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rural dreamscapes

WE at Star Lifestyle have time and again solicited our readers to take a break and get away just for a weekend to any mundane village of Bangladesh. Even if it upsets your urbane existence, we have asked you to do so. And now, come December, we are here again trying to press our point home. Gram Bangla, as we call it lovingly, has a charm that tugs at the heart of every Bangali whether you admit it or put on airs, it remains a fact.

Meeting deadlines, joining brainstorming sessions, setting up agendas and all that mishmash that we do for a living; in the middle of it all, it would be fun just to be able to go out fishing, playing a game of water volleyball in a pond or doing that backstroke in mid afternoon. The villages in winter are such breathtaking places to be. The yellow mustard fields, the fresh vegetables, the variety of fishes, indulging in the nobanno utsab of rice cakes and molasses are sweet nothings, yet it fills your heart with pure happiness to the brim.

Just the mere thought of such romance makes you restless; come to think of it there is actually no place on earth like home.

You may have visited exotic beaches, fairytale like cities, hot and happening bazaars, romantic cafes, upmarket shopping malls, seen all the beautiful wonders the outside world has to offer. However it must have been a long time since you sat on that half broken wooden bench and sipped hot tea from a rundown tea stall in the village market or walked barefooted on the muddy river banks.

However of late, may be because of such nostalgic reasons or of other financial motives, urbanites are now considering buying land on the outskirts of the city and in suburban towns. The pathetic romantics that we are here at Star Lifestyle, we want to presume that they want a place to get away from all the city hub dubs and also enjoy the serene rural lifestyle and striking landscapes.

There are quite a few of them who are building or have already set up charming farm houses equipped with all the modern facilities. Many of them are renovating their ancestral property from scratch and turning the place into a modern rest house. Then there are also people who are fulfilling their childhood dreams and building fairytale log cabins or bungalows. In fact, if not all most of you have village homes that are in ruins because of neglect. It would be wise to see the caretaker now, don't you think so? Consider it to be an investment that would give you a bounty of joy and happiness.

In the end it is not really the point whether you have a place in the village or not. Simply pack your family in a car and head straight for the village, unplug yourself and enjoy the simple pleasures of life that comes literary for free. Moreover the children need to know and love the motherland.

Try it for this once and you'll know what we mean.

-LS Editor



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