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It's Valentine's Day and you're going on a date. You're young, you're in love, life is beautiful!

Well, not quite!
Sure, life is a thrill, but the thrills should not come at your expense, and so there are a few things you should know before you set out on the road of dating.

First, get to you know your date well before you commit to seeing him on a more personal level. Remember: while you girls are getting starry-eyed just dreaming of holding your guy, most guys are looking for a lot more than a hug. That is probably why your mom is a lot cooler dealing with your dating scene than your dad is he knows what goes on in the heads of boys.

Once you decide to trust your beau enough to want to see him alone, try to keep your wits about you. Among the possible things you have to look out for are hidden cameras which is how many young women have appeared on various cds and websites without their own knowledge, let alone consent - and date-rape drugs that can be slipped into your drink without you being aware.

Am I scaring you? I didn't mean to. I just thought you needed to know how the games are often played and that you should be aware of situations that could have repercussions you may not be very comfortable with later.

And parents remember: you can protect your children not by locking them up in their rooms, but simply by listening to them and keeping yourselves open to their views. Let them know you trust them and meet their friends. When you welcome your daughter's new boy friend in to your home, she won't need to sneak out to alien places to meet him.

Having said all that, we do wish you all a very happy and loving Valentine's Day!
LS desk

Dearest diary,
Last week I sat huddled on my couch, enjoying some quality “me” time; my gaze wandered to the bleak, grey sky and I got to thinking… thinking how time has flown by and how life and its people have shaped me and my persona.

So after a lot of rewinding and forwarding of my memory chip, and after a lot of soul searching, I have formed a lovely collage in my mind, of my life to date. And after analyzing my thoughts, I find that it is made up of lovely people, some whom have come and gone, and some who are still here to enrich my beautiful life. So today, it is all about tributes.

My tribute, to the people who have helped me grow and evolve into the person I am today.My tribute may seem clichéd and maybe a bit soppy, but believe me diary, it is straight from my heart. So here goes.

My first tribute goes to the two mothers in my life. My mother, who thinks she has given birth to a huge molten glob of talent, who has not lived up to its potential. Love is blind I tell you. She is my no.1 fan and supporter. She fought tooth nail to put me in Holy Cross, dragged me from my self induced slumber to attend my music teacher, Koran classes, exercise classes, cooking expeditions and even in my quest for romance, she was there. A real hands on mom.

My other mom, who other people may call, mother-in-law, has shown me how one human being can be so patient, non-critical, loving and generous towards others. She is a person, born much ahead of her time. She is a mini NGO. Anybody who may knock on her door is greeted with her trademark smile and warmth. If all mothers-in-law were like her, then there would be no more need for such movies called “monster-in-law”. And talking about in-laws, I really want to take this opportunity in thanking my sisters-in-law (ALL 10 OF THEM!) for being so wonderful. They showed me how to be a sister.

Secondly, my tribute goes to my teachers and nuns at Holy Cross. Whatever I am today, has been greatly influenced by them. Miss Margaret, Miss Catherine, with whom I exchanged my romance novels, Sister Ellen Mary, Sister Joanne, Sister Marion Teresa, Miss Das, and many more, who got a fair share of their grey hairs because of me, I bow my head to you in reverence. Thank you all. And from all the girls at Holy Cross, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You tapped all our talents and gave us a huge platform to start from as we ventured out and took our first tentative steps as young women set to achieve our goals.

My third tribute goes to the two men in my life. Yeah, you read it right. Not one, but two men who have enriched my life in the true sense of the word. They are the two solid pillars supporting my life. My husband and my son. When I look back, how I cringe, remembering the stuff I did and how my husband guided and molded me with his maturity. And now when I think, I may have got it right, my today's child with his in-built logic and sense sometimes makes me feel like a little girl again.

My fourth tribute goes to my friends. What can I say? They are the best. So many things I have learnt from them. During medical crises, childbirth, professional crises, they were there. What would I do without them? Even small things such as rummaging through the entire household's dustbins trying to find the ring I thought I had lost. Showing me honesty, humility and solidarity, my friends can best be described as being loving, giving, and caring. I love you guys.

