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Shop Talk

BE THE HOST, WITH THE MOST! Hosting a party is fun, hosting a successful party is a pat on your back. It all comes down to planning. To help you not to overlook certain party essentials, here's a handy list to refer to…

Groove to the Music
What's a party without a little music? Having a great, eclectic collection of CDs ensure that you set the perfect party mood! To get your dance numbers and Christmas songs, from oldies to the latest hits, visit Fahim Music Center at 58/1 Kemal Ataturk Ave., Banani or haunt the shops on the 4th floor of Rifles Square and Eastern Plaza. Music CDs are priced between Tk. 80-100.

Flower Power
Fresh-cut or dry, flower arrangements always add an elegant touch to your party décor, and the names that immediately come to mind for these are Ferns 'n' Petals and Ikebana. Using local and imported flowers these establishments will arrange, at reasonable prices, stunning pieces that are guaranteed to wow! Ferns 'n' Petals is located near Gulshan 1 circle opposite to Akhter Furnishers, and at Dhanmondi 8 beside Helvetia. Ikebana's address is House no 57, Road no 6, Block C, Banani. And if you want to make your own bouquet, get your fresh flowers from Shahbag. It's a complete exposition of colours there and the prices are low too.

Yummylicious Snacks & Thirst-quenching Drinks
Other than having a delicious full-course meal, arrange for different kinds of pre-dinner noshings. Grab frozen spring rolls, samosas, chicken nuggets, etc. priced between Tk. 50-100. Packs of Snickers, Mars, Alpenliebe, etc. will cost between Tk. 150-300. Pringles will cost Tk. 100 while Lays cost Tk. 20-22 and assorted nuts are available within Tk. 50-200. Stock up on bottled water, juices and assorted soft/diet drinks, priced at around Tk. 10-100. At the end of party, serve freshly brewed coffee or tea with Nescafé (400 gm costs Tk. 135) and Ispahani Tea (200 gm at Tk. 54). All these items are available at all super shop chains.

Avoid Dish-pan Hands
No matter what kind of party you're planning, if food and drink are involved (and they'd better be!), your guests will need something from which to drink and eat. For your informal dos where guests total around dozens rather than a few, note that most super shop chains like Agora and Nandan carry plastic forks, knives and spoons, available in 20-50 piece packs at Tk. 30-40, and paper plates and cups, available in similar packs for Tk. 50-60. Paper napkins and linens are available in 80-100 piece packs at Tk. 25-30.

Wall, Ceiling & Door Perk-ups
Jazz up your rooms with an assortment of colourful and hip helium balloons, ribbons, crepe streamers, garlands, banners, buntings and flags! You can get individual cut-out matt or glossy alphabets and numbers, between Tk. 6-10 each, to write out 'messages' on your walls. Balloon packs will cost between Tk. 45-90 and you even get balloon pumpers at Tk. 150 to ensure you don't get sore lips and cheeks! The prices for banners, streamers, etc., will range from Tk. 10 to 250 each. These are available at New Market and Eastern Plaza.

Make Some Noise & Whoopla!
Go crazy this New Year with party poppers, noisemakers, confetti, crazy ribbon and snow sprays! From…ahem…fart bombs priced at Tk. 10 to whoopee cushions costing Tk. 180 each, choose at your heart's content, depending on your budget, the fun items you want to keep as your party essentials. And for these visit the super shops.

Feel the Glow
Create an abundance of mellow ambience with candles, lights and X-mas ornaments this festive season. Candles will cost between Tk. 20 to 200 depending on what you're buying, birthday packs, sparkling, scented, etc. Lights, for decorating your X-mas tree or lil stairway, will cost between Tk. 200-350. Ethereal X-mas ornaments, packed or single, will cost between Tk. 120-350. Visit Aarong for exclusive deshi items.

Spread the cheer by getting party hats, crowns, and masks. Hats and crowns come in 1 dozen per pack and are priced at Tk. 50-70. Masks will cost you between Tk. 250- 750, while children's superhero costumes are available at Tk. 550 to 1,500. You will get almost every item listed under 4 through 8 at Party Shop, situated on the Ground Floor of both Navana Tower in Gulshan 1 & Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza. However, don't forget to check out Archie's Gallery and Hallmark chains as well.

By Simin Saifuddin

On the cover

Hear the 'Desert Voices' aboriginal style. Art enthusiast Shamsuzzaman Lohini lives in Australia and loves aboriginal art. He collects them and now Shilpangon is giving you the visual experience. The exhibition will start on 17 and continue till 26 December.


December's here, and the party season has officially begun. From BBQ's to pre-wedding sangeets to comfy get-togethers after the kids' schools close, this is one happening month. Chances are, you'll be hosting a few yourself, so read on for some party pointers.

Bug Busting
Winter's a good season for al fresco parties and BBQ's. Unfortunately, it's also a season for mosquitoes. If you're planning an outdoor party, don't forget to buy a couple of boxes of mosquito coils, and have several of them lit up around the seating area. Be careful about how you place them, so that the guests don't suffer nasty accidents, or get bothered by the smoke while they converse.

Under wraps
Another feature winter has is fog, which feels nice and creates a different ambience altogether, but it can really be a damper where the food is concerned. Make sure you have some cover up for your food. If it's a rooftop party, you can always arrange the buffet indoors and have everyone carry the chow outside, but for garden parties, a tarp cover, or food hut is a good idea.

Get the look
Indoor parties are great to customise. Create a festive party atmosphere with decorations, scents and music. Use scented candles or simmer a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit to fill the house with a delightful aroma. Choose your favourite music and have it playing softly in the background when guests arrive. Consider unplugging or removing your television if it's located in the party area. Nothing spoils the interaction of guests quicker than a group of people huddled around a television set. Kill your TV! (At least for the party).

It's the little special touches that make a party memorable. Like a scented candle in the guest bathroom, or an extra roll of toilet tissue in easy view. Keep some hot coffee on the brew and light munchies at hand for late in the evening.

Most of all, make sure you're rested and freshened up well ahead of the party, so that you can really enjoy yourself. After all, it's your party.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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