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Dear Sadia,
I am a 13-year-old girl. I have some pimples on my face. They leave black marks. My skin used to be fair, but it has become tanned. I want to get back my original complexion. My hair is straight but I want it to look like Avril Lavigne's hair. So what should I do for it naturally? Please help me out of this.

Dear Sharina,
Ans. Be sure not to destroy or burst the pimples that appear on your face, or else they will leave dark scars. Let it heal, by applying neem paste mixed with calamine lotion on the spots over night. Wash your face 3-4 times a day and use Oil of Ulay lotion.
Apply a pack with the following ingredients for spot hair.
-1 banana
-2 2 tbsp milk
-1 tbsp yoghurt
-1 vita E capsule
Shampoo off with L'Oreal Vive shampoo for super straight hair and follow with the same conditioner.
Once a month have a deep conditioning treatment at La Belle.

Dear Sadia,
The front layers of my hair just above my forehead are getting curlier everyday which I want to get rid of. Is there any home remedy rather than hair iron? If the hair iron is necessary then which one would be the best and how much will it cost? By the way, I usually don't comb my hair after I shower; I let it dry first. My skin is also gradually getting oilier. I usually use face washes twice a day but now I need it every hour! So far I never had any pimples but it seems I might have them soon as there are signs. Is there any home remedy to avoid them? I am quite healthy and have stretch marks in some areas of my body. Is there any home remedy to get rid of them? Hope you can help me out.

Ans: You can straighten your hair permanently and solve your problem for at least 6 months. If you are looking for a hair iron, go for any Japanese on German brand, it should cost you about 1800 to 2500 taka.
Wash your face with soap free wash specifically for normal to oily skin as and when you need it.
Make an uptan paste with a few drops of lemon juice and use it 2-3 times a week.
Sudden weight gain or loss can cause stretch marks. They won't completely go away but can lighten.
Apply the following body pack.
1 cup uptan
½ cup yogurt
1 Lemon juice
2 tbsp ground rice powder
Apply, semi dry, and then scrub off.

Dear Sadia,
I am a 20-year-old lady. I have to put on heavy make up because of my profession. I have a few questions, I will be glad if you could answer them. 1) Is it harmful to put on heavy make up? 2) What is the proper way of removing makeup? 3) How can I take care of my skin so that it remains healthy? 4.) I heard that putting on glycerin helps to keep the skin soft. Is that true? Should I use glycerin directly or use it with something else, like water or rose water? 5) Why are facials necessary and when is the right time to start getting them? Thank you,

Ans: No, using heavy make-up is not harmful, but not removing it properly can damage your skin. Skin care is very important for everyone but especially for those who are in the open profession like modeling or arts and work under bright lights and heavy make up.
Splash your face with plenty of water. Lather soap free face wash and scrub on face gently. Wash off with plenty of water. Repeat. Dab off water and on damp face apply cream cleanser and massage into face. Wipe off with a soft towel or cotton swab.
If your skin is oily, use a toner and apply oil of Ulay lotion
If your skin is dry, apply your usual cream or lotion.
Glycerin is great for normal to dry skins- mix with water and apply directly.
Facial is food for the skin and is a must for everyone.
It's never too early to start taking care of your skin. Taking care of it while it's still in good shape will make it last longer. Why should one wait for things to go wrong or problems to appear before doing something about it? Prevention is better than cure.

Dear Sadia,
I am a girl of 14. I am facing a great problem regarding my hair. My hair falls in enormous amounts. I used to massage coconut hair oil but it did not stop the hair loss. I recently switched to olive oil but there's been no improvement. I also have split ends, which are very rough. Whenever I shampoo my hair falls like rain. I use L'oreal Vive Shampoo and conditioner. I also have very oily skin and I have pimples around my nose. I have not been using any skin cream for 8 months. Please suggest me what will I do with my hair and skin. I want it to be all right before this Eid. Thank you,
Poor girl

Ans. There is a good possibility that you have dandruff or scalp infection, which is causing hair loss and irritating the skin on your face, making you break out.
Trim your hair, shampoo, using Selsun Blue shampoo (twice a week) and use your usual conditioner afterwards.

