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Shop Special

Digital shots

People never seem to get tired of imagery- it started with the cave paintings, giving way to mirrors… and then, after all these centuries… a revolutionary object ,the so- called digital camera. The days of a mammoth studio with a camera the size of a door are gone. Technology has shrunk a whole full-blown studio to a mere rectangular box that you can carry around in your back pocket.

So what is so special about digital cameras? To start with, they have LCD screens that give you a preview of what the outcome may be. You can also easily sort, delete and organize your photos to your taste.

Moreover, most digital cameras allow subtle modifications in light, contrast, zooms and even photo editing. Many facilitate sending the image files through e-mail, printing, etc. They can be plugged to your computer or laptop through USB cables for image transfers.

In addition, a digital camera can act as a photo album storing up to hundreds of images that you can later view. Most importantly, there is no hassle of buying rolls of films, taking the used ones to the studios, paying and then waiting for weeks for your photos to develop.

Prices vary, depending on different factors. These include brand names, resolution, functions available, model, etc. Generally, prices start from Tk. 12000 and continue the upward climb. There are even cameras that carry even Tk. 70000 and Tk.80000 labels. Popular brands worth mentioning are Sony, AIWA, Kodak, Nikon, and Yoshika.

Not surprisingly, it is the market giants like these that hitch up prices, confident in the knowledge that customers would still prefer their cameras. To talk about resolution in relation to price, the convention is higher the pixels, higher the price. For instance, assuming no brands, a 2.0 megapixel camera would cost about Tk.13000, while a 4.2 megapixel can cost you around Tk. 25000.

Digital cameras are available in almost all stores that sell electronics. But be sure to check on the well-known, established stores rather than taking your money just anywhere. Strictly speaking, digital cameras are costly and often technical- you might not like to make the wrong decision. Be sure to try Bashundhara City (especially the ground floor) and Rangs Anam Plaza in Dhanmondi.

Most large malls keep stock- Rapa Plaza, Metro, Genetic Plaza and of course the electronics' heaven- Eastern Plaza, Computer city and the Stadium Market. Other stores include Shoppers World , Alam Market in Gulshan, and UAE and Municipal Market in Banani.

Another word of caution- please do not forget to check whether you have a warranty and other ancillary necessities like the camera software, and the USB data cable.

By Saadi

Shop special

It's fishy fishy

The wonders of life under the sea have never ceased to amaze us. The prospect of welcoming a totally new frontier into our own homes is a fascinating idea and even arouses our interests. Adding a mini-aquarium as a background for any room makes your home not only more attractive but even adds a serene mood to your home environment, but the task of settling a whole world of the unknown into your own house is not always that simple. Fortunately, our country has plenty of shops to help you prepare yourself but there is some information you still should know beforehand - it is never wise to visit a Bangladeshi shop totally ignorant.

When you go shopping for an aquarium and fish, you should know the list of items that you will need to get. Normally the list includes varieties of fish, fish food, medicines, air pump (to supply the fish with oxygen), aquarium toys (to decorate the aquarium), and some shops even include turtles in their list. The heaven for purchasing these objects are located in Katabon . Life under sea normally means thousands of different types of creatures, but when it comes to incorporating them into your homes, most of them are not considered as plausible parts of your domestic surroundings.

The great variety of fish and turtles are the most convenient to take care of as well as find in your local shops. Turtles and fish are easily available in these shops and both can be kept in the aquariums, but they require different types of food. The better aquarium shops also keep varieties of stones, and medicine for the fish in case they are not well. These shops also take care of the individual demands for the different designs of the aquariums. There are separate shops totally focused on building aquariums of different designs. The prices of empty aquariums normally start from tk120 and can reach up to tk15000.

When the question of buying an aquarium arises, the first thing that matters is the variety of fish to be kept. Our local market provides a wide range of choices of fish to be kept in the aquarium. The varieties include goldfish, angel, sucker, blackmore, shark, comet, zebra, catfish, molly, parrot, swordtail, piranha (yes piranha), guppy, barb, carp, etc.. The prices of these fish range from tk15 up to tk 6000. They are usually sold in pairs,. The length of the fish, measured in inches, usually determines the price. The length of the goldfish varies and so does the price; it ranges from tk30 to tk250. The availability of fish also is vital in determining the price; there is a fish called “blackroast” which is priced at tk6000 as it is rather rare. Prices are also based on how long the creature survives. Catfish is somewhat expensive because of its longevity. Most of the fish are imported from Singapore, Thailand and India. Local breeding of fish is not that popular since they tend to lose their colour.

The secret behind a long lasting aquarium is regular maintenance. The water in the aquarium should be changed every month. The fish should be fed regularly, that is once or twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening, approximated as four grains per fish, for the fish to be healthy and to retain their colour.

So that was a brief look at our local aquarium market. The intention was to provide some very basic knowledge about our own local mini aqua world. It can be hoped that variations are added to the aquarium market to turn it into a more attractive and profitable business. It is also expected that readers are inspired to open their doors to this enticing new terrain.

By Nozaira Sultana

On the cover

Spring is in the air, flowers everywhere…it's that time of the year that makes poets out of everyone, whether they're Shakespeare material or not. The spring bug's got us too, folks, so flutter over to the centre to get a flowery fiesta.
Model: Kay
Make-up and styling: Farzana Shakil
Photo: Munem Wasifc


Valentine's Day is coming up, and teens and twines alike are rushing about trying to find “that perfect gift” for their mates. Well, as much as it may be “in” to exchange gifts and pleasantries on that day, one should be more realistic about our society and how our elders view the situation. One must also keep in mind that this tradition is not really part of our culture, so over doing it may very well meet with disapproval. However, LS is more worried about your immediate problem, that being the choosing of gifts…

Gifts Galore
When trying to choose a present for your loved ones, keep in mind the sort of persons they are, and try to get gifts similarly. You can always try the easier way out by simply asking them, but if that does not work, do not lose hope. For those who have just joined the long and ever growing list of love birds, and are fairly new in this field, try picking a “safe” gift. And what might that be? Simply a nice decorative stuffed toy for a girl, and some CDs or DVDs for the guy.

Tradition vs. Technology
Till even a few years back, it was very usual to see groups of giggling girls or highly embarrassed boys crowding into Archie's or Hallmark, looking for a witty yet romantic card for their mate. However, with technology advancing as fast as it is, one can now safely send their loved one a card via the internet. These “e-cards” can be found at many websites, though if you want to send them for free, one such site would be www.00fun.com. One should keep in mind though, that even though sending “e-cards” is safer and definitely less embarrassing and less time consuming, it is also not very personalized. Nothing expresses your love better than your own words!

By Rohini Alamgir



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