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Shop special

SHADA- an appliance store with a homely touch

ANY person who has even once bothered to look inside his/her kitchen knows how it is that you can't ever seem to find the right equipment for your kitchen?

You spend thousands renovating a kitchen with up to date tiles and shelves and the like but sadly you don't seem to be able to find the correct appliances to stock them with. This is a challenge that almost every single homeowner has faced at some point of his/her life.

Well you need not fret anymore because the innovative Shada Bangladesh, located in the country's premier mall at Bashundhara City, has arrived to erase all your problems. With regards to kitchen appliances, this is as far as you have to go.

Shada mainly deals with foreign products namely Bergner and Elco, both world renowned companies in their field.

The thing that you notice first up about Shada's items, are that it has a personal touch that would endear the particular appliance to most modern homes. It integrates the lifestyle and modern easy to use concept design to match the specific demands of consumers. Stripped of jargon it would mean that you get an appliance that not only works but is also easy to maneuver.

Shada has numerous styles of cooking sets on display each with its unique quirks catering it to your needs. Amongst other appliances on display the ones noteworthy of mention are the Juicer, Toaster and Sandwich maker complete with waffle plates. So now you can have your bread any way that you want it and get that fresh glass of orange juice that you were striving for every morning. And if your taste buds are suited to something more fried then be sure to give their Deep Fryer a look. It comes with a 2.5 litre capacity, temperature control and an aluminum bowl- going out for chicken will be a thing of the past.

Amongst other things Shada also has everything from irons, both steam and normal, to sewing machines. Also, their knife sets which come in different models are definitely worth a second look and just so you know you can also purchase your own fancy ceiling fan from there.

Moving on to pricier materials, the microwave which come in three different articles also provide a nice touch. Although it may be pricier than normal models you can rest assured that its worth the extra money being paid for it.

And as far as your kitchen goes, Shada leaves nothing to chance with even the most mundane of items available. Not just the Can opener which proves so elusive when you need it most but also Garlic Presses, Turners and even Milk Pots. And so that you have something to carry all that in they also have a Service Tray which comes in two models.

Providing quality appliances at reasonable prices is Shada's main goal and they are going about it well. With Shada you need not be worried.

Not only will you have a well stocked kitchen but now you have a plethora of items to choose from and will never be at a loss about what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

Shop Talk

This week's shoptalk is especially for those who like to collect books as well as those who are planning to start on the habit. Most of these books are new-arrivals, that could sure add value to your collection. If you are thinking of reading more than magazines and novels, these are a great choice. They are available in most bookstores that stock new English novels like Etcetera, Words n Pages, and Omni Books.

Guinness Book of World Records 2006
This book makes a great gift as well as a fantastic addition to your own collection. You can easily spend hours skimming through the colorful, glossy pages with family and friends (and even by yourself!). Original hardcover would cost you around Tk.2200 to Tk. 2500. However, if you are slightly tight on the budget, paperbacks of the Guinness Records are easily available, though the 2006 Edition is not out yet on paperbacks.

Desperate Housewives: Behind Closed Doors
If you are a fan of the TV series, you may consider getting a hold of this book. Again, a book with lots of coloured photographs and glossy pages. It contains cast interviews, episode reviews, candid photos…and for all the guys out there, a lot of Eva Longoria. It even contains the full script of an episode. Prices tend to vary between Tk. 1000 and Tk. 1200… maybe a little expensive, but definitely a treat for the hardcore fans of DH.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus- John Gray
Having troubles with the opposite sex? Whether it be your spouse or your girlfriend/ boyfriend, this book could be of serious help. Brilliant tips to score with your "beloved." It claims that it helps to "Improve relationships and getting what you want in a relationship." This groundbreaking bestseller is also a humorous read. The price is around Tk. 600.
The Essential Mars and Venus- John Gray, the most recent follow-up of the original Mars-Venus books. You might want to read the two together. Price: Tk. 815.

My Side- David Beckham
The autobiography of the Legend, the King, the everything of Soccer. Great book about the making of a top-of-the-world athlete, a global sex symbol and a high-street model. He also talks about his family life, entrance into the Real Madrid and the Euro 2004. Very inspiring and a must-read for soccer fans. Price: Tk. 815. Prices could vary slightly though.

By Saadi


Parents have a very profound effect on their children's creative expression of themselves. The right kind of support can be the difference between a childhood hobby one leaves behind, and a dream that one pursues with passion. And it goes beyond simple achievement. From make-believe to making music, accepting and supporting your child's interests leads to her happiness.
So how do you help your child nurture and develop his/her talents? Here are a few tips:

Play-time private eye
Very young children engage in a lot of role-playing, like drawing on a chalkboard and playing 'Teacher', or stepping into Mummy's high heels and being a model. The roles they play change as they grow up, but if you keep tabs, you'll get a general idea where your kid's interests lie.

Stretch those horizons
Expose your child to a variety of ideas, sports and activities. Drawing books, rhyme-tapes, museum trips, music lessons, karate…all these different things will broaden the kid's tastes and horizons, and open up his/her mind. Keep in mind that you also have to let the child do these things in his/her own time. Suggest, support, but don't force if it's not what s/he really wants to do.

Play to strengths
Ultimately, your child is an individual with particular tastes and aptitude levels. Let him/her select his/her activity or interest of choice, and then support him/her in any way you can. Remember that the best kind of support tempers moral support and logistic support with constructive criticism. Don't just be a cheerleader; and don't just toss the props at the child and expect things to happen. Show your kid that you're interested by participation. Read his stories and then correct the spelling mistakes. Buy those crayons, and then show her how to colour inside the lines. Be involved.

Many of the childhood interests are really only transitory and might not last. Many are put aside for a while and taken up later again. It's hard to predict how things will go. What is important to your child is that you were there to share and there to cheer him/her on. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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