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JAL Meets Fans at Etcetera

'Come over quick...JAL is here!' She flung the mobile phone into her bag and ran back to join her friends, who were already in the line of eager people that had assembled inside Etcetera Bangladesh- the brand new Dhanmondi outlet, to meet the popular band. Devoted JAL fans, mostly teenagers, swarmed the place long before the rare event had even started.

After their hit single 'Woh Lamhey' and their album 'Aadaat' the four members of JAL - Farhan, Goher, Salman and Shazi recently visited Dhaka, for their maiden tour of Bangladesh. A series of sold out concerts and brilliant performances, organised by JPR Events, ended on a high note last Thursday. On that day, Etcetera Bangladesh hosted an autograph signing ceremony where the band met its fans and gave away signed mementos. For the fans of this Pakistani rock craze, it was an exceptional treat to see their idols up close and to get personalised autographs.

The excitement was already running high and when the band finally arrived, the crowd welcomed them with a deafening cheer. The four took their places inside the cafe on the second floor and on behalf of ETC, Noushaba Huq began the program by thanking the audience for their presence. Everyone was requested to maintain discipline and one by the one, the fervent fans were allowed to go up to the band and get their mementos signed.

The ceremony took quite some time, thanks to the ever increasing line, but the band, though looking exhausted, signed away. Cameras and mobile phones were out by the dozen, clicking away with vigor as the crowd tried to capture the unusual moments that they would certainly treasure in years to come.

Moinak Rayees was one of the first to come out in a daze, clutching an autograph like it was sacred. 'I don't know how I feel. I can't believe I just had a hand shake with Shazi!' was all he could manage right then. 'I'm going to show this to all my cousins...they'll be so jealous,' said star-struck Raeed, who claims to be a dedicated fan. Others came out looking equally ecstatic, already calling up friends or parents to tell them the exciting news.

Much to the disappointment of latecomers, the band had to leave in an hour, for their last concert of the tour. Before leaving, the band members individually thanked the crowd for their support and added a few words about their tour. Lifestyle had a few minutes with JAL, during which the band recalled the time they had spent in Dhaka as 'great'. Unfortunately they had to leave for America the next day, but were planning to come back later this month for another concert with several bands from the sub-continent.

All in all, it was a well planned affair and there really can be no complaints about the arrangements. On Etcetera's part it was a worthwhile effort and one certainly appreciated by all. Events like these are rarely seen and it was an experience that JAL fans will, without doubt, remember for a long time. The final statement about the ceremony came from the last fans to leave, Tasmia and Raisa, who summed it all up with one word: "AWESOME!"

By Shoaib Alam

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Turn in the old for the new

A lot of us find ourselves in a situation where we have too many unwearable, outdated clothes and too little money to buy new ones. Well, the trick is to create something out of nothing. So this Eid, give your old saris stocked up in your wardrobe a new spin at affordable prices. Whether its your Chiffon, Georgette, Satin, Banarasi, Katan or just the traditional wedding sari, embellishment with gold motifs, zari work, sequins, cutwork, appliqué work and patchwork can give your saris a completely gorgeous yet trendy look. If interested contact these numbers: 8826520, 9893877,011122253.

Location- Road # 84, House# 10, Flat # 501, Gulshan-2.

LS Desk

Diary of a Food Obsessed Person

BY Sam Q

Dearest Diary,
Well, I am finally back from the land of the rich and bountiful to my good old Bangladesh. A frisson of familiarity like an old night-gown seeped through me as I was heading home, but my feeling of snuggling comfort came to an abrupt halt as I opened the morning newspaper. I had some clue to the impending disastrous news, but to see it literally in black and white, was quite a jolt. It was such a shock to know that our food industry was in such dire straits. The mobile courts were unearthing such gruesome evidence in the making and delivering of food items that I actually felt sick to my stomach. How can we be as a nation so steeped in lack of consciousness? Do we not have any sense of right and wrong? Do we not care at all for the well-being of our fellow citizens? Is it only about the money? Well, at the end of the day, I guess it is only about the money and profits. Nothing else matters. I am, personally finding it very onerous. I really wish there was something I could do to make a change. I am really proud of the government for taking this stance, but I hope this will not fizzle out and become yesterdays' news. The government should not have a phlegmatic attitude towards these unscrupulous traders and entrepreneurs.

