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Shopping Sleuths

Lamha Rezwan, professional
Aarong meets most of Lamha's shopping needs. Just about all her home décor requirements can be availed there. There's the crockeries, clothing, children's toys as well as shoes, bags etc. She feels that Aarong has some of the nicest items available.
Lamha is a young married professional. She is busy from day till night regarding both her job as well as being a housewife. It take up a lot of time and spending all that effort by going to different shops to search, evaluate and bargain over goods is a big hassle. It saves time as well as providing her with relatively exclusive materials and designs. Not only that, she feels that the service as well as quality is also exceptional here.

Binu, ex Eden College student
Binu's favorite shop used to be a futchka shop in front of her college. It was almost a ritual to round up her classes with a delicious plate of futchka. Everyday she would gather with her friends to have a well-deserved adda while munching on the light goodies. Now that she has graduated ,she still visits the place occasionally but that old shop is no longer there. Of course, there's a replacement but her choice venue has changed to that of the shop under the stairs in Rifles Square and the chatpati shop in front of Meena Bazaar in Dhanmondi.

Kawsar Ahmed, creative director
He works in a media firm and that means a lot of time is spent running around for job related matters. That means he has difficulty finding some time in between to carry out regular grocery shopping. Keeping saving time in mind his favourite shop is Agora Super Shop. There he can avoid stepping in and wading through noisy, smelly muddy stalls of the typical bazaar. He can quickly run through his list in a clean and cool environment. Of course, the prices are definitely higher but the lack of hassle as well the relaxed environment more than makes up for it.

By Sultana Yasmin
Translated by Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Sharifa Sultana, a teacher in Scholastica, says that her favourite shopping locations in the city as far as clothes are concerned has to be Sarovar in Gulshan Avenue and Piran located in Dhanmondi Rd 10 opposite the women's complex.

She relates, " Sarovar is probably my favourite destination when it comes to buying exceptional saris. The best part about the shop is that it provides you exclusive saris and overseen by the owner the customer service is impeccable. The saris are very exclusive so the prices are understandably on the high end of the spectrum. But if its quality you want than this is the place you should visit."

"As for Piran they also provide some extremely innovative designs for saris at very competitive prices. Also another must visit."

Pressed further Ms. Sultana came up with the names of Shetuli and Prabartana as two other shops that she and her posse frequent.

"The single reason for visiting a shop like Prabartana is the fact that they promote Bangladesh as much as they can. Most of the stuff that you can pick up there are great for home decor- especially the bedcovers."

Staying with clothes but moving on to the male variety, Araf, a student of North South University relates that his favourite shopping location is Ecstacy, located in various parts of the city.

" Ecstacy has a really great collection," says Araf. " They are probably the one place that have really hip and in designs at a pretty reasonable price. And plus I like shopping there," beams Araf. Ecstacy also receives a thumbs up from Tausif, of NSU, who says that it is a place he finds comfortable shopping in.

Staying with male clothing lines, most youngsters prefer now to dress in informal clothing hence the mushrooming of stores selling T-shirts, jeans and other informal articles of clothing.

Upon enquiring certain executives where they like to shop for their office clothes, the most common response was almost inevitably Cats Eye. However for reasons best known to themselves most of the office goers involved said that they would feel better if their names were not mentioned.

One such executive comments. " Cats Eye is probably the one store in town that offers you such a wide variety of clothing lines to choose from. You can choose from the executive to business wear to casual shirts and pants. Its a Bangladeshi brand."

Finally another name that came up often in relation to male clothing was Westecs. Saadat says that Westecs is probably his favourite place to browse and shop for clothes in Bangladesh .

Rather cheekily he says, "They have nice pants and shorts- part of the reason I go there so many times."

Divorcing ourselves from clothes the next most common item that came up on the female agenda were undoubtedly the accessories and sandals part.

Afreen and Antara both say that shopping at Purple Haze in Banani has been one of their most time consuming pastimes in years gone by. The nondescript store is but a wealth of riches if the moony-eyed females are anything to go by.

" The place has really trendy stuff. Especially earrings but also has everything from rings to bangles and other jewelry. And the best part is that the prices are very affordable."
In a day and age where wearing hip and trendy stuff is the way to go Purple Haze is a definite visit if they are to be believed.

" And the sales people are very nice. Or maybe its because I go there so much," smiles Afreen Most girls would also tell you that Elephant Road is a must visit when it comes to buying shoes. Browsing through the countless shoe stores on either side is a hobby for many and a job for some!

Sarah does most of her shoe shopping from Chowrungi market in Elephant Road while Saima professes to be a fan of the DCC Market in Gulshan. Neither have specific preferences of shops and say that browsing through all of them is the best way to land the perfect deal. (I say that its a waste of valuable time but this is an article based on viewers choices so I am not to be trusted!!).

Armeen however has no such problems. Her favourite shop is Rakhi Shoes in Elephant Road because it has some nice shoes which are very durable. " Its a bit on the expensive side as well but you are paying for quality," says Armeen.

Leaving behind shoes another popular gift item is home decor and miscellaneous items as such.

Tahsina says that her favourite shop in all of Dhaka would have to be Jatra. " The critical aspect of Jatra is its simplicity. Its appeal is born out of the fact that the things in sale there are so simple yet so artistic," says Tahsina.

Nihan also proclaims that Jatra is her favourtie shop to browse around in. " I could spend hours there," she smiles.

Another exponent of this artistic trend in Dhaka is Aarong, which is a "true Bangladeshi brand," as Nushin puts it. " I have been shopping there for a very long time and I'm yet to be disappointed."

In other shopping locations Etcetera and Almas Super Store also deserve a mention. Most people like the former because as Tausif puts it, "it has a great deal of variety and quality."

Almas Super store is also popular amongst the people mainly because of its convenience and its ability like the preceeding shop to sell items under one roof.

We are near the end here but what article about shops would be complete without a food one.

So I will leave you with Tahsin, who when enquired, replied without the faintest hesitation.

"American Burger- because it serves burgers."
By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam
Photo: Wasef Munem


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