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Ineutrals at play

In every great design, it's the little touches that make a room come alive. In the bedroom, a few accessories are often enough; it's just a matter of choosing the perfect ones.

The most peaceful bedrooms are in fact the simplest. Just a few carefully chosen objects can infuse a compact space with tranquillity and warmth. This week's featured bedroom has been done up for a 22 year old girl who wanted something simple, elegant, and minimalist.

The very first thing we did was to shift the veranda wall by a foot to add space. Then we turned our attention to the floor, which, if treated right, can create a huge textural impact. We used beige porcelain tiles with a maroon granite border. In order to co-ordinate the wall colour to the floor, we painted three of the walls beige, and the fourth one grey. We highlighted this special wall by installing a curved false ceiling on top, with spotlights for an illuminative effect.

Opposite the grey wall is a window, which looks out into a veranda. To allow the owner to maintain privacy and yet make use of natural light coming in through the window, we used embroidered muslin sheers over a heavier ash-coloured secondary curtain. The gray curtain can be pulled back when light is required, and the muslin still keeps the room obscured from outside view.

Furniture was kept to a bare minimum. A single bed with a single side-table dominates the space. There is a closet cabinet with a built-in dressing provision, a sleek seating unit, and a compact computer unit. Considering the room belongs to a young student, this last is an absolute must. The cabinet is placed in front of the gray wall, and a walnut-mahogany burnish has been used, to match the maroon border on the floor.

In keeping with the colour scheme, gray and silver bedcovers were used for the bed, and a gray and beige carpet was placed before the bed. We also displayed two of the room owner's paintings on the wall.

Gray is not the usual choice for a bedroom, but can be surprisingly soothing. If the room is airy and has access to a lot of natural light, it can offset any gloominess, and the gray and beige combination makes a great backdrop for a room of simple elegance.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant,
Email: journeym@citechco.net
Photo: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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