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Gift Ideas

New Year’s Keepsakes

Ok..it’s nearing that time again…the poignant time where you say goodbye to the current year and welcome the new with cheerful fervour – new resolutions, new hopes, new outlook – a perfect time for a "clean start" with people worldwide resolving to act better in the year just beginning than in the year just ended. And wouldn’t it be a nice deed to give your loved ones unique ‘keepsakes’ that will help them on their ‘journey’ through the coming year? The time and effort you’ll spend in making one of these will only go to show them how much they mean to you.

Inspiration Jars
This is a gift that will not be put away in a closet, but enjoyed for an entire year. Take a medium-sized empty jar and carefully peel off the label. Using coloured paper, cut out a ‘label’ in the shape of the cover top, write out 365 Hugs and Warm Wishes For Y-O-U, and paste it on firmly. Buy a small note-pad having multi-coloured pages and jot down 365 short separate messages of love, hope, friendship, and hugs to fill up the jar. Remember to use glitter pens! For the final touch, take a small piece of card or stiff paper, write your personal message on it, and tie it to the jar using a piece of coloured ribbon. Voila! You now have a gift to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces every day of the year!

Framed Personalized Poems/Quotes
Sit down at your PC, tinker around with Microsoft Word, Paint or better yet, Adobe Illustrator (if you’re familiar with the software), to turn famous inspirational poems, quotes or sayings, like Rudyard Kipling’s "If", into beautifully designed layouts. Then personalise with names, print your ‘creations’ in good quality colored paper and frame them in beautiful wood frames. Makes a wonderful inspirational gift for the coming year.

Motivation Towels
Combine a dose of healthy pragmatism, a touch of political incorrectness, and a big shot of hilarity to create these great hand towels. If you’re good with needles and threads, tastefully embroider onto refined-looking linen/cotton towels humorous sentiments, adding decorative border designs to give a ‘chic’ appearance. Think of sayings like “Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.” and “Open a book with blank pages & put words on them yourself – the book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”

Gift A Plant
A bouquet is all very nice and romantic but flowers do tend to fade away. Scour around the nurseries in your area and think of giving plants that won’t take that much tending but will convey a message for the New Year, like cactus which stands for endurance. For those with a greener thumb, think of giving a chrysanthemum (abundance, wealth and cheerfulness under adversity) or yellow rose (joy and friendship) plant to bring a warm feeling to their hearts throughout the year.

Personalized Cds
The CD shops already are teeming with albums like ‘World Hits 2005’ or “Best of 2005’ but how about compiling songs that convey emotions that inspires one to survive through adversities with a smile? From English tracks like R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”, The Corr’s “So Young” and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” to Hindi hits like “Kal Ho Na Ho”, “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” and “Bulla Ki Jaana”, take your pick, and burn a CD or two. Make your own CD cover, using funky fonts, graphics and pictures and you have a great New Year’s keepsake to give as a gift.

By Simin Saifuddin

News Flash

Aarong's Sherwani
THIS wedding season, Aarong has created a vibrant interplay of colours, motifs and patterns on its exclusive collection of sherwanis for men.
The sherwanis are made using indigenous Bangladeshi fabrics such as dupion, motka, endi and mulberry silk and come in non-traditional hues such as blues, pale greens, rust, browns, maroon and black.
They are embellished with woven brocades, kundan and exquisite zardozi embroidery. One can also pick up matching Punjabi, churidar and uttoria or stole to complete the look. Any bridegroom clad in an elegant "deshi" made sherwani will certainly exude a classic flavour of depth, style and sophistication.

Treasures of Java
Co-hosted by “Fashion 'N Life” magazine, the “Treasures of Java” exhibition was held at the W.V.A auditorium during the 24th and 25th of this month. The second of its kind, displayed an array of exclusive stylish jewellery and very obviously, attracted many style conscious people of all ages.
The mastermind behind all these eye-catching jewellery was Munmun Gofran.
Living in Indonesia for quite a long time, she adopted their styles and forms of jewellery. Coming home to Bangladesh, she found that her jewellery had quite an impact on her friends and female family members. This gave rise to the creation of these fantastic ornaments. Using ingenious designs of her own, she has not created jewellery, but rather, art!
All these attractive jewellery were made from different gems and stones. Gofran reveals that many of the jewellery were made from amethyst chips. There were others as well made from onyx, quartz and jasper of various shades and colours. A definite attraction was the pearl jewellery. Made of two different types of pearls, shell pearl and fresh water pearl, these sparkling adornments varied from White to Rose to Silver and all at reasonable price.

By Nusrat Khandker and Rohini Alamgir

Offers at Yellow
Beximco Textiles Ltd has recently gone 'YELLOW', setting up a new chain of exclusive fashion shops in Bangladesh and Pakistan to sell the high quality garments that it produces for exports.
The company has opened YELLOW outlets at Gulshan Avenue and Dhanmondi in Dhaka due to the overwhelming response that YELLOW received from the consumers when they first opened an outlet in Bashundhara.
“Because of our affordable price range and fashionable, high quality garments, customers flocked to buy our products,” says Director Syed Naved Husain. “ This prompted us to open our two new retail outlets.” There are plans underway to open more retail outlets in Sylhet and Chittagong and to eventually take the exclusive YELLOW brand worldwide.
Owing to the success of YELLOW in Bangladesh, Beximco Textiles has recently opened another outlet in Karachi, Pakistan which is also doing well and has evolved into a fashion symbol in Pakistan.

- LS Desk

On the cover

From rags to riches in a story worthy of Jeffrey Archer, Bangladesh has a new star, and one lucky singer has just reached the rainbow's end. LS congratulates its very own "Cinderfella", Nolok Babu. Hop to page 7 for the Close up 1 story.
Photo: Munem Wasif


And that was that. The end of yet another year draws ever closer with broken resolutions, new leases of life and the like all packed into a gruelling schedule that involves three hundred and sixty five days of work and play. Now come the age old question of how to spend your new year. Although we do it every year the insatiable desire to greet the new year with zest and élan never dies down.
So every year we do the same thing over and over again. Or do we? Here are some ingenious ways to spend you new year this time.

BBQ on the roof
…ok! maybe not quite that original. But then again having a barbeque party on the roof of a friends house is pleasant respite from the usual put your hair down partying. Grab a few drinks, light up a bonfire amidst the chilly air of the night and get a few friends to come on over. The result? A nifty evening of fun and frolic spent with the people whose company you most enjoy.

Slumber Party
Often considered a spill-over effect of the BBQ party, a slumber party is another creative way to spend your new year. So if the BBQ evening of fun gets a little too cosy or if it gets too personal or if you are all having such a great time in each other company- a stay over aka a slumber party is definitely an option. First up though you have to find somewhere to crash for the night. Once you have got that bit sorted out all that remains is dragging yourself to your destined bed for the night and go for a long sleep.

Movie Marathon
Read losers! For those of us who cannot afford to party, don't have friends enough to be invited to barbeque parties and don't know anyone who would let you sleep over, a viable option is indulging oneself in a movie marathon. Go to the nearest DVD shop, grab yourself as many DVD's as you can, get back home and drown your sorrows in hours of movie watching!

Anyways, happy holidays. Hope all of you had a very happy year just past and wish you all the best for the new year that lies ahead.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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