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your bathroom and your dressing

The concept of the master bath has come of age only in the past decade. It is one of the most popular rooms to remodel and gives one of the highest returns on investment upon resale. It's where you can create that sought after gateway: the home version of European spa.

This week's featured bathroom isn't your typical functional bathroom. It is an extension of her bedroom, and serves the dual purpose of being a dressing room as well. Our client enjoys collecting objects, and displays her perfume collection here. At 11'x6' it's not very spacious, but we did get a longish space to work with.

We placed the cabinet counter basin in front of the door and beside the basin we placed the bathtub. The w.c. went to the narrow space on the other side of the basin. The pillar at the end wall posed an obstacle, but we solved the problem by placing a beautiful dressing table in that section. We covered the pillar with a mirror, on either side of which we placed glass shelves in the small sleek space. In front of the pillar we also made a sleek counter with a marble top. These stepped shelves hold toiletries. No matter what the size of the bathroom, it should contain reasonable amount of storage.

The wash basin's counter is almost 4'-0" long. We used Parlotto Sicily marble in both counters. Glass shelves were kept under the basin to store towels.

Our client's collection worked beautifully with the décor. She has a very gorgeous bathtub screen for tub decoration, which is also highly water protective. Perfume and decorative cosmetics are displayed in the counter. The large, ornamental mirror with wooden frame reflects the beautiful collection pieces, making the place look much bigger. Spot lights and decorative wall lights brighten up the place.

The most important fact is that the place is spotlessly clean and highly well maintained. The bathroom is dressed almost like a dressing room. It is probably not too functional for quick bath and easy maintenance. However, if you have other bathroom facilities, you can afford to be fancy and frivolous with at least one of them, and this bathroom is absolutely the last word in luxury.


Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant: JourneyMan
Photo: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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