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poetic travel journal

Aneela Haque, the creative force behind AnDes, unveiled her “poetic travel journal” in Bridal Asia India, New Delhi in October 4-10. She is about to participate in Bridal Wave 2005 in Karachi, Pakistan in December 20-22. Her collection portrays the “Majestic Royals by Aneela” in bold red, black and white inspired by Tagore and Jibonanondo Daas (Bangla), Li Bai,(Chinese) Appolinaire(French) poetry complemented by Egyptian hieroglyphics, Iranian-African-Indonesian-Afghani motifs and Japanese calligraphy. “Maduli” is her exclusive silver-gold jewelry and accessories (shoes and bags) brand. Her bridal wear targets the whole audience of all the wedding events.
To Aneela, the wedding itself is a fashion event so everyone must dress up with dignity. Her collection portrays all occasions of the wedding event (sangeet, mehendi, bachelor's party, wedding, reception etc.)

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