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News Flash

Kay Kraft welcomes Boshonto
Kay.Kraft was stirred by the oncoming Boshonto to introduce a whole new collection of saris, fotuas , short punjabis, salwar kamizes and fashion accessories. The clothing are mostly in cotton, in the theme colours of bashanti, orange, red, golden yellow and other different shades of yellow. These are available in all their outlets all over the city. The outlets of the shop are located in Shobhanbagh, Banani, Plaza A.R. Anam Rangs Plaza, Rifles Square, Malibagh, Mirpur and New Baily Road.

Banglar Mela's Salute to Ekushey February
Banglar Mela has kept in mind the pride of having Bangla as our mother tongue while dedicating their new designs as a salutation to the 21st of February. Tangail saris, salwar kameezes, fotuas, Punjabis, and tops for kids can all be newly discovered here. They have also added special geometric patterns, floral motifs, sprays in the form of lines from Bengali poems, and blocks in the form of words from the Bengali alphabet as an innovative touch.

Valentines Day T-shirts at Trendz
Trendz has introduced a whole new set of T-shirts to celebrate your Valentine's Day with your loved ones. The words “I LOVE YOU” have been used as the central emblem of their clothing. Clothing for men range from Tk 275 to Tk 1395 and women's clothing from Tk 275 to Tk 1895. The outlets of the shop are found in Banani, Uttara and Bashundhara City.


Piyal Hossain re-introduces Falgun and Valentine's Day
Piyal Hossain has focused on red as the theme colour for the Valentine's Day collection, at saris for Tk 3000 to 5000, salwar kameezes for Tk 1200 to Tk 4000, and evening gowns for Tk 1600 to Tk 2400. Piyal has concurrently also opened a collection for Falgun with the colours of bashanti, white, red, and yellow in cottons and georgettes, hand paints and sequin work.

The saris are priced between Tk 1200 and Tk 2200, fotuas between Tk 500 and Tk 1200 and Salwar Kameez between Tk 1200 and Tk 2400.
These collections can be found at Banthai in Gulshan.

Rong's various rongs
Falgun has welcomed an array of colours in the collection of saris, shirts and fotuas that Rong has to offer. They have concentrated on the colours of bashanti and yellow and stylised them with tie-die, spray, block, hand paint, karchuppi, hand and machine embroidery.

Rong has welcomed Valentine's Day with the colour of love - red. A special edition is their designer mugs decorated with love songs and poems.

They have also added a collection for Ekushey February with special motifs for the T-shirts, including a Shaheed Minar, an image of a setting sun, bangla letters and songs and poems written for Ekushey February.

Their showrooms are in Narayangang, Shantinagar, Lalmatia, and Banani.




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