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News flash

Standard Chartered Prepaid Gift Card
Eid is right around the corner. We all know how hard it is to find gifts in this season. With Standard Chartered Prepaid Gift Card, your quest for the perfect gift is over. Instead of you deciding what the recipient of your gift may actually want, the Standard Chartered Gift Card gives the recipient the freedom to choose.
Standard Chartered's Prepaid Gift Card can be instantly purchased from any Standard Chartered branch & loaded up with the amount of your choice (ranging from Tk. 1,000 to Tk. 100,000). Since this is a Visa Card, the person you want to give this to can use it to buy the products of their choice from any shop that accepts electronic cards. Moreover they can also withdraw cash from the ATMs anytime of the day. There are attractive designs to choose from and you can purchase the gift card even if you are not an account holder of the Standard Chartered Bank.
That's not all! Gift Cards also brings you loads of attractive discounts at leading retail stores like Aarong, Artisti Collection, Etcetera, Kay Kraft, Shoppers World.
Also, for the Ramadan month there is a 100% discount on the issuing fee for the gift cards.
To find out more about this product, please visit any Standard Chartered branch.


NIDO 2.5kg tin now in the market
Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd. has added a new pack size to its existing NIDO products through the launch of the NIDO 2.5kg tin. This jumbo size pack will provide extra convenience to the customers along with the nutritional goodness, for which NIDO is recognized all around the world. NIDO full cream instant milk powder contains 15 vitamins and 8 minerals and is specifically beneficial for the overall mental and physical development of growing up children.
The bulk product is imported from Australia and is packed here at Nestlé's world-class factory at Sreepur. The quality of the packaging process and the hygienic standard is uniformly maintained in all Nestlé factories across the world and is no different here in Bangladesh. Therefore, the consumers can be assured that this product will provide the same nutritional value and quality standards as other NIDO products across the world. It is also licensed under BSTI basis relevant to the Bangladesh standards.
The product has been launched with a proposed retail price of 1,300 taka per tin and will be available regularly in the market place. Customers can ask questions on the product by writing to Nestlé Consumer Services, PO BOX 11037, Uttara, Dhaka.

Pizza Hut offers Special Iftar "Eat as much as you can" @ Tk. 299
Following on from last years success, Pizza Hut brings in its Special Iftar offer titled "Eat as much as you can" at Tk 299 only in this Holy month of Ramadan.
In this promotional campaign a customer will have an amazing opportunity to eat as much as he/she wants paying only Tk. 299 from the Favourite Line Pan Pizza (Beef Lovers, BBQ Chicken, Cheese Lovers, Simply Veg) and Garlic Bread. Besides, customers will have unlimited refills of Pepsi for just Tk. 50. This is a special dine in offer valid only for this Holy month of Ramadan and customers can avail this from 5pm to 7pm everyday.
This offer is available both in Gulshan and Chittagong outlets. Since the first day of the Holy Ramadan, this year's Special Iftar Offer has already caught attention of food enthusiasts. Everyday lots of customers frequent the Gulshan and Chittagong outlets. Pizza Hut hopes to bring in more customer centric offer in the coming days.

Agora launches attractive Iftar Corner
To celebrate the holy Ramadan, Agora has launched an Iftar Corner to serve their customers with Iftar items at each of its four outlets.
In these corners Agora sells a wide array of iftar goodies. Their items include everything from Shahjahani mutton Halim, Mughal Handi Chicken, Serajuddaulah Jali Kabab, Shebaszis Shami Kabab, Chapali Kabab, Nargisi chop, Mattar puri to fast food items like Fried Chicken wings, Spring Roll, potato chop, Keema, vegetable Samucha, Tandoori parata and the customary iftar items of Piazu, Beguni, Cheese Pattis, Beef Tehari, Achari Alu, Pakura, Kofta Beef, Dohibara and Zilapi
Be sure to visit the Agora outlets at Rifle Square, Dhanmondi; 101 Gulshan Avenue; Gulfashion Plaza, Mogbazar and Plaza AR, Sobhanbag and Mirpur Road.

BATA releases new leather upper for festive season
For this holiday season, Bata has taken up a program to provide new shoes for its customers as the Ramadan draws close and the Eid festival draws nearer.
Bata has provided many genuine leather upper shoes and sandals in different groups and categories. Not only is it of genuine leather, which is hygienically and scientifically processed, it also comes at a very affordable price. So, hurry to your closest Bata shop if you want to join the slogan.

-LS Desk


Eid shopping tips
Ramadan has begun, so has the shopping spree. Many of you have already started your shopping for the upcoming Eid celebration. We understand that the shopping experience in Dhaka isn't as pleasant as it used to be 20 years back when the number of street muggers was less and our security wasn't constantly at stake as it is today. So you need to be alert every time you go out for shopping during this holy month. Remember that a handful of people will be out there to spoil the purity of this month.
Besides muggers, a new fear that is consuming us is the terror of bomb blasts. Although the government has promised to ensure tight security during the Ramadan, we never know what lies ahead of us. So try to avoid over-crowded places as you plan for your shopping this Eid.
Carry big totes or bags made from durable textile to put all the items you buy for Eid. Instead of carrying three bags in each hand and becoming an easy target for thugs, stow all the small packets and shopping bags in a big tote.
Don't take small children for shopping for too long. If you take small children to malls then make sure that you are carrying their food, drinks and diapers in adequate quantity. Temperature is likely to fall by the end of Ramadan, in that case, wrap your children in warm clothes as you go out for shopping in the late afternoon. Carry warm clothes for yourself as well.
There will be a lot of haggling over price during this month, so don't just jump into buying anything at a price the shopkeeper charges. If you are not good at negotiating with salespeople about price, take someone with you who would be able to bargain well. It doesn't make any sense if you give away your hard-earned money to some of those shrewd storekeepers just like that.
The traffic jam will become more intolerable in the upcoming days, so carry at least a bottle of water if you are stuck in the jam during the afternoon hours. Who knows, maybe you would have to break your fast in a moving CNG-run three-wheeler during one of these days...
The earlier you start shopping, the better. If possible, then be out of your house by 9:30 am and head towards your favourite bazaar. Shopkeepers are usually a little considerate during the early hours of the day.
And lastly, keep your wallet and cell phone close to you. If you are a man then avoid putting your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers. And for women, keep your money and mobile phone in your handbag and keep it close to you. Don't take your bag off your shoulder or put it down on the showcases of stores.
Wishing you all a happy shopping experience this year.

By Wara Karim



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