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Shop Special

Antique Dome

Would you pay Tk 3 lakh for a 250 year old wooden partition that used to exhibit the grandiose of a Nawab or a Jamindar? Does the exquisite art of such antiques attract you and would you want to have any of these in your possession? If you are in the quest for antiques, you will not have to go far - just visit the only market of antique treasures at DCC Market situated at Gulshan- 2.

It was like roaming around in an ancient civilization as the daily necessities were displayed in such a way as to make one lose oneself in that world. In fact these shops posses a huge collection of antiques that include items for building construction, cookeries, furniture, ornaments, statues, masks; made of earth, wood, brass, copper and metal used almost 250 to 300 years back.

The ancient ships items like wheels, compasses, parts of decks, telescopes, watches, metal carafes of wine are the more appealing features of these shops.

One of the salesmen in the 'Haji Metal Crafts' shop was found to be dusting some of the artifacts. Indicating a huge wooden partition, he claimed it to be accumulated from the possession of a Hindu Jamindar of the Faridpur district dating 125 years back and costing Tk 2.5 lakh.

In ' Rukshana Pearls Handicrafts', a petty rounded earthen coin collected from Mohasthangar of Bogra still boastfully declares the sovereignty of the 400 years old Bengal, claimed salesman Raju. He demanded Tk 400 for the coin.

Innumerous items of such antiquity are collected from everywhere across the country. The shop owners have local agents from whom they buy the antiques. Sometimes they also collect these from auctions.

There is no specific season for importing these antique items as none can say when or where to find a good antique. Some salesmen said that old Dhaka, Comilla, Faridpur, Bogra, Khulna provide much of these items. The ships items are collected from Chittagong which are usually imported from Myanmar, India, or China.

The traders engaged in antique business certainly play an important role in preserving our glorious ancient heritage. In reality, they have to undergo much toil for this business, as the market is limited in proportion to investment. They have to maintain liaisons with the local agents. In addition, there is the chance of damage during transportation.

However, these items are highly valued by foreigners. According to Raju who has been working as a salesman for 20 years now, said that 95% of the customers are foreigners. This has been so for the location of the market. Being situated in a diplomatic zone, in Gulshan, people of different nationalities like Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Europeans all gather here.

The foreigners are very fond of ships items. They treat even a trivial part of a ship as preciously as a jewel. Most interestingly, they prefer the antique in its original condition, without any reconditioning done.

" They buy anything they like. It may be either a broken knife or a chandelier," said a sales man.

The price range of these antique items varies from Tk 50 to Tk 5 lakh and sometimes it depends on the bargain made. A tiny metal 'Bhuddha' or 'Vishnu' statue costs Tk 200 while the earthen, wooden statues and masks cost Tk 400. The wooden partition secures the highest rate worth Tk 3 lakh.

" Local people seem to be not very interested in collecting antiques. The reason must be the mounting price rate," said Chandra Mohan Sinha, proprietor of the Kasa Center.

"However, presently a few number of antique lovers(local citizens) do visit the market for buying antiques," he added.

" If local people value these things, the market of antiques will certainly expand. Thus our country may achieve a new identity in antique business," he maintained.

By Moon Moon Sultana

Shop talk

Acoustic Guitars
Almost every single kid you see these days is either an aspiring musician or is well on his way to being one. Seems like hitting the big time in the Dhaka music scene is not what it used to be. Anyways, buying a guitar can prove to be one fruitful investment. You be with the 'in' crowd and try to realize your dream of being the next whoever. And if all else fails, who is to say that you cannot serenade your girl by striking up a chord on them old strings? So go get yours now. Givsun and Signature Guitars are readily available at Melody and cost Tk. 3000 and upwards.

Remo Drum Skins
Its' either this or that. Meaning either kids are strumming away peacefully on their guitar or they are slamming away madly on their drums. Beating the drums to take care of hidden frustrations have become a common practice now. And, if you turn out to be a decent drummer in the process, then all the better for everyone. All the banging though does take its toll on the drum skins. Therefore if you need to get new ones try out Remo Drum Skins, which are available at Melody. They cost Tk.900 a piece for the toms and Tk.1200 for the snare. 22 inch Bass skins are also available and will set you back Tk. 1500. This makes for nice birthday gifts as well.

