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Dental wise

DR. Mahfujul Haq Khan BDS, DDS, FSDCE (USA), PhD (Japan), Post Doc. (Japan) Specialised: Crown and Bridge work, and Periodontal plastic surgery (USA) Assistant Professor and Consultant, Department of Dentistry, BIRDEM Hospital

Hello Dr. Khan,
Thanks for wonderful article you wrote about sterilization in dental practice. I wonder how often could be maintain the guideline you mentioned. I think the most important part is public awareness and strict government rule. Is gum disease contagious? I mean can it be spread from one person to another? Do you suggest for using mouth freshener (mint spray) if some one has bad breath?

Dear Mr. Haider
Thanks for your compliments about my article. I do agree with you that it is little bit difficult to maintain in underdeveloped countries but still it is easy to maintain in the dental clinic located in urban area. Yes I already mentioned about public awareness. Dental professionals who do not use proper infection control protocol on the transmission issue, they are doing crime and playing with AIDS, Hepatitis B and C virus, and other deadly unknown germ, possibly threatening themselves, their staff, their patients and their families.. It is the duty of all dental professionals to use infection control guidelines. Any surgical instrument, once used, becomes a potential source of infection to another patient and to anyone handling the instrument. To minimise the potential risk, each instrument must be cleaned and sterilised as soon as possible after use, in a manner that is demonstrably effective.

Common methods of sterilisation in dentistry are steam under pressure (autoclave). Please check whether they have autoclave machine. You have every right to ask your dentist about how they are doing sterilization.

When you go to any dental clinic what can you do in these circumstances? In order to ensure your safety, observe your dentist at work very carefully. But what should you be looking for? Note carefully whether your dentist observes basic mandatory cross infection control techniques such as obtaining complete medical histories, changing gloves routinely for every patient, being particular about personal hygiene and washing his hands regularly, most important is whether the dentist uses sterilized instruments and disposable needles and suction tips.

Gum disease is not contagious means it can not spread from one patient to another. Yes you can use mint mouth wash.

Dear Dr.Khan
I have sent some questions four months back, but still waiting for getting those answers. I will repeat those questions to you again with some new queries. I have a gap-toothed (Space in between two upper teeth). As the days are passing the gaps are becoming wider. What is the treatment for this? And where can I get the best quality treatment, and how much would it cost?

How to prevent bad breath. I have morning bad breath which usually persist till my lunch hour. After having my lunch I found no bad breath rest of the day!! Why?
Mohidur Rahman

Dear Mr. Mohidur,
I am extremely sorry for my late responses.
You have three options:
1.Porcelain Cap/crown
2.Ceramic filling
3.Orthodontic treatment (Braces)
You and your dentist will decide by assessing some important factors (e.g Money, time, your age, durability etc).

Mouth breathing during sleep dries the mouth, causes typical 'morning bad breath'. When the body is not provided with fuel in the form of food, fat and protein will begin to be broken down; the result is bad odor from the waste products of this metabolism. What about your breakfast? Anyway I will try to give you some tips to prevent morning bad breath.

Morning Bad Breath
Brush and Floss Your Teeth Properly before bed
At least 2 minutes of brushing is necessary to properly clean all tooth surfaces. In addition 30% of the surfaces of our teeth is not cleanable with a brush. This makes flossing/interdental brush absolutely critical!

Use Bad Breath Relief Products
By using halitosis toothpaste, Non-alcoholic Sulfur reducing mouth rinses, sugar free chewing gum and breath mints.

Clean Your Tongue
A tongue scraper can be very helpful as well. When using a tongue scraper, it is best to clean as far back on the tongue as possible, starting from the back and moving toward the front. This scraping motion is done several times in row.

Drink Plenty of Water
Keeping hydrated allows proper salivary flow to help rinse and flush out unwanted bacteria.

Check for Signs of Gingivitis and Other Dental Problems
Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and ligaments which support the teeth. This leads to bone loss and deep pockets between the teeth and gums which are not easily cleanable. Extremely high amounts of bacteria can live in these pockets and need aggressive cleaning therapies to reduce bad breath. Signs of periodontitis include red or swollen gums, loose teeth, bleeding gums, pus, pain on chewing.

Visit Dr. khan's website www.aikodental.com for more information.


