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More than simply a place to sleep in, the bedroom is a place in which one can shut out the household clamour and just enjoy precious moments of solitude. Ideally, a retreat to the bedroom should involve a physical move away from the rest of the house.

If a bedroom is to serve as a getaway, feel free to design it for your sole pleasure alone. Invest in a luxurious touch here and there fancy bed linens or a four-poster bed. This week, we discuss a boy's bedroom. Bold, bright, and dynamic are the key words for the décor.

When selecting the palette for a child's room, expect it to meet his/her needs for about 5-7 years. As children develop and acquire interests, and make new friends, their tastes change, and this extends to choice of décor. Furnishings should be selected on the basis of the function of the space. A full-size bed is more practical in rooms where friends use the bed for seating. Children need their own space and their favourite things handy, be it toys or a cherished cap. These years pass by so quickly, most designers encourage their clients to give in to some of their kids' whims.

Our featured bedroom this week is for a six-year old schoolboy. The first thing we did was to fix a study corner for him, complete with a study desk and a vertical bookshelf.

The focal point of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. We picked out a single bed with a padded headboard and storage facility for the centre of the room. A patch-worked blue and green quilt cover is thrown over the bed in keeping with the colour scheme. Across from the bed, we placed a large closet with a moulding beat, ornate doors, and a mirror. The study table and closet make one corner, the computer unit and display cabinet opposite make another corner. The cabinet is custom-made, with Burma teak and shegun beat. The furniture will be appropriate for the boy even when he hits his teens.

To off-set the rather grown-up furnishings, we chose a bright blue for the walls. We placed a curved false ceiling studded with spotlights over the bed. Attached to this is another sleek false ceiling spray-painted to emulate the sky. To break the monotony, we placed a bright watercolour painting on the wall behind the bed.

For the floor, we used non-slippery and durable semi-rustic tiles, surrounded by a curved border, which looks very eye-catching. The room looks spacious with the compact furniture. A small rug is placed under the window for a toy. The boy's toy aeroplane collection is displayed partly on the floor, and partly on the cabinet.

The window is wide, and so allows for ample natural light. This is essential for a healthy bedroom. We used solid blue fabric for the curtain, and deeper blue for the loops and curtain holders.

With the dramatic colour scheme and the simple, practical furniture, this is definitely a room that our client's son can enjoy for many years to come.

By Nazeen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Email: journeym@citechco.net
Photos: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special thanks to Mrs. Farzana Azim for arranging the photoshoot at her lovely house



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