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Dental wise

DR. Mahfujul Haq Khan BDS, DDS, FSDCE (USA), PhD (Japan), Post Doc. (Japan) Specialised: Crown and Bridge work, and Periodontal plastic surgery (USA) Assistant Professor and Consultant, Department of Dentistry, BIRDEM Hospital

Dear Dr. Khan,
I am 18 year old and have been suffering from yellow teeth. All my front teeth are yellowish in colour. My teeth are very well arranged as if I have worn braces before but I cannot be satisfied with them because no matter how many times I brush, there happens to be no noticeable changes. I have used many “extreme” so called whitening toothpaste products. Only a small number of them work on my teeth for few hours and then they return to yellow again. I am afraid to use whitening strips at such young age as they might harm my gums. Please Dr. Khan tell me what would be the best thing to do? Thank you.

Without examining you it is very difficult for me to determine the exact cause and treatment plan of your tooth discoloration. Before discussing your particular query, I think it will be better if I can give a brief about tooth discoloration and you can get your answer by reading carefully.

Tooth Discoloration
The tooth discoloration can either be on the tooth surface (extrinsic) or be present within the substance of the tooth (intrinsic).

1. Intrinsic (causes decay in a tooth with an intact blood and nerve supply), the causes are: Hereditary disorders: In this conditions the teeth are colored in a brownish blue and a brownish red. Tetracycline (Antibiotics) medication: Tetracycline administration during pregnancy can lead to discoloration of teeth as the tooth erupts in the newborn. Depending on the severity, discoloration can range from yellow -orange in mild cases and bluish gray in the most severe cases. Excessive fluoride intake in drinking water: Flurosis is a condition seen in places with increased fluoride content in the drinking water. Beyond a certain level, fluoride can cause yellow staining of teeth.

High fevers associated with early childhood disease: High fever due to childhood infections can lead to areas of poor calcification within the teeth resulting in the appearance of prominent white spots.

The loss of blood supply and nerve supply can by itself cause discoloration of the tooth.

2.Extrinsic causes Extrinsic stains (can be classified based on color of the stain into):

Brown stains: It is caused by a thin translucent, bacteria free layer covering the teeth. It is seen in individuals who do not brush their teeth adequately, or in those who use toothpaste with inadequate action.

Tobacco stains: Dark brown or black surface accompanied by brown discoloration of the tooth substance is seen. These stains results from coal tar combustion present in the tobacco and also due to the diffusion of tobacco juices into the substance of the teeth.

Green stains: Green to greenish yellow stains, sometimes of considerable thickness is seen in children. It is usually seen in upper anterior teeth and has been attributed to florescent bacteria and fungi.

Orange stains : Occurs in front teeth, and is caused by color producing bacteria.

Metallic stains: Caused by metals and metallic salts, which may be introduced into the oral cavity

How can we diagnose Tooth Discoloration ?
Diagnosis is made based on the color of the stain. If the stain still remains after meticulous cleaning of the teeth by the dentist, it is understood that the stain is present within the substance of the tooth. A careful history taking can be useful in differentiating between an internal stain and an external stain.

How can Tooth Discoloration be treated ?
Many people have definite aesthetic problem from internal or external stains, where as others worry needlessly about the overall color of their teeth. In the latter instance the dentist must decide if the color of the teeth can be improved enough to justify treatment even though the patient insists on having something done. For e.g. person with light complexion may believe that their teeth are too dark when actually they are normal in color. A Sun tan, darker makeup or a darker lipstick will usually make teeth appear much whiter by increasing the contrast between the teeth and the surrounding facial features.

Most external stains can be removed by thorough cleaning of teeth, with an instrument called “ultrasonic scaler”. This instrument removes most of the stains caused by tobacco, food debris or bacteria. If a broken down filling or a cavity is the cause, filling the defect will improve the discoloration.

Discoloration resistant to cleaning can be corrected or greatly improved through conservative procedures such as Bleaching, it generally has an approximate life span of 1 3 years. Other best treatment option is making porcelain cap/crown. Stains caused by tetracycline medications are usually much difficult to treat, and might require a radical approach.

Visit Dr. khan's website www.aikodental.com for more information.


