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The family room is perhaps the most comfortable place in the house. A private zone meant for relaxation, entertainment and intimate conversations, this is the room that can tie the all the family members to one another. So it's important to make this room as comfy and inviting as possible.

When planning the design for the family room, consider the function first. Make a list of activities for which the room will be used, which may include television viewing, reading, conversation, musical practice or listening, cards and games, or family parties.

Today's featured apartment is around 2400-sq. ft., which isn't very big. Our clients were looking for a cozy family space. We decided to create this space next to the living room, separating and yet connecting the two rooms by a decorative sliding door. This can be shut to give the family room some privacy, or thrown open when extra space is needed for the living room during parties.

A different color has been used for the background of this room. Colors and textures are important because they contribute to the mood of the whole space. The TV and the music system have been placed inside a compact wooden cabinet, and we used soft pastel stripes to create a backdrop for the TV set.

A wooden sofa with heavy cushions has been arranged for the seating area, to allow for lounging, TV-viewing, or reading. The centre table is big enough to hold tea or coffee. It's best to keep furniture down to a bare minimum, to allow for the most judicious use of space.

The apartment owners wanted a long window. They had a narrow verandah just outside, which was absolutely purposeless. So when renovating the place, we incorporated the veranda into the family room, changing the window position, and adding a grille at the end for security. The result, as the pictures show, is a nice long window that provides great ventilation, and affords a view of the lake.

The windows have been dressed with beige curtains and embroidered sheers, in keeping with the color chart of the room. These look gorgeous, and are enhanced by the false ceiling over the window, which is meant to hide the AC wiring and water circulation pipes.

Lighting is another important consideration. Accent lights have been installed along the striped wall, and spot lights into the false ceiling. Proper lighting can really work wonders for the ambience of the room.

As a final touch, the family pictures have been given nice frames, and displayed on the wall. Viola! You have before you a room that the family would be reluctant to leave even for a moment.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant,
Email: journeym@citechco.net
Photos: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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