Football Jerseys
Football or soccer as our American counterparts like to call it is big at the moment. Football jerseys are, if possible, bigger. Flaunting the colours of your favourite club or country is an important part of being a fan. SportsWorld in Gulshan 1 & 2 markets, has a really cool collection of jerseys. Chelsea, Milan, Brazil you name it they have it. Not only can these jerseys be worn while playing there also suffice for casual wear. Prices are about Tk. 700 but be warned - you may have to bargain a bit.

Amra Bangladesh wristbands at lower price
I know that this has been done before but the Amra Bangladesh bands have recently hit the market in a new and reduced price of Tk.100, which is nearly 1/3rd down from what it was before. So what are you waiting for? If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon already now is the time to show your support for a noble cause.

Cologne has probably been done to death but look on the bright side. You can never smell good enough. Quality colognes are available almost everywhere but there are few places that offer you as much variety as Etcetera does. Their newly opened store on Dhanmondi Rd.27 has its very own branch of sorts. Check it out and I trust you shall not be disappointed. There are a plethora of brands to choose from and the cheapest start from Tk.800. Be prepared to spend liberally if you want the best.

School Bags
School Bags slung across the chest or on the shoulders have been in vogue for quite some time now. Its almost reached the state of necessity considering the amount that kids need to carry to school these days. However fashion finds its ways almost everywhere and many school children refuse to carry bags they think will make them look foolish. That problem can be solved by going to Navana Tower and visiting the shop West Wind, located on the third floor. They have a very wide collection of branded bags at cheap rates.

Kitchen Utensils
Frying your eggs in that old pan no longer looks as delicious as it used to. If you are afflicted with this problem then a trip to buy some new utensils are in store for you. There may be a lot to choose from but be sure to check out the latest shop "Shada" located on the ground floor of Bashundhara City. Not only do they have frying pans, but they also provide you with other excellent and highly innovative kitchen utensils that is guaranteed to make cooking, a simple & rewarding experience.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam


Mobiles, or cell phones if you prefer it that way, have rapidly become a part of our daily lives. Not only is it useful communication, it has also evolved into a fashion accessory of the 21st century. With all this in mind it is imperative that we remember cell phone etiquette. While the term itself may sound alien to many, it is one that we have to get used to sooner rather than later. Because the cell phones are here to stay and if we want to flaunt flashy accessories we got to know how to use them in the best way. After all "mobiles maketh the man."

Safety - Pay attentionto the road
According to the latest research "Wireless telecommunication technologies are rapidly becoming a significant concern in regard to highway safety." Stripped of jargon it means that using a cell phone while driving can lead to disaster. The cell savvy user never uses a mobile phone while driving unless it is "hands free." It is essential to keep both hands free to shift and steer. You don't want a simple phone conversation to end in death do you?

Speak softly in public places
Everyone of us know how annoying it can be when people in public keep shouting ceaselessly into their mobile phones. I myself, have been guilty of this on a number of occasions. Remember, not only are you making a fool of yourself you are also disturbing other peoples' peace and disrupting the atmosphere in general. Always speak in low tones in public places and if there is too much surrounding noise, then use an earphone.

Turn off phones before meetings
...Or at least set the ringer to vibrate. Also, never take a personal mobile call during a business meeting. This includes interviews and meetings with co-workers or subordinates. Not only is it distracting but it may also be frowned upon by higher ups at work. In case of interviews its unlikely you will get the job if you are interrupted in the middle by a phone call. And if its a meeting with your boss, your head may be next on the chopping block!

Maintain a distance
Whenever you are talking on the phone in public make sure that you have at least a ten foot distance from anyone near you. You don't want people, even involuntarily, to catch bits and pieces of your conversation. And don't have any emotional conversations in public ever.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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