Hello Sadia,
This is a problem of my mother's. She is about 45. For the last 6/7 months, she has been suffering from some black spots on her face, especially on the nose. Now she is concerned about removing these spots.
I have oily skin. I know some masks, which are very much effective for oily skin, and those masks need rose water. Now can you please tell me how I can make rose water? Or is there any place where I can get authentic rose water? I use honey on my face, as it is very good for skin. But whenever I use honey (and also any sweet stuff) on my face, I get rashes. Can you give me a solution? Thank you very much.

Ans. Tell your mother to use hydroquinone 2% cream every night and use sun block during the day.
Rose water is freely available in the market in plastic bottles.
To make your own rose water, boil rose petals (some crushed into a paste) on very, very low heat for a long time. Cool to use, and store in a refrigerator.
Don't use honey if it is not suiting you. You can use yogurt, which is great for all skin types.

I would really like to know the side effects of breast enlarging creams and pills? Can you please give details about it? Thank you.
Ans. I don't know anybody yet on whom these creams and pills have worked. Try the creams and use pills only under a doctor's supervision.

By the way

Think again
You may think that going to the trade fair on Friday after the jumma prayers is a good idea. You might think that it will be less crowded. Think again because everyone else thinks along the same lines and end up feeling the squeeze.

Under a different sky

By Iffat Nawaz

You and me

The roads out there are barren, inside, empty cubicles all around, empty boxes of Christmas candies and the smell of left over spiced cider. Only I was staring down the window from the high floor of my unusually quiet office building, the top of the trees exposing empty nests, the birds have left town too. It's time to be gone, but I still stand here.

And yet another year begins, with me and you. Yet, once more, I try to be positive, tell myself to keep my chin up, while you pretend to keep yours up too. I see you, you see me, passerby, through words, sentences, eyes meet and sometimes they don't, you are everywhere, just like I am. And the world remains the same, your existence and mine don't add or deduct.

I saw you yesterday, you were holding your mother's hand, your hands were way too small and lost between her soft, slightly pudgy ones. She still hadn't lost the weight she put on when she bore you, your sister and your brother, one after another, after carrying your weights she has her own to carry, many extras coming maybe. But you don't worry about that, you are secured, and she is happy, because you are holding onto her until you let go. But that's far away isn't it? Another 10 years, or 20? 2016 or 2026? Or maybe sometime in between.

I was looking over your shoulder, you were filling out the box that said “other” for racial background, I looked closely at you, you could have been many things, from many parts of the world, if you compromised you could have filled out another box that said “Pacific Islander or Asian” or “Caucasian” or “African American” but you didn't, you wanted to mark “Other” and I knew you believed it too, you looked straight ahead, kept your lips sealed, I wanted to talk to you, but you intimidated me.

You almost killed me the other day. With your sharp stare of odium. You called me names, you backstabbed me, you spoke wrongly about me to others, you pretended to be strong while you created just another typical story. You held grudges and you were proud of it. You were torn though, even more than me. I wanted to tell you it's not me that you hate, it's you who you really hate, but that would have been a cliché, so I didn't speak, but you did, you called me more names, and I didn't smile or cry, I just wished good things, for both you and me.

I heard you were planning to leave for a distant land. The year has just started and the horoscope and the weather , both forecasts have already proven to be wrong. I have a good feeling about this year, I have a good feeling about every year, and every year you have made it worth living for me.

I have lived with you since the day I was born, and you have seen me grow shallow and deep, with time, with people, with situations. I don't need you I say everyday, go away I pray, yet every morning I wake up, and want you there, and you are somewhere, if not in my room than out in the street, smoking cheap tobacco or carting your child.

I want you, I need you, I seek you out everyday, in this empty world of you and me.


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