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Shop Special

Framing Forever

Framed photographs have never looked as beautiful as they do today. - gone are the days of boring frames from an ancient era. Now you can frame your pictures according to your needs: the size, colour schemes, and lighting of your room.

The larger framing shops give you a variety of choices, ranging from the fancy to the elegant and while their prices are slightly higher the difference in quality and craftsmanship is obvious from the finished product.

Prices start from Tk200 and rise according to size and materials to be used. When you take a picture to be framed, be sure to ask whether your frame is washable. And also look out for the string behind the frame and make sure it is firm enough to bear the weight of your picture. While most frames use wood for sides and the back, some are also made of plastic, polystone and fiber.

Apart from pictures, some shops can also make mirror frames and sell mirrors. This is an answer to the prayers of those who want to match a mirror with the furniture in their room. If you already have an old framed photograph that needs some repairing, you can take it to one of the many shops around town. If you have an old photo that you want to frame, you can also get an antique finish to suit the mood of your picture.

You should always go to an experienced shop if you want to frame cloth because only a skilled hand can prevent creases from appearing in the finished product. Frames with double sided glass are in vogue and while they do not suit all kinds of pictures, they do look exquisite if you have a beautifully colored wall.

Modern technology has given you the chance to experiment with your pictures. A perfect frame that suits the mood and purpose of your photograph can enhance its magnetism. Out of the many shops around town that will enable you to achieve that, Chabi Ghar on Elephant Road is one of the oldest in the business.

By Shoaib Alam

Art and paintings

Art, the silent orator of exquisite beauty and mesmerising elegance, is one subject that has never failed to draw the attention of people, spellbinding them with its majestic charm. Many art-inspired people believe in decorating their surroundings with such creative works so that they can look at these and become inspired in every walk of life. Such awe-inspiring works can easily be found, if you know the right places to look.

If you would like the works of the famous artists of the country, then you have to wait for an art exhibition, where these artists are usually willing to sell some of their masterpieces at a good bargain. Such art exhibitions take place in most of the galleries of the city. DRIK Gallery, Bengal Foundation and Gallery Chitrak are some of the places which always have one or two art or photography exhibitions running. While DRIK Gallery in Road 15A of Dhanmondi specializes on photography works, Bengal Foundation at Dhanmondi Road 27 focuses more on the various types of art works ranging from oil painting to scrap paper collage all created by renowned artists. However, be prepared to pay a grand amount for it, after all it is a one-of-its-kind article you have set your eyes on.

And if you want something for a lower price, DRIK Gallery also replicates from the original photography works, which would cost much less.

However, if you are looking for the paintings of new and not so renowned artists then the best place to visit would be Cezanne Art Gallery. This gallery, situated on the first floor of the U.A.E. Moitree Complex on Kemal Ataturk Avenue, has a unique collection of paintings of various sorts. Some of the oil paintings give a vivid portrayal of the picturesque landscape of our country, while others bring out the life in still portraits. There are also abstract arts with splashes of colours that strike the mind at the first look. The owner of the shop, Mr. Syful Islam, himself is an artist who has many spectacular paintings in display in his shop.

The prices of the paintings are set by the artists themselves. The maximum range is around 25000 taka. The larger paintings may be of around 10000 to 15000 taka, while the smaller paintings range from 1000 taka to around 8000 taka. The pencil sketches are within the price range of 1200 to 1500 taka. The paper collages and other illustrations are also available at quite reasonable ranges.

Cezanne Art Gallery also offers to bring the original piece of painting of a famous artist, if any customer asks for it. Also if someone wants their own portrait made, they can arrange for it. They also specialize in picture framing.

By Nusrat Khandker

Shop Talk

Silver anklets
Adorning female ankles has been the tradition for centuries around the Indian sub-continent. The tradition is still there and in fact, aining momentum with time. For anklets made from imitated silver you an check out the gift stores of the capital as well as well as the utlets of popular chain shops like Almas and Priyo. However, for uthentic anklets made from silver, pay visit to the branches of arong. Traditional as well as trendy ornaments for your ankle are vailable in all the outlets of Aarong. While some are thick, others re delicate and characterized by multi-coloured beads. These handmade nklets are sure to add glamour to your look. The jingling of the harms will add new tune to your life this spring. You can purchase an ttractive silver anklet from Aarong within tk.350.

Automatic lipliner From Revlon
Enhancing lips with a smooth lipliner is a part of the art of applying lipstick. Sharpening the regular pencil lip liners is sometimes a tough task, which necessitated a change in the way women outline their lips. Automatic lip liners from Revlon not only bear good quality, they also save you from the trouble of filing lip pencils. All you need to do is rotate the bottom like a lipstick… Available in a wide range of shades, these lip liners from Revlon's Colorstay line can be an addition to your smart makeup kit. You can visit the outlets of Priyo and Almas and other popular chain general and cosmetics stores for these smart lip liners. Each of these chic plus handy lip liner will cost you around tk.250.

Place mats knitted By hands
Commonly known as kushi-kata, place mats done from awesome crocheting by pegs is wonderful to look at. They can change the air of your dining hall if placed at the centre of a rotund dining table. Knitted marvellously, each of these mats can be used to grace the centre table of your living room, your dressing table or your bedside desk. Each of these pleasant place mats will cost you tk.100 at the branches of Aarong.

Leather Jewellery Boxes
For women who are jewellery lovers, having a jewellery box is not only fad but also a necessity. For nice-looking jewellery cases, visit the outlets of Aarong. Crafted with hands, these boxes are made from leather. Available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colours, one of these cases can be an essential element of your dressing-table.
Price will definitely vary with size. Some of these cases have intricate work of beads on top, while others have fine needlework; some are plain brown while others are rather colourful. The large ones will cost you around tk.450 or more, while the smaller ones will cost about tk.250.

By Wara Karim

On the cover

This Ekushey February, remember the loss and heartache but don't forget to take pride in our heritage. LIFESTYLE teams up the usual black and white with a dash of bold red to symbolise the strength and valour of this proud nation and our beautiful, powerful mother tongue Bangla.

Photo: Munem Wasif
Model: Sharmila Bondopaddhay
Makeup & styling: Farzana Shakil


As February arrives every year, bringing with it an unforgettable legacy written in blood, most of the people tend to look upon it as just another “dibosh”, which is as always, received by floral wreaths and singing performances. Since the 21st of February is now being commemorated around the world as “International Mother Language Day” we, being Bengali, should be imbued by a sense of pride and honour.

Ekushey Boimela
A visit to the “Aumor Ekushey Boimela” being held within the Bangla Academy premises this year should be on your to-do list. Getting entangled in daily duties and activities, people often lose touch with their culture and heritage. The Ekushey Boimela gives us a chance to revive the bond with our mother-tongue via the best media in the world: books. Just take a break from the regular humdrum of life this weekend and cuddle up with a good novel and savor the taste of the rich literature that the writers have in store for us this year.

Bringing Up the Patriots of Tomorrow
It is definitely a big responsibility on your part to introduce the rich culture and heritage of your motherland to your children. Enlighten them about the rich heritage, educate them about the rituals and teach them the “proper version” of their mother language. Inspire the pride in them and imbue in them a dream of making Bangladesh a better place to live in.

By Nusrat Khandker


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