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Shop talk

Running shoes
It's the most important piece of equipment you can buy if your goal is to jog or run. A good pair protects you from injury by absorbing the force of impact as you rumble across the median. Properly cushioned shoes protect the ankle and the knee joints. With a loaded wallet you can splash out at places where they sell Adidas, Reebok and Nike for 4000 taka upward. But you can get shoes just as good and trendy at Bata that start at around a 1000 taka.

Waist bags
Also known as waist packs these are quite useful when the multiple pockets on your cargo pants are just not enough. You can easily carry your cell phone and a small water bottle as well as countless other paraphernalia. They are available in synthetic material with multiple zippered ad velcroed compartments. The price range is from 300-600 taka which is similar to the prices of much larger backpacks. You can find a moderately good collection at New Market and Pallwell Market but other places like Eastern Plaza and Bashundhara City offer similar stuff at top prices.

Electric hair trimmer
Beards are similar to light pink shirts. Some men can carry it off flamboyantly while others look like candyfloss salesmen. The latter is definitely not a good thing. Some beards go well with some faces. The underlying thing is that once you find a suitable beard to go with your face it is difficult to maintain it. Regular trips to the barber are necessary especially if your style dictates short hair much like 80's George Michael. An electric hair trimmer can help you out around the face as well as around the head if a crew cut is your choice. Prices are under 2000 taka and are available at many electronic stores that sell hairdryers and the like. Also you could go directly to the branded outlets of Phillips and Braun.

Exercise gloves
Half gloves that are cut off at mid finger are the preferred choice for those who work out using weights. It helps to prevent scuffing your palm when lifting heavy weights. Also it provides a strong grip when doing chin ups on an overhead bar. These gloves are also useful when riding a motorbike as it allows a firm grip. Soft leather gloves are available at about 60-70 taka and much pricier synthetic high grip rubber palmed gloves cost about 300 taka.

Simpsons on DVD
Why mention The Simpsons in particular? That's because these DVDs are a bit rare. So far I found them only in Rifles Square. Eastern Plaza, the Mecca of DVD collectors is a lost cause in this regard. If you are interested in this self-bashing American lifestyle comedy then get your hands on the first three seasons available here. If you want to collect all then swallow hard because there are more than 15 seasons. Each DVD is about 90-100 taka unless you go for the MP4 version that has an entire season in one disc and costs 250 taka. The downside with the latter is that you can only run it on computer.

Kids Clothes
You know how it always seems to be a bother finding clothes that can fit your toddler. It is common knowledge that finding clothes for children is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However if there is a single shop that covers all the bases when it comes to children's clothing it has to be Kids & Mom's located at Banani Rd.11. They have everything possible, for kids from newborns to seven-eight year olds.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny


Dear Readers,
We're bringing some zing to your Tuesdays with our bold new all-colour layout. Flip through our pages as we give you recipes to make your mouth water, fashion forecasts to make your wardrobes go 'wow', and much, much more.
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With the advent of Ramadan, one thing is almost always consistent in the streets during Iftaar time- all hell breaks loose. People exit workplaces like a swarm of angry bees and follow each other like sheep with no consideration whatsoever to signals or laws. Drivers switch lanes like maniacs trying to find the fastest way to their destination. There are however simple ways to avoid this debacle.

Have a distinct plan ready
Planning in advance is an act that goes back a thousand years. So learn from your ancestors and have a plan or program prepared beforehand. Try and stick to schedule as much as possible but you can leave room for some improvisation. Always make sure that you reach home or where ever it is that you Iftaar at least forty five minutes beforehand. The last three-quarters of an hour are always the worst.

Try and use public transport
This is a good time to switch to public transport. There is nothing worse than being stranded in a long traffic jam while in your own car with Iftaar beckoning. While switching to public transport may mean that you have to walk a bit more its always pleasant and can even be an excuse for some exercise. You may not always reach on time with public transport but look on the bright side. At least you wont be the one doing the driving or the cursing!

Pedestrians be warned
All of you who are part of the "walk brigade" or pedestrians if you like that better, please ensure that you walk safely. While walking safely may sound slightly weird, anyone plying the streets during rush hour will know what I am talking about. Stick to the footpaths and don't stray onto the road. What with the exasperated drivers- it might be the last thing that you do!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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