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Kooky courtship at the trade fair

Put a man and a woman together and they will be up to mischief sooner than later. Just look at Adam and Eve. They had to go and pick the one forbidden thing in all of paradise. Yep, they had to go pick the apple that had all those neon signs around it warning not to pick it. The couple could have so easily gone about hunting innocent furry bunnies or slaughtering helpless penguins. Pretty sure that would not have gotten them kicked out. But they had to eat the apple.

Things have not really changed much in all those years. Man and woman are still up to no good. Put them together in one place and expect fireworks of more than one kind. They have been getting together to form all kinds of monkey business part of which includes competing with rabbits in populating the earth. They are always running after love in all its varied and harried forms.

Don Juan, Casanova and their likes climbed trellised walls to get to their object of affection. We don't have trellises anymore. We don't have greenery around. Soon there won't be any more trees. What we do have are big concrete buildings and a few open spaces. But that does not daunt the Romeos and Juliets of today.

The DITF (Dhaka International Trade Fair) is one such example. This is a place where people are expected to transfer the contents of their wallets to someone else's wallet. Uh-uh, not this time, not in this country. People are too busy looking for love as is evident by the droves of men and women dressed to kill. Let's face it, you are going to a glorified shopping place with copious amounts of dust flying around and you end up dressing as if going to a modeling contest. Males of the species are always the worst. In nature the males are the more colorful ones always strutting their stuff to attract the females. Leather jackets under a burning sun is more about displaying wealth than anything else. Makes you wonder what the male of the species is thinking.

The first sign of too much loving at the trade fair is at the gate where everyone is patted down. One enthusiastic guard patted my bottom twice in a very disconcerting manner. That sort of love can be done without.

Once inside it's a whole new world for those searching for love. It's a big jungle in there with hunters looking for their pretty prey. The females sashay through the droves of humanity while close by males stalk them with the sole intent of a catch. These males would do well on a jungle safari in Africa hunting down endangered tigers. They should put this on Discovery or some such show that showcases the animal traits in humans and human traits in animals.

Other males display quite innovative although doubtful tactics. A few boys were seen discussing very loudly how they cannot decide which expensive stereo system they want to buy. All this was done while a pretty girl walked nearby. The moment she was gone so were they to another stall where they can again loudly argue which expensive item to purchase. It's a doubtful ploy because unless they looked like Brad Pitt it is doubtful if the girl would even look at them.

A big portion of the visitors are males looking for females. Unfortunately a big portion of the females are there to mainly look at kamizes and frying pans. Beautiful women walk around with a trail of men behind them. The trade fair in the end becomes another venue for the trading of hearts.

By E.R. Ronny


Dealing with winter

Winter has finally arrived. The mélange of cold wind, dew, longer nights and shorter days tell us that winter is here and we must welcome her. The time has also arrived to take proper care of ourselves.

Take very good care of your skin during this time of the year. It doesn't matter if you have dry skin or not, application of moisturizer, cream, body oil or petroleum jelly will keep your skin smooth and soft in this cold season. Don't forget your lips; to save yourself from embarrassment purchase lip balms or chap sticks before others see you in parched lips. Keep a chap stick in your pocket or purse and apply whenever necessary. Go for the ones containing Vitamin E for maximum benefit. Lip balms and chap sticks are widely available at the outlets of Priyo and Almas, and will cost you not more than tk.50.

Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This will remove dead cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture. You can do it at home using facial scrubs available in general and super stores. Apricot facial scrub from St. Ives are effective. There are actually a variety of brands to choose from. You can also opt for the ones made under the brand name Nivea, Johnson's and Pond's.

It's good to apply moisturizing lipsticks during winter to retain moisture on lips. Moisturizing lipsticks from Revlon are available in most of the popular general stores like Almas and Priyo. So just pay a visit to these stores whenever you get time to grab a lipstick that would flatter your lips this winter.

Try drinking a glass of hot water with lemon during this season. This Chinese herbal remedy is a safe method of energizing your body and getting rid of toxins from your system.

Nights are long now, take advantage of this benefit by sleeping well at night to keep yourself young and healthy. The coldness and gloomy weather of winter depress many of us at this time of the year.

To avoid getting depressed this season, opt for an effective combination of balanced diet and regular exercise. Eat a balanced diet that contains foods from all the different food groups -fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, lean meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. You can enjoy this cold but festive season to its fullest if you keep yourself in shape.

By Wara Karim


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