Naina's Beauty Salon Now at Gulshan

NAINA Khan has been running her first beauty salon at Uttara for the last 6 years. But at the beginning of this year she has thought of expanding her business to reach girls and women living in the vicinities of Gulshan and Banani. The result is the birth of its second salon at Gulshan 2.

The new branch of Naina's Beauty Salon started its operation last Friday. And to celebrate the Eid festival, Naina Khan is offering 20% off for the students on all beauty services. So this Eid, if you want good beauty service at a reduced price do step inside Naina's. Besides discount, with every facial treatment and haircut, eye-brow threading is now being offered as a complimentary service.

At Naina's, hair cuts are priced between tk.80 and tk.300 and hair coloring within tk.600 to tk.1500 (depending on the kind, texture and length of your hair). Naina Khan says that her salon provides premium quality facial to her clients, the prices of her facial treatment are within tk.300 to tk.600. So on this Eid, if you are looking for a high-quality place to take care of your skin and hair, do stop at Naina's new outlet at Gulshan. Naina's is situated at house 16, road 35, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

By Wara Karim

By The Way

Rejuvenate your skin with facial

DID you know that facial is a wonderful way of soothing and rejuvenating skin? Facial unlocks the emotional tension that you carry in your face, enabling tension-related wrinkles and creases to drop away, leaving you with a younger looking, calmer, more peaceful face.

Under A Different Sky

By Iffat Nawaz

In Between Teeth

“Did you see the way he snorted up his daal and alu bharta? He must have not had the luxury of home made Bengali meal in ages” one of them said while picking on the goat meat stuck between his teeth.

The other next to him nodded his head and jumped in with extra enthusiasm to give his two cents about “him.” “Him” who married an American, a college sweet heart (or it could be a colleague, a friend of friend…does it really matter?). “The depression on his face and that longing for some Bengali touch is unmistakable isn't it? I mean he never used to listen to Tagore before, but tonight he sat right at the front, listening religiously to Mrs. Khan singing in her nasal voice, (too bad his wife almost fell asleep), maybe she shouldn't bother coming to these parties”

“I know what you mean” the other said, content now after picking the goat meat out of the gaps his teeth, “my wife was telling me how they have nothing to say to his wife after the “hello”s and “how are you”s, our wives go off in their own world of recipe swapping and inane gossips while she sits there with her quizzical look, I feel sorry for her, she had no idea what she was getting into.”

“Now, now don't feel so sorry for her. I hear she has quite a grip around his neck. Vacations twice a year, Christmas, Thanks giving, Easter at her parents, no curry cooking more than twice a month, apparently she hates the way turmeric stains her kitchen, as if she is cleaning it up anyway, they got house cleaners coming in once a week to tidy up. Poor guy! it's more like he didn't know what he was getting into.”

“Hmm well they don't particularly look happy together I agree, I mean interracial marriage is not that easy, marriage itself is tough enough, I am on my second as it is, and I know for a fact none of us are dwelling on honeymoon phases anymore, if that even ever existed for some of us to begin with. I am just glad that my wife understands when I talk in Bengali in my sleep.”

“Now I am not sure if that's such a good thing, wouldn't you rather have her not know what you were dreaming about” he laughs aloud, cracking up on his own joke while he stares at the television where Jessica Simpson shakes her goods, flaunting most of her snow white skin.

“I actually never thought he would marry her. First I thought it was because of green card but he has been a citizen for few years now. When I was getting my divorce I remember thinking he must be next…but nothing…I wonder what his plans are, maybe it's the money, I hear she makes more than him, must be that!”

“Well maybe they are together because of the kids. Those kids! What a shame! Don't speak an ounce of Bengali, they don't even look Bengali,” he nods his head left and right with pity while his son who just plopped himself on his lap threatens him “McDonalds chicken nuggets or I will be grouchy for the rest of the day”

“GROUCHY? Wow where did you learn that Baba?” He affectionately asks his son, a proud father, impressed with his four year old son's vocabulary. He picks his son up and calls his wife from the other room where she chatted away about ritukumar.com vs. sila.com.

The half an hour Bengali good bye continued at the door while they expressed more “uhhs” and “ahhs” and “poor him” comments, then they hugged in the most American of ways, small kisses in the air touching cheek to cheek, then one drove off to feed his American Bengali son McDonald's happy meal and the other called it a night while watching re-runs of Seinfeld and sipping on apple cider.


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