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Vanity units and basins

Personality charged bathrooms have taken the place of the bland, utilitarian spaces of old which fulfilled a purpose but contributed nothing in terms of visual expressiveness. Tactile materials, sensual colour and interestingly unorthodox fittings create a distinctive identity.

Bathrooms come in as many styles as people do. Choosing a style that matches your personality is the second step after determining your needs. Your style, once you defined it, will be expressed in a variety of ways. You will be choosing colours and patterns using materials such as wood or ceramic, stone or marble. In this feature, our focus is a decorative basin. There are varieties of appliances for bathroom feature. The basin is an indispensable such a appliance that early morning to night it give us refreshment.

Vanities come in a variety of shapes, colours and styles can be used to complement or elaborate upon your bathroom theme. They can be modern, mirrored and freestanding or in the Queen Anne style with cabinet space.

Vanities provide the perfect place to take care of your personal needs in peace. Consider introducing one in your bath and making it your own special place to prepare for the upcoming day or unwind before going to bed at night.

Cantilevered or wall-hung vanities are increasingly popular, combining the storage capacity of a cabinet with the space saving illusions of a simple wall-hung basin. Twin basins, championed by those who prefer not to wait in line while another family member applies their make-up or brushes their teeth, are being supplanted by a trough-style basin. The long basin is overhung by two sets of faucets but all water flows out through a single design.

Basins can be wall-hung mounted on a pedestal or fitted into a piece of cabinetry within these categories, the choices range the modest to the monumental.

Wall-hung basins are a sensible choice in a small bathroom. Some of these units can be installed almost anywhere, even in a corner. Visually, too, they have a space- saving impact. They do not take up floor space and provide unobstructed sight lines along the wall on which they are fixed, contributing to a sense of spaciousness.

Hand basins can be quite tiny objects, but whatever their size, a certain amount of space in and to either side of the units must be included in the floor plan. The area where you stand while using the basin should measure at least (60cm) in depth. Elbow room is a more personal matter, but a total breadth of 2 ½ feet (75cm) or more is preferable.

Today's photos include a frosted glass basin and a glass counter, which has become a very popular vanity today. This bathroom is presented as a furnished room and not at all as a utilitarian space. Accordingly a bowl mounted basin, complete with cane insets on the cupboard fronts, wallpaper with a palm motif that is echoed in the embroidered towels, a cane-framed mirror and idiosyncratic light fittings bring in a tropical note to the room.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Journeyman Archive



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