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Shop talk

With the seemingly unstoppable bombing around the country, many security gadgets- that were literally unknown previously- have surfaced. Shopping around for these technical devices may be difficult, and this Shoptalk is intended to give you a better idea.

CCTVs can broadly be of two types: CMOS (where the image is transferred to a metal plate) and CCD (more advanced; where the image is transferred to a chip). There are indoor security cameras with infra-red systems (that can detect intruders in the dark!), and waterproof CCTVs ideal for outdoors. The Chinese imports are of great demand, but better is the quality for the US, German and Taiwanese CCTVs. Prices range from Tk. 8000 to Tk. 45000.

Metal Detectors
These can also be of different categories. Hand-held ones, that we see in hotels, embassies and banks, cost about Tk. 8000 to Tk. 20000. There are also archway metal detectors, that vary in price between Tk. 2.5 lakhs to Tk. 4 lakhs. These are ideal for large public places like shopping malls.

Security Alarm System
Synest Digital Security sells this relatively new system. Here, instead of the alarm going off on intrusion, it is sent directly as signals to your mobile phone. This appears to be popular with those who are working and stay out of homes for a long stretch. Prices start from Tk. 15000.

Digital Video Recorder
A radical advancement in the overhead camera technology, here, no human intervention is required. Furthermore, there is no hassle of changing tapes or the risk of the tape running out at crucial moments. Prices range from Tk. 80000 and can go up to Tk. 3 lakhs.
Terrorist attacks seemed to have become routine in Bangladesh. Equip yourself with these handy gadgets. By the way, when shopping, beware of charlatans and non-original products.

Best place to buy these gadgets would be Camera Museum and Enercon at the Stadium Market. However, look out for fakes. There are several companies around the Gulshan area who provide digital security systems. Try Synest Digital Security at House-22, Road-113/A, Gulshan-2. You can also visit RK Fountains at 117, Lion Shopping Complex, Airport Road, Electrosonic: 3rd Floor, IDB Bhaban, Agargoan and Eastern Plaza also have a few shops.

By Saadi

News Flash

Winter wardrobe update

Winter has arrived in this tropical country. With the arrival of the cold season, the need to purchase warm clothes has increased among the Dhakaites. Reasonably priced yet fashionable warm clothes are widely available in places like Badruddoza Market (located opposite of Dhaka College) and Bongo Bazar. Instead of visiting the classy stores of the city for high-priced warm clothing, you can visit the stores of these two markets. And not only people from the middle class, the shopkeepers of these two markets deal with buyers from all strata of the society. A lot of their customers live abroad but visit these markets for cheap yet chic warm clothes whenever they holiday in Dhaka.

This year too the shops of Bongo Bazar and Doza market are packed with warm clothes. Denims become more popular among women when winter hits the country. Jeans provide good protection against cold weather. Jeans for women are available within tk.150 to tk.300. However, men's jeans would cost much higher i.e. within tk.300 to tk.700 as they bear better quality in terms of stitch and textile.

If you are looking for a pair of gabardine trousers this season, then remember that you will have to pay around tk.250. Denim jackets are still 'in' and will cost you between tk.150 and tk.350.

A look around Badruddoza Market revealed that this year, sweaters and jumpers are available within a price range of tk.150 and tk.300. The popular turtleneck sweaters will cost you within tk.150 and tk.320, depending upon the quality of material. Fashionable tops for women are also available at Bongo Bazar and Doza Market, each of these tops will cost you around tk.300 or more. Sweatshirts for men will generally cost between tk.200 and tk.250.

Sometimes a pair of denim or a woolen sweater is not enough to beat the cold of the season. You need accessories like gloves and woolen hats to cover yourself. This year you will be able to purchase woolen hats between tk.25 and tk.120. Besides, gloves are available within tk.50 to tk.300 depending upon quality.

At Doza Market, you will come across a wide range of children's outfits for winter- starting from sweaters, jackets, socks to woolen hats and trousers. Price will vary from tk.50 to tk.200. Pretty sets

of jackets and trousers for small children are also available, which will cost you between tk.300 and tk.350. An important pointer- if you know how to negotiate with the price you can get great deals in the places mentioned above.

