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the male speak

More than the males of the species themselves, who better than women to know that men will always be men! The only difference nowadays however is that men are trying to combine the X-factor and the wow factor together for drop-dead gorgeous looks!

The first port of call for men is their hair. Gone are the days when a simple haircut with just a snip and tuck could transform the average male into an Elvis, Waheed Murad or Uttam Kumar. Men are into highlights, rebonding, straightening and ironing in a big way everywhere. If they are not into it now they better be soon. Hair is in, boys!

I have tried out several different styles on my model Sumon, who came to me with long locks, but at the end of the session had to shed most of them as I found out I could create several looks for him by just ruffling and smoothing his hair. Use of rollers to curl his hair, albeit temporarily, helped immensely.

Men are big on face makeovers too now. Grooming and pampering themselves as they have never done before with regular visits to salons for facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, are giving men an entirely new slant to their well being and attitude. So who's complaining? Not many surely.

By Farzana Shakil
Hair cuts and styling: Farzana Shakil
Model: Sumon
Photo: Wasif Munem, Iqbal Ahmed

stud dud 101

So you think you've found The One. Your Prince Charming, your White Night, your Mr Right, and what's better, he likes you back. You feel like you've got nothing left to ask for…until you realize that his dress sense makes you break out in hives. A laid-back dresser is adorable, but when he lays back so far that just looking at him makes you itch, it's time to take matter into your own hands.

Love wrap
Buy the thing you want him to wear and let your gift-wrapping go the complicated way. Remember to yank the price tag off! Be casual about the episode. Don't expect a happy howl or a surge of affection, though. He's going to battle you every inch of the way. Do this whenever you can afford to shop.

If your man doesn't like sorting, then this is your chance. The bonus of this act is, you get to choose and arrange his clothes, and place them in the order you want him to wear. Top this seemingly generous act with good laundering and ironing. Do we hear loud a 'why'? Our question: Then WHO WILL?

Conspire shopping
Plan a shopping date. Yes, he'll hate it but not if you talk him into it -- use snooker or the bowling as baits. Once inside the store (phew, that's lot of work done!), choose stuff off the racks and goad him to try them on. Wait outside the trial room with three options ready, while he tries the first choice (read: your selection). Don't forget to play the enthusiastic cheerleader; a little bit of ego-stroking can go a long way!

'Go green' therapy
When you are out with him, casually point out to well-dressed men on the streets, in shopping malls, talk about that drool-worthy man at his workplace or throw a few names plucked off your friend’s list. They might just do the trick. The green-eyed monster bites men faster, just that they don't show it easily.

Subtlety works!
Discard super-old possessions with permission obtained when your man is distracted. Try it when he is watching a match, reading or fixing something. Be calm, ask quickly and walk away after he nods a careless 'yes'. Darling, trust us, you'll feel like a winner!

Mean means
Didn't we know men have egos bigger than mammoths? Tap this 'treasure'. Prod your gal friends to say under-control mean things about his clothes (be sure it's just for fun and no hurting remarks!). One look of disapproval will make him run to the mirror and preen more than he ever did. Believe us, when it comes to the 'other woman's' opinion, men become touchy.

Desperate Measures
Tuck his worn out tee in a corner of the wardrobe. The 'out of sight, out of mind' theory works well with men. Also, a white lie won't hurt (if you can live with it) -- how about saying 'Oh! it (the saddest pair of pyjamas) went to the laundry and never came back"? And finally, here's something that's really wicked. Our advice: ONLY to be used as last resort. Destroy the unbeatably sad ones!

PS: Don't blame us or do this if you can't save your skin!



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