Tips for removing makeup

NADIA does everything to keep her skin fresh and glowing. But despite all her effort, her skin suffers from those nagging pimples and constant irritation. She tried everything…she drinks 6 glasses of water a day, applies herbal pack on her face and sleeps on time…After weeks of study she has now discovered the cause behind the pitiable condition of her face. The cause? Nadia had never been serious enough to remove her makeup properly, there used to be days when she hurried to her bed without removing the last trace of makeup.

All of us love to make ourselves look pretty. As a part of the whole process we buy expensive cosmetics and apply them. But we often forget that it's equally important to remove makeup. Use a gentle makeup remover to remove makeup. Cleansing lotion of numerous brands is widely available in the local stores. However to get maximum benefit go for the celebrated brands. Use the patting motion as you drive fingers around the face to wipe off traces of makeup. Don't rub especially around the delicate eye area. Clean thoroughly, spare no makeup. After cleansing your face, wash your face with a quality face wash and copious amount of water. Pat dry and apply moisturiser to feel a soothing skin.

To remove mascara from your eyes, wrap a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover around your index finger. Close your eye, gently press the cotton against the lashes, count to ten, and then sweep carefully outward toward your temple.

Don't hurry off to bed at the end of the day with makeup on! Remove it first, no matter how tired you are.

By Penelope

By The Way

Flowers on the cheap

FLOWERS can be displayed very elegantly even in the simplest fashion and with the least amount of fuss. Most flowers do tend to be expensive, but even two stems of a seasonal flower can be arranged in a tall, slim vase or bottle and located at a visual node in your home, to make the arrangement striking.

Special feature

Interview bloopers
Imagine sweaty palms, dry throat, rubbery legs and the entire species of butterflies playing catch in your stomach. For most people this happens when people propose to the girl of their dreams or when anyone approaches a job interviewer. You may get several chances in the first instance but in case of the latter, usually the chance knocks just once and that too very faintly. Here are a few mistakes you can avoid.

Smelly entrance
Odour is a terrible thing to carry around but excessive use of perfume is just as bad. Expensively strong perfume that leaves a trail of scent is great in case you are kidnapped and your rescuers follow the scented lead. Since the chances of rescuers coming by is slim in case of a kidnapping go easy on the bottle. It makes a person seem ostensibly flashy. An HR manager of a telecom company had second and even third thoughts regarding hiring a well qualified female mainly because her perfume left visible trails. Other candidates sitting around got up to step outside for a breather. How do you know you put on too much perfume? Just look around and see how many people are coughing. Try to avoid the word fume in perfume.

Close the hatches
A friend called Ryan Kabir went to a dream job interview and called right after sounding exuberant to say how well it went. We met later where he appeared crestfallen. It seems when he went to the washroom he realised his zippers were open throughout and part of his contrasting white underwear could sometimes be seen through the black pants. He still got the job though.

Asif, not wanting to give his full name, came out of an interview feeling pretty good about himself and the world in general. It just stopped raining and everything seemed fresh. When he met his friends they pointed out a blotchy dark stain on the backside of his gray slacks. It was a compromising location and he no longer felt good about the world in general. Rule of the day is to go for dark outfits and to make sure every opening is shut properly.

Résumé bluffs
This is the worst offender of all. People often enhance their résumés with minor white lies or exaggerations. You might apply for a teaching post and say you have had experience handling children. Although the closest you may have come was to smile at a child and have the tongue shown in reply.

A fellow student knew a little about cropping images using photo editing software. His résumé boasted full knowledge of knowing how to handle the graphics program. Unfortunately his interviewer was accompanied by a graphics designer who asked one question too many.

Know thy enemy
My boss Shahin is a woman although plenty of people call up or send post addressed to a Mister Shahin. A few months ago we interviewed some people for staff writer and one candidate I called up asked who he would be conducting the interview. I dutifully mentioned the bosses name and the next day the young man comes up asking to see Mister Shahin.

Gender mistakes can be embarrassing though not costly. Getting the names wrong are worse especially in cases where you can find out beforehand who you are supposed to meet. Call up or in case of a big company check out their literature or website and look for the details. While you are at it, also do some background checking on the job itself. I went to an interview at an ad agency where two others sitting around had no idea what the job was all about. They felt they would learn as they go. They ended up going out the door.

When the proposal to the girl goes awry you can always try again with more flowers, candies and bigger diamond ring. Doing so with your interviewer would be downright odd to say the least. A job interview is usually a one time affair. Prepare well.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny


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