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Shop talk

With the 21st February approaching it is time to get ethnic and the only way to get ethnic, is to buy ethnic stuff!

Cool Fabrics
If you have your heart set on making eye catching outfits out of deshi fabrics, shops like Prabartana and Aranya are definitely for you! At Prabartana, among the cotton materials, you can get khadi, yarn, and hand-woven cloth all at Tk.60-150, on a per yard basis, as well as Adivashi cotton (tribal fabric) at around Tk.350-1100. Aranya sports a similar price range. Endy silk can be bought for around Tk.140-180.

Trendy Sarees
While Aranya gives you a stunning display of Tashar silk, silk with embroidery work, printed silk sarees, Jamdani sarees, Kantha-stitched sarees and cotton sarees, all ranging from Tk.1300-6500, Prabartana gives you Gamcha sarees at Tk. 385, cotton sarees at Tk.350-1100 and various silk sarees at Tk.1250-3500. So, if you are contemplating what gift to give a lady friend or family member, here are items which would definitely be appreciated.

Wondrous Handicrafts
Having just shifted to a new house, or perhaps in the process of redecorating your space, you just might want to go for a more ethnic look. Prabartana gives you that very opportunity! Drop by the store, and check out their brilliantly hand woven “bokai patis,” at Tk.1250, which would be perfect instead of a carpet, or perhaps with the help of a few cushions and pillows, a nice little sitting space might be arranged! Also available are decorative items made of brass, ranging from Tk.1200-3000.

Miniature Nuisances?
The one thing that we can truly call our own, are the rickshaws. Annoying as the real ones happen to be, these miniatures are actually cute, and totally “Bangali.” Not only are they very good presents to give, but are also as useful as decorations in your room. Found at Mouchak market for around Tk.20-60 these can also be found at a much higher price of Tk.150 and above in Aarong.

Eating Out…the Bengali Way
Though LS generally has its own column to focus on restaurants and other hang out places, Prabartana's “Adda” requires special mention, because it not only gives us a taste of typical Bengali food, but also of our culture and heritage. With their customers sprawling back on pillows placed on a mat on the floor, surrounded by immensely original decorations of various emblems created using diverse species of paddy. The menu, never exceeding the price range of Tk.66, provides their customers with rice, fish, chicken, mutton, vegetables and a wide array of “bhortas.” Perfect for students, this place is a must visit.

By Rohini Alamgir

Shop special

Nail Art Gallery- Ultimate place to smarten up your nails

It's the season of celebrations. You sure want to look your best at the upcoming wedding reception of your best friend or your loving sis. Sometimes our attention is so centered on beautifying our face that we forget about smartening up our nails. And without a set of gorgeous finger nails, you look somewhat incomplete as you attend a dazzling social gathering. But your worries about your nails have now come to an end. Nail Art Gallery located on the top floor of Metro Shopping Mall, is an exclusive outlet that is dedicated to revamping your fingernails.

Fully computerized, the entire process of printing your favorite design on one nail will take around five minutes. These arts are permanent in the sense that you will need nail polish remover to rub them off. The whole procedure is quite interesting. There is a special computer placed inside the outlet from where you can choose your favorite nail drawing. The touch screen enables easy selection and modification of the size and color of a nail art. From their catalogue you can choose your favorite design- there are hundreds of attractive designs to choose from. You can print on your nails: flowers, animals, cartoons, human beings, abstract designs, stars, landscape and what not. The camera set on top of the computer enables you to print your own picture on your nail as well. Interesting indeed!

Nail Art Gallery has another branch in Bashundhara City. The Dhanmondi outlet was inaugurated on the first day of 2006. By the first week of February, they will be introducing bridal nail art characterized by stones, stunning designs and bright colors.

Prices are quite reasonable. For instance, if you want to decorate five fingers, then each hand will cost you tk.100, which means that with tk.200 you can give both of your hands an entirely new look. So to make people go crazy about your hands this season, do step

inside Nail Art Gallery. Don't forget that a little difference in our looks can add color to our life. Address: Nail Art Gallery. Metro Shopping Mall. Shop # 416, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

By Wara Karim

On the cover

This spring, Lifestyle recommends grabbing some ethnic textiles and garments and teaming them with casual western wear to create a look that's a unique combination of ethnic Bangladesh in a contemporary package. Read page 2 and 3 for more on our spring look.
Photos: Munem Wasif
Model: Diya
Styling: Tupa


That eating right is a huge step towards being healthy is a given. The right diet can do everything from help you lose weight to add volume and shine to your hair to protecting your heart. This week, what we're going to do is look at some food items/diets and the good they do.

Peck off those polyps
A recent study has shown that people with a history of colon polyps who eat a lot of chicken as opposed to processed meats like salami, corn beef, or sausages, are less prone to developing new polyps. So if you have a problem with colon polyps, opt for a chicken filling in your sandwich. Also remember, diets low in saturated and trans fats can help you stay fitter longer.

Skin-sational citrus
You like citrus fruits? Good, because everyone knows these Vitamin C enriched beauties are good for you. But if you want to squeeze some extra mileage out of them, grate some peel into your tea. They're rich in a compound called d-limonene, found in citrus oil, and this protects you from skin-cancer. They'd also add a fruity flavor to your tea.

Concerned about building bones? Switch to brown rice. Rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps promote bone mineral density, a three-quarter cup serving of brown rice provides 40 milligrams of magnesium; white rice contains less than half that amount. Top it off with helpings of tofu and fish like salmon to boost your magnesium intake. Low-fat diets, sour fruits, high-fiber rice and breads, combined with a good exercise plan can work wonders and leave you feeling fit and ready to face the world.

By Sabrina F Ahmad



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