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Shop talk

Come 2006, come New Year resolutions (they never work out in the end, so never mind!). So what should your beginning-of-the-year shopping list include?

I- Pod:
These palm size gadgets that allow you to play music, watch videos, and browse through pictures, among many other miscellaneous functions. 2 GB I Pods cost around Tk.20000, while 3 GB ones soar up to Tk. 30000. I often wonder who in their right minds would go broke for the sake of listening to Linkin Park and watching Beyonce dance on their palms (literally!). However, this is a true treat for the New Year, provided you have enough bread to finance it.

Mp3 Players
If you are a little tight on the budget, but still want to listen to Linkin Park wherever you go, an mp3 player could provide you some relief. I am aware that I am not supposed to be your shopping counsellor, but whatever you do, do NOT buy the ones that look like walkmans. The mega size entertainment consoles have gone out of fashion twenty years back. So unless you want to let technological advancements surpass you, get the ones that resemble a pen drive. So, put on those earphones for Tk. 2000 to Tk.3000 (128 MB), and Tk. 3000 to Tk. 4000 for 256 MB.

Video Cameras
How many times have you wished that you could capture a favourite moment on video? If you are a person who likes to take a walk down the memory lane now and then, consider adding a video camera to your shopping cart. Prices start from Tk. 18500 and can go up to Tk. 75000 for branded multi-functional camcorders.
All the above electronics are available in IDB Bhobon in Agargoan.

Body Sprays
DO NOT start this year (or any year, as a matter of fact) with the smell of sweat. Save yourself (and your neighbours) from the misery of horrid body odour. Body sprays are unbelievably cheap, with prices ranging from Tk. 150 to 300. Branded ones may cost slightly higher though.

Designer T-Shirts

You can consider a wardrobe makeover with basics like designer T Shirts. Although relatively expensive, it does not harm you to have a few in stock. Moreover, they are usually more durable and comfortable than the normal Ts. This may as well be our ticket to shopping in style. They cost around Tk. 800 to Tk. 4000. You may consider Nike and Reebok showrooms in Gulshan and Banani.

Photo frames
For those who love taking and looking at photos as much I do, stop tucking away the pictures inside the family albums. Do not allow them to get yellow and gather dust. Consider proudly displaying the photographs of you, your friends and family. Whether at work or at home, photo frames can really add a personal touch. Available in different sizes, the little tabletop ones cost around Tk. 50 while wall frames can escalate to about Tk.700.

Decorative candles
A touch of warmth may be more than welcome in the winter. These candles, while serve its original purpose of providing light, also act as side-table or centre-table decorations. Decorative candles are also ideal as gifts for birthdays and other parties. They come in wide varieties, with dried flowers, glitters, ribbons and assorted fragrances. Price: presentable ones usually start from Tk. 200. They are widely available, and ideal places may be Purple Haze and Lavender in Gulshan.

By Shahmuddin Siddiky

Beauty is only skin deep
Whoever said that definitely did not have the women of this day and age in mind. Nowadays, women, with the aid of a little makeup, can transform themselves in a way no plastic surgeon could ever even dream of achieving. So the best present to get your female friends or younger family members would most probably be cosmetics. Drop by Jordana (located at Rapa Plaza) and check out the lipsticks ranging from Tk.100-300, or the eyes-shadows from Tk.70-850 or their own brand of nail polish at Tk.120. Highlights and streaks are still very “in” so you can also check out the hair dyes varying from Tk.350-650.

Happy Feet
People love shoes! If you are really stuck, then this is one dependable present you can fall back on, as long as you know the correct shoe size; otherwise it is a totally different scenario to the happy acknowledgement you have in mind! Make a pit stop at Gaffur Mansion on Elephant Road, and be regaled with reasonably priced goods. For better quality products, try Apex Gallerie at Rifles Square where they have ladies shoes ranging from Tk.300-1050 and gents sandals from Tk.500-1290 while shoes are at Tk.990-2500. Once can also check out Jenny's where ladies shoes are Tk.390-890 and gents shoes and sandals are priced at Tk.730-1800 and Tk.350-950, respectively.

Nothing like Sweets
Desserts not only complete every meal, they bring a glow of satisfaction to the faces of the consumers. Also, sweets are the perfect gift for a festival like Qurbanir Eid, so make sure you send you family and friends packets of delectable treats like roshogollas, ras malai, chomchoms etc. from Central, Sweetmax or Bikrampur Mistanna Bhandar.

Home Décor
When all else fails, there is always a last resort. When it comes to gifts, home decoration pieces happily retain the “last resort” spot. Just pick up some quaint object from any market.

By Rohini Alamgir

On the cover

A sari was, is, and will always be the ultimate style statement for a Bengali woman. This festive season, experiment with it to create your own look. We teamed it with a coat for this funky fusion look.
Model: Tanisha
Outfit, make-up and accessories: Farzana Shakil
Photo: Munem Wasif
Special thanks to Mrs Imtiaz


The start of a new year, and what a better way to begin than with Eid. With the Eid-ul-Azha coming up, one really needs to re-start their festival planning once again. While some carry on with tradition, some try celebrating in a different manner than on the year past. The two things that remain the same is the slaughtering of animals and giving children “eidi.” Highly unattractive though both these acts might seem, the latter MUST be carried out at any rate!
One thing must be kept in mind this year though. No matter how you spend your Eid, you should pay extra attention to hygiene!

Care about thy neighbour
Every Eid-ul-Azha, what better place to slaughter the cow than the roadside. Well this year, thoughtfulness is IN. So try doing everyone a favour and cleaning up properly after yourself, specially since all the blood and gore are a very disturbing sight, not only for children, but also for older people with weak hearts. Have some consideration, and avoid making a mess.

Green Dhaka, Clean Dhaka
With the Saarc summit having been held in Dhaka last year, the government went all out on “beautification” but also tried to instill some civic sense in the population of the city. However, this last attempt seems to be more of a temporary thing. Though Dhaka is now definitely greener, it is far from cleaner. So do your duty to your country, and keep the streets of Dhaka clean this Eid, and try to refrain from littering and clean up after you have sacrificed your eid cow or goat. This not only makes the city better to look at, it will also lower the number of diseases that most people acquire because of the low level of hygiene.

Strange as it may seem to most, caring about your country and being patriotic is NOT something to be ashamed of. It not only makes you a better person, it also makes others respect you. So do your best to keep your city and homes clean, and have a “spotless” Eid!

By Rohini Alamgir



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