A visit to the Government New Market will prove worthwhile this season. The shops of New Market are now embellished with eye-catching pashmina shawls. With beautiful prints and works of sequins, these shawls are sure to add glamour to your look. Besides, the old favorite Kashmiri shawls still grace the shelves of the shops. Kashmiri shawls for women will generally cost you between tk.400 and tk.800. The stylish Pashmina shawls are priced between tk.500 and tk.1600 depending upon quality, color and intricacy of work. Kashmiri shawls for men will cost between tk.1500 and tk.2800 depending upon the quality of the material. If you are looking for locally made shawls, then you can purchase them for as low as tk.100.

Many women like to wear woolen blouses during the winter. If you are a fan of woolen blouses then you can look for them in New Market, Elephant Road and Gausia Market. The good ones will cost you as high as tk.300.

Besides, retailers like Westecs and TexMart have changed their collection for the cold season. At the outlets of Westecs, denims, jackets, sweaters etc are available for both men and women. Jackets made for women are priced between tk.350 and tk.2250. Besides, you can purchase sweaters for as low as tk.250 from the stores of Westecs.

Warm clothes for men and small children are also available. In their Exclusive Section, fashionable suits, jackets and blazers are available for both men and women. If you are looking for fashionable western outfits this season, then do pay a visit to the branches of Tex Mart. In the outlets of TexMart, you will come across an impressive collection of jackets and sweaters, and trousers made from denim and cotton. Fashionable woolen sweaters are also available in TexMart at around tk.400.

As a matter of fact, all sorts of shops selling clothes have introduced their winter collection by now. So you can also visit the designers stores and malls of the city to get the best deal and design.

So much of shopping to do when winter stands at your doorstep. Hope you win great deals while shopping for warm clothes this year.

By Wara Karim

On the cover

Aarong ushers in the New Year, and ushers in the Eid season with its bold and beautiful line. Sashay over to page 3 for the scoop
Photo courtesy : Aarong


A while back, we featured some all time favorite "oldies". We're starting the year off with more contemporary and more "hip-hop and rock" music, stuff to get your toes tapping.

Aerosmith- Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Blame me for listing to too many soundtracks, but this is the one everyone must listen to. It starts off slow with little acoustics and then builds up the tempo for hard rock. Get the video downloaded too, because the song is as good to watch as it is to listen to.

Bon Jovi- Always
Before "It's My Life", there was the frizzy hairstyle, the torn jeans, the grungy look…and there was "Always". Though I am not a great fan of Bon Jovi, I would say the song is a head-turner. Many say it is better than the "clean-cut" production of "It's My Life" and I agree.

Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
Woah, a big one. Queen made it big with this track, and on hearing it, you would see why. It has a good pop-rock fusion that is neither too hard nor a soft lullaby with very unique vocals, by the way.

Cold Play- Yellow
Listing down Cold Play as a "classic" may raise several eyebrows, but the fans would understand. Even if you dislike the band (which I used to), you must listen to Yellow. I would say it is the reincarnation of Queen and Aerosmith.

Bryan Adams- Please Forgive Me
This used to be my anthem once upon a time. It was difficult to choose between this and "Everything I Do". Bryan Adams has a hoarse voice that somehow is perfect for the song. Recently, I watched a Brandy- Faith Hill duet of the song and though good, it goes without saying, Byan Adams' rendition is still the best.

Elton John- Circle of Life
Another soundtrack. This is the big song from Disney's 'The Lion King'. Sir Elton John has the very powerful and commanding voice that the climax of this song demands. It even surpasses his classic ballads like "Sacrifice" and "The Way You Looked Tonight".

Christ`ina Aguilara, Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim- Lady Marmalade
What is it with me, and movie soundtracks? It seems to be highly coincidental for some reason. This song grabbed me the very first time I heard it- amazing, amazing, amazing. The vocals are really the powerhouse-type (with Missy Elliot's rapping at its best), the music upbeat and the lyrics fun (though more than a little suggestive). Overall, this song should be on any playlist.

By Saadi



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