillette's gel deos. These are similar to the sticks or roll-ons except these do not leave flaky flakes. The bottles come in different scents at around 240-250 taka depending where you buy it from. These are readily available at most shops that sells cosmetics.

Wall mounted CD player
A funky décor needs funky items. How about a wall mounted CD player? Phillips has a very cool design that has a high-tech looking matt silvery finish. The set is a very slim design with the CD having to be inserted vertically much like you would do with a cassette. Because of its unusual design and compact size there is no cassette player but heck, cassettes are on the way to oblivion. It also has a radio tuner and the speakers are decently loud enough considering the small dimensions. You can also place it on a flat surface. The price for such elegance is 9990 taka.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny


The weather in this time of the year can be as fickle as young lovers or, if you prefer it that way, akin to the weather of the English. One moment the sun shines down with all its might and accompanied by the sweltering winds conspires to drowse you in your own sweat. The very next second the skies darken and the seemingly innocuous clouds rain down their thunder at you drowsing you again, only this time with water sent from above. Thankfully there are certain things that can help you from this dilemma of sorts. Its vital therefore to be prepared.

Dress Lightly
The first thing that you need to save yourself from is the sun, therefore it is essential that you dress in light coloured and simple cotton clothes. Simple T-shirts are the way to go. That way there will be room for plenty of ventilation and it ensures that you do not sweat too much from the almost unbearable heat. Also it is beneficial if you can carry a change of clothes with you. Don't lug around heavy jeans but its good if you can carry and extra T-shirt around for emergencies.

Wear Sunglasses
Sunglasses have become fashion statements of the highest order. From movie stars to mastaans the sun-glass as a fashion accessory has been 'abused' for decades. But that does not mean that you should shed your sunglasses. The rays of the sun reflected from the shiny hoods of cars are serious enough to blind you on occasions. That is something you would not want happening. As they say prevention is better than cure. So sunglasses have become an important part of the wardrobe. There are lots of trendy glasses available around the city at basement rates. You should not have much trouble picking one out. And do remember to take them off when the sky darkens!

Carry Umbrellas
Although this advise may have you envisioning a British tea party of the early 19th century, umbrellas have become an important accessory these days. They may not be necessarily in vogue but carrying them can save you a lot of hassle. Remember how I mentioned in the past how rain and thunder can drowse you in minutes. Well having an umbrella can prevent that from happening. While others around you run for the shelter of awnings (what awnings?) you can enjoy a nice little stroll in the rain- without getting soaked!

Wear Sandals
While on the topic of strolling its important to remember that while many people prefer wearing trendy footwear, it may not be the best idea for rainy days. You don't want to ruin your 3000Tk shoe by just stepping on a puddle in the street do you? And God knows enough of us know how leather smells when wet? So its back to the old choppols and sandals. They may get wet but then again you don't care about it too much at all!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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