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Shop Special

The return of the nose pin

There was a time when wearing nose pin by women was a custom; every married woman wore one. Nose ornament was considered more than just a trinket, it was believed that every married female should pierce her nose and wear gold to bring good luck for her other half. In many religions, women take off their nose ornaments when their husbands pass away. But those days are long gone; today young and unmarried girls pierce their nose and wear trendy trinkets as a symbol of stylishness. In our day wearing a nose pin is more a craze than a custom.

It was during the late 1990s when wearing nose pin emerged as a fashion symbol among teenagers and adolescents of Dhaka. High school goers flocked to beauty salons like Woman's World, La Belle and Persona to have their nose pierced. At one time, piercing nose was a matter of panic for most women. The reason was that the entire process of pricking nose was intensely painful. However, this scenario is not true anymore. Today, you can pierce your nose within a matter of fifteen minutes. With the pulling of the trigger of a special gun, you can have a nice-looking stud on your nose. It was mainly because of the simple process of piercing ears and nose, which became popular during the 1990s, that the fashion of pricking nose has gained popularity over time.

Now, every three city girls out of ten probably have their nose pierced. It must be admitted that a small scintillating diamond on a woman's nose certainly adds to her beauty. Besides, nose pins are inexpensive and widely available in the local jewellery stores. This is presumably another reason why young girls and women are getting more and more interested in piercing their nose. Within Tk.100 to Tk.150 you can purchase a gold nose pin featuring a semi-precious stone on the top. However, the prices of nose ornaments vary with size. Those made entirely from gold may be priced as high as Tk.350 to Tk.500. You can even place an order for a nose pin of your choice in the local jewellery stores; custom-made nose pins will certainly cost you more than the ready made ones. Branches of Aarong also sell attractive nose rings and pins for their customers within the range of Tk.200 to Tk.250.

A diamond is forever... Owning a genuine diamond is every woman's dream. While the price of a diamond necklace maybe well beyond your ability, the price of a diamond nose pin maybe very well within your means. Within Tk.3500 to Tk.9000 you can own a stone as precious as diamond. You can check out jewellery outlets like Dia Gold, Amin Jewellers, Carbon Kraft, Venus and Royal for elegant and authentic diamond nose ornaments. Over the years, nose pins have adopted new changes in their look. At one time, nose pins were made purely from gold, however today, nose pins made from gold plus stone are in vogue. Stones of various colours and sizes are more popular in today's world of nose ornaments. Nadia, who studies in a reputable private university of Dhaka says that she changes her nose pin according to the colour of her dress! Such is the rage of nose ornaments in town right now.

Nose rings have also become a big hit among girls who want to look cool. Nose rings are now made from gold as well as silver. A trendy nose ring when complemented with dark eye makeup and a hip haircut is powerful enough to bestow on you a sensual appearance.

Some credit also goes to western pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Indian tennis players like Sania Mirza, both of whom have raised the trend on wearing nose pin/ring to a higher echelon.

There was a time when women only pierced their left nose. However, today's young girls have moved away from that tradition. Even though most women still pierce their left nose, there are quite a lot of girls who have chosen their right nose to wear trinkets. Sarika, who is a 12 th grader, said that she pierced her right nose because it makes her look different from the rest. She believes that it also makes her look more attractive than those who have pierced their left nose.

A custom that once began with the belief that nose pins could bring fortune to a woman's marital life has over decades turned into a fashion symbol. The fact that every married woman must wear jewellery on their nose is not applicable in the modern world. Today it's a matter of your own choice. However, even in today's hi-tech age we still love to cling to the century-old tradition of adorning the feminine nose with gems and jewellery.

By Wara Karim

Shop Talk

Caps (off?) to Technology
The best thing about technology is that they keep coming up with better and better methods of protecting ourselves from diseases and injury etc. One of these outstanding inventions are caps. Not only do they manage to provide complete protection from the blazing sun, but they also help in making us look “cool.” While caps are available for nominal rates at some men's outfit stores, the best place to find them is New Market, where you will find caps of all sizes and designs. You will even get brand names on caps here, though the authenticity of these is not guaranteed! For those who are willing to spend a bit for the original brand name caps will have to visit some of the shops in Bashundhara City, which sell these caps for about Tk.500.

Water Bottles
When working outside at midday with the warm sun blazing on top of our heads, a chilled drink is very welcoming for most of us. So carrying your own water bottle full of chilled water to school, college or work is a good option. However, get rid of the used mineral water bottles, which do not retain the chill for long and turn towards the new thermos water bottles. These are now available in many of the shops in the big shopping malls. Shop n' Save and Meena Bazaar in Dhanmondi have quite a few of these bottles at quite reasonable prices. For the athletes, who are in most need of water after a game, the colourful Adidas and Nike bottles are always available at Western Focus in Rifles Square, for only Tk.750.

When suntans are not welcome!
When you would rather keep that melanin pigment in your skin secure, rather than go for a sunburn, then sun-blocks and sun-screens are what you should be focusing on. Nowadays you can find many stores with large collections of sun-blocks and sun-screen lotions and creams of different brands at different prices. While the L'Oreal SPF 30 and Safe Sun SPF 30 are found in the Tk.300-500 range, other brands like Ayur SPF 15 and Lady Diana SPF 40 cost less than Tk.300. Almas Super Shop in Dhanmondi and Prime Collection in Bashundhara City are some shops which sell these products within the above mentioned price ranges. You can also visit Agora, New Market and Eastern Plaza.

Bringing the Past to the Present!
Well after such a long list of physical safeguards for the heat are given, there has to be something to cool your minds. This time attention is paid to the grown-up people who are fed up of the movie revolution that has taken place in this era. Yes, you can now stop complaining about how these cable channels never show any olden-day movies. Here one is presented the most charismatic on-screen duo of the 70s - Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen! DVD Galaxy in Rifles Square is selling collections of long-lost Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen movies. There are over 70 movies including hits like “Shagorika” and “Devdas”. Each DVD comprises of 3 movies each and costs Tk.100. They are also selling DVDs of 30 Satyajit Ray movies for Tk.90 each.

By Nusrat Khandker

On the cover

This week, it's all about W-power as we celebrate Woman in all her manifestations. Browse through our pages at leisure for pertinent issues.
Photo: Munem Wasif


Having devoted much of your time enjoying the New Year's celebrations and more recently, Eid, its time to divert your thoughts to more “essential” topics, like your long neglected homes. The same can be said about the returned holiday goers. Get moving with those brooms and dust pans!

Dusting Those Shelves
First on your list should be all the shelves. Ever wonder now even after you've just finished dusting, they still retain the dusty look a few minutes later? Well here are a few handy tips. You can dust the racks and cover them with clean pieces of chart or calendar paper. Also, you can keep your windows closed. However, that gives rise to poor ventilation, so try pulling netted frames on them. Not only does it prevent dust, but it also keeps out the irritating mosquitoes.

Furniture and Fans
Nothing is more disagreeable to the eye than to enter a house with dirty furniture! So make a trip to your nearest departmental store and stock up on cleaning materials and furniture polish. Attack your furniture with fervour and polish them till they shine. And speaking of cleaning, one must never forget the fans, which insist on accumulating dust and cobwebs. So cleaning fans is really important unless you want the debris to land upon your guest's head the minute it's turned on.

By Rohini Alamgir


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