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many faces, one vice

Step by step
Hour by hour
What we've got is a woman's power
Day by day
Believe in you
In what you want and what you do
It's the strength of a woman

~ Geri Halliwell ~

Caring for their families, bringing home the bread, fighting for their rights on a daily basis…Lifestyle applauds these remarkable women and their enormous contribution to our society. Their educated counterparts have been lucky enough to have secured more rights for themselves at home and in the workplace, but the women featured in this issue are remarkable because of all the odds they so boldly rise up against every hour, every day. As wives, mothers, children, domestic help, sex workers, garments employees and construction workers, they are everywhere and today we put them under the limelight where they really belong.

LS Desk
Photo: Munem Wasif



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