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breakfast counter in modular kitchen

The kitchen is a functional room that sees a lot of heavy-duty activity, and therefore needs detailed planning if you want to have a hassle-free experience. With a variety of styles available, you can choose from country farmhouse to high-tech, metropolitan minimalist to suit your needs.

Our featured kitchen this week, is located in a 2500 sq. ft. apartment, one of the first in the Gulshan area. After fifteen years of residing here, our clients were ready to give the place a makeover.

One of the most exciting things about planning a kitchen is deciding what form it will take. This means not just the style and color, but the layout, appliances and whether it will be an eating area behind closed door or an open plan area that will spill into a living area. Careful attention to basic planning will make it an enjoyable and efficient place to work in. In this feature, a small breakfast counter or eating zone is the main focus point. It's more than just a site for casual meals. This is the place where one can catch up on daily mails, or converse while preparing meals, or even a place where an adult can sit a child down with crayons and paper to keep an eye on him/her while the food is being cooked.

We knocked down a wall without hampering the column and beam, to create a long space for the regular dining, kitchen and service unit. Open spaces are ver popular these days, so we arranged a four-piece folding door, which can easily be attached to the main dining lobby. To allow for a coordinated, low-fuss arrangement, the area was divided into three sections: a breakfast corner, a working kitchen, and a service area with laundry facilities. These three parts combined make an efficient kitchen. If you follow certain guidelines based on common sense, your kitchen should come out like a dream. Good planning can save you a lot of unnecessary movement.

The first step is to consider changing the color. So we replaced the shabby tiles of the original kitchen with beige-tone ceramic tiles. We suggest a readymade modular kitchen cabinet with breakfast counter according to our space color chart. These kitchen units have become the common way of life in the West, and are gaining ground here, being durable, strong, pest-proof, highly scratch-proof and corrosion-resistant. The doors are self-closing and equipped with deadening gaskets and import hinges. Our cabinet has two portions, the lower part being 2'-6" high and the upper part being about 2'-0" high, with a 2" gap between them, just like any standard kitchen cabinet. The counter of the cabinet is black galaxy granite, which looks really gorgeous.

Small changes can work together for a dramatic overall transformation. Change the curtains or blinds and the handles on the existing cupboards. We used local handloom fabric in deep orange as a Roman blind for the curtain to add a bold splash of colour to the area. We placed two refrigerators and quiet hand wash basin in the breakfast area.

Another simple solution that can change the ambience is lighting. A good and flexible kitchen lighting scheme contains both task lighting and ambient lighting. We used tube lights as a task light and also arranged small accent lights with patterned shades on the wall.

A slightly expensive option is to arrange some green plants, paintings, and photograph or decoration pieces to dress up the place.

In this home, the kitchen itself is the focus and is made to feel larger and more inviting through the use of the breakfast corner and various material and surfaces that add a glint of light.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant,
Email: journeym@citechco.net
Photo: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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