My fifth tribute goes to my sister and her family. What would life be without a sister? B-O-R-I-N-G! And with a sister like her, there is never a dull moment.

My sixth tribute goes to my mentors. Mrs.Nilufer Manzur, Mrs.Lubna Chowdhury and Mr.George Kays.

They have really encouraged me to hone in to my one and only interest, teaching. They are society's real contributors. I am glad I was and am a part of their dream. I admire and respect them for all that they have done for Bangladesh. I truly wish to follow their vision and give back to society the way they have done. I am truly in awe of them.

My last and seventh tribute is to… Oprah Winfrey. Thought she doesn't know me (and most probably never will), I just want to say what an articulate, dedicated, multi faceted woman she is. She has touched so many lives and in this far corner of the earth an ardent fan of hers waits every day to catch a glimpse of her via satellite, to learn something new from her. In my celebrity list, no one can come close to her. She is way on top. If there was any make-a-wish foundation on my door step, I know exactly what to wish for.

So diary, that's it for today. I do get carried away and sometimes while writing. So please bear with me and have a good day the Sam Q. way.

Lemon yogurt cake
1 cup yogurt
¾ cup vegetable oil
1 ½ cups caster sugar
2 ¼ cups self raising flour
3 eggs, beaten lightly
2 teaspoons finely grated lemon rind
1/3 cup lemon juice
1. Preheat oven to moderate (180icelsius). Grease and lightly flour a 24 cm pan.
2. Whisk all ingredients in a large bowl until smooth.
3. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and bake for about an hour or until cooked when tested. Stand cake for 5 minutes before turning onto a wire rack to cool.
4. Serve dusted with sifted icing sugar.

News flash

Make a wish

Once upon a time in a small town called Verona in northern Italy, lived the world's most Romantic couple, Romeo and Juliet . Romeo was spending his days trying to find new tricks to show his love- the beautiful Juliet.

One sunny day, Romeo was watching his two little brothers playing a game in the street with some chicken bones, when suddenly he was struck with an idea (maybe Cupid?). He took this most funny looking bone and ran to Juliet's house.

He showed his curved bone to her and he asked her to hold the other part of it. Both had to close their eyes, make a love-wish and pull. The one with the largest part will have the love-wish come true.

Both were very excited to try the new trick, but a bit afraid to be disappointed if they had the small part.

They took a deep breath, looked in each other's eyes and pulled… believe it or not, the bone just split in two equal parts, meaning that even the faith could not judge the strongest love... since then, all over the world the tradition is followed, even here in Dhaka at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon.

For this special night Pan Pacific Sonargaon is offering a four-course dinner for couples at its JHARNA restaurant and CIAO restaurant. You will receive a red rose and welcome drink upon arrival at any of these two restaurants. You will also find a wish-bone on the table, tearing which you can also have your love-wish come true. For the first 50 couples the hotel is offering Deluxe Room at only US $50. We wish you an excellent evening and do not forget to do the love-wish while dining at Pan Pacific Sonargaon.

Enjoy the most romantic night of the year at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka.

Treat your valentine at Sheraton

A romantic weekend in a marvelous place doesn't it sound like a great valentine day gift. Well what else can you do in Dhaka? Its not like we have beaches or resorts around but dinners and fancy restaurants, well that we have. If you are thinking of a nice dinner then experience the romantic moment at Sheraton hotel's Bithika. The treat comes with complimentary roses and beverage. For more details and book your table contact 865 3636 ext. 4221.
LS Desk

Pops Up

8 minutes face up

Clean-up: deep cleanse your face to give it a fair chance to breathe. Use a lipid, or soap-free cleanser to remove the grime that clogs the pores, yet helps retain the skin's natural radiance.

Face pigmentation pack: Shoo away the tan. Mix 2 tsp orange juice and 2 tsp carrot juice. Apply it to the face and leave on.

Dark circle treatment: Try out the dark circle treatment simultaneously by adding oil to the paste you made for the face. Add 1 tsp of grated potato juice and ½ tsp of cucumber juice to it. Dip a cotton wool in the mixture and place it on each eye, covering the lower area. Lie down for five minutes. Wash your face with cold water.


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