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This week, Star Lifestyle zooms in on the lifestyle of the teens, something that has mystified the members of every other generation for so long. This seems to be a good time to be a teen in Dhaka, because the city is heating up with all sorts of hot and happening events aimed at today's youth.

First up, Pakistani band Jal made their first appearance in Dhaka this month and wooed the audiences at different clubs across the city with their electrifying performances. An unprecedented event, they also signed autographs at lifestyle store, Etcetera Bangladesh where people queued up by the hundreds for a chance to get personalized mementos.

Also coincidentally while we were in the process of writing this story, Djuice held their own Youth Lifestyle Fair and thus we decided to give it a visit. Although the concept was excellent there was still room for improvement as most visitors felt that they lacked the extra oomph.

Here is a pictorial look at the week for teens, in Dhaka!


-LS Desk
Photo: Munem Wasif



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