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Something spicy to tang up your Eid with…

Presenting stylish salwar kameezes, sarees, fotuas and panjabis, with a slight tinge of variation, this fashion house is your first choice this Eid, if you want a little flavour of adventure in your wardrobe. Fashionscape, quite a new face in the boutique fete, targets individuals with a fascination for something new and exciting!

"Our aim is to introduce designer products into the affordable range of fashion conscious individuals," explains Mr. Minhaz Mannan, the managing partner of Fashionscape. "We also cannot afford to compromise with the quality or the creativity, while keeping the price range in mind."

The designer partner Mr. Satyajit Saha, tells of his own interest in the arts that got him to take such an initiative. This innovative designer fabricates most of his creations on the computer before giving life to them in the form of outfits. Quite an enthusiactic entrepreneur, he hopes that Fashionscape will go a long way.

Fashionscape has recently hosted an exhibition under the title "Eid Fashion Mela" in the WVA Auditorium at Road 27, Dhanmondi. The fair was quite a success and they managed to publicize the fashion house a bit more amongst people. Their showroom is at the UEA Moitry Complex on Kemal Ataturk Road in Banani.

...and home-made dessert to sweeten your Eid up
An eye-catching amalgamation of red and white adorned the interior of the stylishly decorated showroom. Strategically located on Satmasjid Road of the now-commercial residential area of Dhanmondi, Shokh Boutique displays a wide array of exquisite women and children's wear. The collection includes salwar kameezes, sarees, fotuas and children's wear of various styles and colors.

The proprietor, Ms Shamim Khandker is a self-made couturier, who with her innate ingenuity, has brought about the creation of hundreds of attractive yet unique designs. The name "Shokh" was derived by the designer Shamim Khandker herself, originating from the initials of her name and of course in relation to her personal hobby of designing. A perfectionist at heart, Khandker almost manages the business single-handedly, starting from buying the materials and accessories to supervising the handiwork in order to ensure quality and ingenuity.

Though specializing in simple, but sophisticated kameezes having block design, Shokh Boutique also displays kameezes and fotuas with machine embroidery and the gorgeous "karchupi" works to add flavour to the festive season of Eid. The sarees all have block prints on them in different shades and colours One very appealing feature of the boutique shop is that the prices are within a very reasonable range.

Displaying a motto reading "your dream weaver", this budding fashion house makes promises of fabricating the outfits of your fantasy into reality! So this Eid, waltz into this new fashion house and have your own dream woven out!

By Nusrat

PHOTO: Fashionscape



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