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To do

When Eid-ul-Azha rolls around and you have completed your prayers, finished your sacrificing and are done with the distribution, you can quite possibly be staring at two whole days of no work and all play. Catching up on your movies can be a good way to spend these days. So kick off your shoes, put up your feet and turn on that DVD player.

Here are a few movies that you could do with watching. Be warned that the gore and blood have been avoided for obvious reasons.

“Memoirs of a Geisha”
This is quintessential Oscar material. It's from an exotic bestseller: the tale of an orphaned Japanese girl sold to a house of geishas-in-training, with nasty crones and a madly jealous diva who will do anything to sabotage our protagonist. Directed by Rob Marshall it skips lightly along the surface of its subject, hardly getting deeper than its face paint and silks but is despite that a good watch.

“The Family Stone”
A boisterous comedy with cancer, which makes it one of those you'll-laugh-you'll-cry crowd pleasers. It's set in a rambling New England house, to which five grown kids and their mates return for Christmas. The movie is unbelievably manipulative, but some genuine feelings do shine through. Another fun watch.

“King Kong”
Under the tagline of the eighth wonder of the world, King Kong has carved himself a niche in the US box office with a strong performance near the year's end. Set in the post depression years of the 30's it showcases an over ambitious movie producer who coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with leading lady Ann Darrow.

“Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”
Quite possibly the most intriguing movie ever made, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels highlights four crooks in the search of a heist of a lifetime. There is a lot of money for the taking but the only problem is that there are also a lot of takers. A hilarious and convoluted plot ensues with an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seats. Hands down the best Guy Ritchie's film.

“Something's gotta give”
It's never too late to turn a new leaf, never to late to fall in love. Something's Gotta Give, starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and also featuring Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet, is a heart-warming love story that is centred around precisely this philosophy. If you're in the mood for a little evergreen love, then this is the DVD to reach for.

If watching movies is not exactly your cup of tea, then you can contend yourself with catching up on your reading. Here are some picks on what would be good books to read over the holidays.

“The History of Love”
Nicole Krauss's The History of Love is a hauntingly beautiful novel about two characters whose lives are woven together in such complex ways that even after the last page is turned, the reader is left to wonder what really happened. In the hands of a less gifted writer, unravelling this tangled web could easily give way to complete chaos. However, under Krauss's watchful eye, these twists and turns only strengthen the impact of this enchanting book.

Mila in Love
Life, love, death, family…this book has it all. A light, but poignant read, peppered with Dina Mehta's rich, wry wit, it's the story about a girl trying to leave her past behind, without success. With colourful, multifaceted characters, and all the flavours that only sub continental literature can provide, it's definitely a must-read.

Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim
Another introspective piece, this one's creative non-fiction packaged in a flowing story that will have you laughing, crying, and rolling your eyes throughout. David Sedaris addresses issues like family, love, sibling rivalry, shattered dreams, homosexuality, prejudices, and so on, in a witty tone that's richly infused with a sense of irony. You don't want to miss this.

Even if you don't opt for books or movies to while away your Eid holidays, you're bound to be listening to music. So I'll pull a Saadi now, and suggest some tunes to get your toes tapping this holiday season.

Shamur - The Ultimate Dance Album
Eid or no Eid, as long as the weather's cool, it's the ideal time for parties. And if you're looking for some upbeat music to get everyone grooving, than Shamur The Ultimate Dance Album is an album you want to try. Featuring 2005 favourites like “Don't be shy” by Rouge, Shakira's “Tortura”, and Shamur's own highly popular “Let the music play”

Chaina Vabish
If you liked Arnob's “She je boshe ache”, and the earlier “Tui Gaan ga” , you're going to love this album. Featuring tracks like “Jete Hobe” “Brishti ratey” and “Swapnorogi”, it makes for great listening. The lyrics are quite unlike your usual fare, and the songs are also very different from the songs he did with Bangla, so don't forget to give it a try.
That pretty much covers it. Hope you have a rocking Eid.

So, you need places to go to. There is without doubt an acute lack of places that you can just visit in Dhaka. Anywhere you go, you are bound by the law of that place or the custom of the land to get something to eat because lets face it, everywhere you hang out is a food shop.

Anyways here are a number of places that you can hang out in during the holidays of Eid where the empty roads and less suffocation make for easy travelling.

Dhanmondi Lake
The one place in the city which can lay claim to providing for the great number of people who just want to hang out and have a good time. The lake is located across a number of busy streets making it a popular location for young adults and lovers in search of privacy. Not only that it also gives people a place to hang out, relax and just watch the world go by. And if you need to quench that never ending thirst for food- there are fast food stands or fuchka stalls nearby. Also the best part is that you are not honour bound to spend any money.

The first reason why people would want to go to SportsZone is that they have a bowling alley. And ofcourse it is not customary that you need to eat. You can just hang out, play at the arcade, dance at the machines, test your kicking power, engage in the tactical game of foosball or have an exhilarating game of air hockey. Or you can just go there with your friends and have a nice time while they play all the games. Located at Mohakhali it is usually crowded during the Eid time but it should not stop you from visiting there.

A trip to Ashulia can be a wonderful alternative. No it is nothing really ingenious since people have been doing it for some time now… but as they say old is gold. So gather up the gang, get a car and make use of the blessedly empty streets to jet set across to Ashulia. You can enjoy the view or take a boat ride (which is a big if in the winter season) or just plain relax. If you want classy food you can go to Little Italy or if you can make do with the regulation ones the fuchka stands will be to your liking.

Arushi Food Complex
Open air, upbeat atmosphere, great food. What more could you ask for? Tucked into a quiet lane inside Gulshan, this place features an open courtyard, surrounded by fast food outlets like Time Out and Chaat Street, and there's also a beauty parlour somewhere inside. The ambience is simply amazing, and well worth a try.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam



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