I am sure that the restaurant business along with other retail businesses will face a slump. Because, I am sure, like me, there are thousands more who will think twice before entering or entertaining in a restaurant. My poor son, who is really into eating out, big time…(what else is there for entertainment in Dhaka anyway?) asked me in trepidation "Is Bella Italia considered out from my list?" Well one more reason to get vaccinated…..or emigrate to Canada.

Well (try to) have a good day, the Sam Q. way
A very "hygienic" chicken recipe from Sam Q's kitchen.
Deep fried chicken with green chilli
Boneless chicken cubes 250gm
Soya sauce 1 tsp
Egg 1
Cornflour 1tsp
Slice of green chilli 150gm
Oyster sauce 3tbsp
Tasting salt ½ tsp
Sugar ½ tsp
White peppers ½ tsp
Ginger slice ½ tsp
Garlic slice ½ tsp
Soybean oil 2 tbsp
1. Mix chicken cubes with eggs, soya sauce and cornflour.
2. Deep fry in hot oil
3. Now simmer oil on a pan, and add sliced ginger and garlic
4. Stir for 15 seconds
5. Add green chilli and fry for about 20 seconds
6. Add the chicken and add oyster sauce, sugar, tasting salt, white pepper. Cook for 3-4 minutes
7. Garnish with carrots and cucumbers.

Skin & beauty

by Rahima Sultana Reeta

Skin Beauty Foods 3
Any beauty column you read would recommend delicious foods to be used directly on the skin or hair. Doctors on the other hand would suggest that you eat those delicious food. There are certain food that are called beauty food. Thease beauty diet is very important for us. It is a vital ingredient for people because it enhances looks in a natural way. It works in all ages, it works for everyone who want to optimise their looks.
Before going in to detail here are a few tidbits about skin features.
· Under the epidermis lies the dermis- the corium or the "true skin"
· Dermis is a real hive of activity, packed with tiny arteries and vines, lymph vessels, and nerve fibres.
· Here oil producing glands are found.
· The roots of the fine hairs cover all the skin on your face and body.
· Oil glands and hair roots share the same blood supply, and the oil produced uses hair shafts as a route to the top skin layer, where it helps to retain moisture and keep the skin supple.
· The dermis is also the home of the sweet glands, which regulate temperature through perspiration, and detoxify the body by releasing some of the excess salt, ammonia and waste products of normal digestion and metabolism.
This week we'll feature watermelon as the beauty food.
The red, juicy watermelon helps hydrate skin and keep it supple.

What Watermelon does?
Watermelon may help the skin to look plump and hydrated, which in turn has the effect of ironing out some of the fine lines and making it soft to the touch. It may also play a role in keeping the skin supple and elastic, helping to avoid the leathery dry appearance of sun-damaged skin.

Why Watermelon works?
One 200 gm slice of watermelon provides as much fluid as a glass of water, so regular consumption can help reduce dehydration of skin by replenishing part of the 500 ml of water it loses each day. This fruit's vibrant, red colour comes from a plentiful supply of carotene. Along with vitamin-c, the carotene acts as an antioxidant , helping to neutralise free radicals generated by the sun's ultra violet rays, which damages the elastin and collagen and accelerate the process of skin ageing.

How to serve Watermelon
Wipe the dark green skin with a clean cloth and cut into thick slices. Eat with your hands or cut into cubes and add to fruit salads or breakfast cereals. Watermelon can be pureed and made into sorbets, drinks or summer soups. The skin can be carved into a melon basket and used to hold watermelon pieces and other mixed fruits. The skin can also be used in curries.

Watermelon watch points
Buy watermelons from stores that source this fruit from reputable growers. If grown in areas of polluted water, the fruit itself will become concentrated in pollutants. So folks watch out when you purchase the fruit. And hurry up cause the last watermelons of the season are about to vanish from the market.

Other skin-hytration foods
o Lettuce
o Celery
o Cucumber
o Yellow, red, and green peppers.


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