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Shop talk

Sarees Galore
For the women of Bangladesh, Eid definitely means sarees. So if you are wondering what to get your wife, or mother, or daughter-in-law, the perfect gift would obviously be sarees. Glamorous arrays of these can be found, at very reasonable prices at Jaatra, at around Tk.840 Tk. 1860, and at Mayasir for Tk. 1800 and above. One should also check out Andes for sarees at Tk.1250 to Tk. 1600. To get the beautiful chiffons, crepes, gadwals etc. one can always take a look at what the stores in New Market have to offer, especially New Jamdani House, who set their prices from Tk1000 to Tk. 25000.

Men's Clothes
The most difficult part about giving gifts is selecting the perfect gifts for the men folk. With the stunning new trends out this season, clothes seem to be the best option. For this reason, make sure you visit Ecstasy where men's shirts can be bought within a range of Tk.550 to Tk. 1180, both casuals and formals, and jeans and formal pants can be bought for Tk.550 to Tk. 1780, while t-shirts are priced at Tk.380 till Tk. 880. Of course, one should also check out Mayasir's embroidered panjabis ranging from Tk.650 to Tk. 1750, and for similar price ranges, you can take a peek at Kumudini and Artisti, while Aarong provides the best, with a heftier price tag.

When dressing up this Eid, make sure that you not only LOOK good, but that you SMELL good too! Therefore regale your loved ones with the best perfumes in the market…only make sure your budget is VERY flexible, since the cheapest start from Tk. 1800, spiraling frightfully upwards to Tk. 6000, some even more. Check out the latest smells at Almas Superstore, Priyo General Store, Archies and Shamsi's Prime Collection.

A woman without her ornaments can hardly be called complete. Nowadays, a man can also never be called complete without his accessories. Get your siblings and friends the coolest new fusions between traditional desi and contemporary western designs that can be found at Jatra. The intricately designed silver ware costs around Tk. 945 per set, while the jute and bamboo accessories range between Tk. 30 to Tk. 180. More such brilliant metal and stone works can also be bought at Bonoj, at Anam Plaza, withing a price range of Tk. 35 to Tk. 4200.But this Eid definitely try the new silver jewellery shop at Bashundhara shopping mall (level 1 shop 58) called Arrogance Silver. Their ornaments are certainly collectors items.

Kid's Stuff
When you are out shopping for Eid gifts, the most obviously disturbing part is choosing gifts for your kids. Whether it is a child of four, or a teen of eighteen, neither will make your life any easier by choosing what they want. If it's clothes that you're determined to get, make a bee line for Nandan, the best store in town for children's clothing, with ranges of Tk. 95 to Tk. 500. For your teenager, make sure to check out Ecstasy, Andes and Jaatra, who have an exquisite collection of salwar kameez, skirts, tops, fautas, panjabis, and jeans. Also check out bags and shoes at Apex Gallerie and Stallions. If the little ones are more into toys and games, the best places would be Words and Pages, Etcetera and Omni Books!!

Old is Gold
Giving your grandmother or grandfather clothes or shoes is just completely old school! Try to make a difference this Eid, and check out the CD stores closest to your home. At Rifles Square, stores like Western Craze, Hollywood etc. have an amazing collection of Bangla songs of yesteryear, not to mention the movies, costing from Tk 60 to Tk. 220. The stores also take orders for making mixed albums, so show your grandparents that you really love and appreciate them, by making the effort and presenting them with a collection of their favourite music!

By Rohini Alamgir


Whoever said “It's not easy being beautiful” certainly knew what she was talking about. If you want to look your best on the big day, you might want to take a look at these pointers.

Rush reparations
If you to have no regrets about your Eid outfit, make sure you give it a proper trial well ahead of the day you'll be wearing it for real. Check to see that it fits, and any reparations that it may need should be done beforehand, or at least by chand raat. Same goes for shoes. If you're not getting a new pair this Eid

No amount of make-up can substitute for a healthy natural glow. How do you go about it? Pamper it up, baby! Start with a good facial scrub, clean it up with a cleanser that suits your skin type (people who don't have oily skin can steam-clean their faces too), use an alcohol-free toner, and slather on the moisturisers. Invest in a facial; believe me, it's worth it!

Healthy handful
Hands and feet say a lot about you, so take good care of them. Clip those talons, scrub them clean, and keep them moisturised. Nothing works better than cocoa butter for keeping your hands and feet soft, but baby oil isn't bad either.

Finally, get plenty of sleep the night before. Nothing beats the bright-eyed bushy-tailed look you get after sufficient rest.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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