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News flash

Sweet Dreams are made of these…

SWEET Dreams, a chain of lingerie stores in Dhaka, observed their second anniversary on Friday last week, with a small press party, and with limited-time special offers including free gifts and special discounts on purchases.

Celebrating two years of really sweetening the dreams of women around Dhaka, the stores have made their mark in terms of affordability (their prices start from Tk 66 onwards), quality products (wide variety, well-known brands), and furthermore, excellent customer service. They've also extended their product range to include cosmetics and herbal products, and also boast their own in-house beauty parlour.

So if you're looking for a unique inner-wear shopping experience, don't forget to stop over at Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams is located at: House 29, Road 7, Dhanmondi, and they also have an outlet at Road 11, Banani

By Sabrina F Ahmad

Letters to the LS editor

Regarding quality control

This refers to Ms. Sultana Yasmin's article in Lifestyle on Tuesday 29th November. It is sad that we feel impelled to be critical about everything. and none of it is very constructive either.

The only point of relevance in the entire article is the reference to the importance of quality. Quality of products should indeed be of great importance and should never be compromised. However, the problem is that most of us want cheap clothes. In that case we have to be prepared for cheap workmanship. This is equally applicable to Indian or Pakistani clothes but is overlooked as long as the product is “foreign”.

Her criticism of the Economy Exhibition is rather churlish. It was a novel and interesting event selling good quality clothes of a lower price range, just before Eid. There was nothing unfashionable about these products either hardly do saris, punjabis, etc change radically from year to year. In any case, do we really need to be so obsessed with fashion?

Years of hard work by our highly skilled weavers has finally begun to pay off and this year a huge portion of the clothing produced for the Eid shopping season were made of handwoven fabrics a cause for celebration for all of us, and so it should be for Ms. Yasmin as well.

Shaila Rahman

Shop Talk

Chewy toys
What do small children and little puppies have in common other than being cute? They have an annoying habit of chewing whatever is in sight. In this regard you can get them chewy toys to help them pass the teething stage. At ETC you will find sets of three colourful rubber characters at 244 taka per set. Of course, you will also find these at most stores that sell baby accessories. Whatever you get should not have any detachable parts and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If the chewing continues and you feel frustrated then you can spend the time sinking your teeth into the toys. That way you get your moneys worth.

Jigsaw puzzles
If you want kids to sit still for a while and us their minds instead of running around chasing each other with swords then a jigsaw puzzle may be the answer. At least for a while they will sit still until they find some pieces are missing. That's the worst part about jigsaws. But until that happens things go relatively well. At ETC you can find jigsaws for children aged up to 8-10 years for around 250-350 taka. All of these have pictures of Hotwheels cars on them.

Little pirates
Children love to play act especially swashbuckling characters like superheroes and pirates. They also love playing annoying Pokemon and Beyblade characters. Basically whatever is hip they will copy. At ETC there's a pirate set with a black hat, carved flintlock gun, sword, some kind of weird whip and of course the customary eye patch. All this is made out of plastic except for a red and white checkered cloth bandana that is probably the only thing that will last after major skirmishes. The murderous price for such murderous pastime is 399 taka.

Massage chair
For the gadget freak who has as much money as I don't, this chair is a must. Built by Panasonic it's a crazy device that pays homage to relaxation. It is a single seating chair that many cows sacrificed their back to make. Luxuriously upholstered in black and highlighted with aluminum touches it costs around a whopping 3 lakh. Yes, that's five zeroes. The reason for such stratospheric price is that it is multi adjustable to create the perfect couch potato heaven. Also it is electrically controlled and has microprocessors that can give you all kinds of massages. You can even isolate the massage to specific body parts. There's one such chair available at ETC of Dhanmondi with a big notice not to sit in it. With such a whopping price it's no wonder they don't want you sitting in it. Of course, if you have the clout, retail price abroad is about half of that shown here.

Another gadget freaks dream toy is the Playstation Portable or the PSP. It's a tiny handheld device with all the gaming power of Sony's full-size cult status gaming machine. It has a large colour display and can also serve as a store for music, photos as well as for viewing movies on the go. Just watch out for the manholes though when you walk around the streets playing your favourite games. It's available at some of the stores in Bashundhara and Rifles Square. At around 17000 taka it isn't exactly cheap.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny


All time favourites

RECENTLY, I got tired of listening non-stop to Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Green Day. So I had to rummage through my "oldies" collection that have been gathering dust. Even though I was listening to them after a long time, they felt fresh and- what can I say?- evergreen.

John Lennon- Imagine
Ask anyone. No one less-than loves this song. Lennon, a member of the Beatles, ventured solo into singing and writing his own stuff. This is a great example of his talent… plus, you do not need a diverse taste in music to like the song- everyone loves it anyways.

Tina Turner- Simply the Best
A very danceable song. Upbeat with heart-thumping music and powerhouse vocals. The audio is outstanding…but too bad you can not watch those super Tina dance moves (For that, try the video!). Still Ms. Turner goes on to prove that she is "Simply the Best"!

Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Stevie Wonder is THE BOSS. The man may have been born blind, but he still "got the music in him". At its best at fell volume, its amazing for workout sessions and the car.

Righteous Brothers- Unchained melody
The song that is commonly known as "that song from Ghost". A mind-blowing soundtrack from the film. The vocals are rich, emotion-charged and literally oozes out of the speakers. It is a great song to play when you are upset or on rainy days. The song has been recently sung by Leanne Rymes, Clay Aiken and Gareth Gates- but none of them come close to the original.

Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You Most go crazy when they first hear this song. After all these years, she still gives me goose bumps. Like Unchained Melody, this is an original soundtrack from her film, the Bodyguard. You would love to hear her sing "I will aaaaalwaaays love yoooooooooooooooooooooou…."

Air Supply- Making Love Out of Nothing At All
One of my old favourites. The lyrics, the melody… everything is perfect. I would also recommend you listen to the American Idol, Carrie Underwood's rendition of the song.

Elvis Presley- Heartbreak Hotel
His very first #1 hit. Great vocals. No wonder they call him the King.

Lionel Richie- Hello
Take ANY "Greatest Love Songs" compilation CD, and I can guarantee that it has this track. His music is at the Stevie Wonder level, no doubt. If you have- by any chance- missed one of these songs, you have missed a lot- believe me. All of them are treats for your ears.

By Saadi



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