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storage stories

Everyone needs good storage, whether to create order, save space, or simply keep things within easy reach. Our storage needs differ from room to room, depending upon the goods we store. Storage for bedroom means bed linen, pillow and personal suits, shoes etc. Storage for bathroom means toiletry kits, including towels, bathrobe etc.

Today, in this feature we want to discuss the kitchen store, especially for spice and dishes. If visible storage isn't your style, bring in a rolling storage drawer that fits into the cabinet. Maybe you're wasting too much time refilling a messy drawer. That's why we want to focus on a well-planned kitchen.

Serving Dishes Storage
Generally, decorative bowls and platters don't need to be hidden away in a closet. Instead, use niches and glass-front cabinets to showcase beautiful dishware. We used to arrange items by height-standing platters and serving dishes in the back, bowls and pitchers in front-to utilize every inch of space. Cabinet doors with metal mesh inserts can protect you prized pottery.

We can make some divisions inside the drawer instead of having a traditional open space of drawer. Pullout drawers hidden in base cabinets corral oversize platters and serving pieces. When space is scarce, free up room by carefully stacking serving sets or mixing bowls. You may want to put a thin cushion between your best pieces (even a paper towel will do) to prevent abrasion. Shallow toe-kick drawers are also ideal for storing special-occasion pieces. Sometime, we arrange a place for rack. They are protected from scratches when stored between vertical divider. Such an arrangement turns your favourite China or store ware into a pretty display.

The perfect sidekick: An awkward space, created when a new, space-saving appliance was installed, need not cause a problem in the kitchen. Instead, the tall, slim niche may be outfitted with shelves and decorative baskets to hold napkins, mitts, and even vegetables.

Spice Storage
No kitchen is complete without the right assortment of spices, but those small containers seem to mysteriously disappear into the same black hole that sucks up your socks. The right storage plan will not only keep spices organized and easy to find, but also will keep your favourite flavours fresh.

As you decide the ideal spot in your kitchen to house herbs and spices, consider these important guidelines for keeping them flavourful: Make sure they're kept in airtight containers and stored away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat, which accelerate the loss of flavour and aroma. Save the freezer for your ice cream; it won't extend the life of oft-used dried spices. Ideally, spices and herbs should be stored in an area no warmer than 68 degrees with less than 60 per cent relative humidity. The best preservation technique may be the most obvious; simply secure the lid after each use.

Spices and herbs have long lives, but they won't last forever. We can set up the perfect sliver of space for your spice collection. Create a shallow shelf between wall studs, a niche near the workspace, or a skinny pullout between cabinets. Look into cabinet accessories as well. Propping up spices in a drawer or resting them on risers in the cupboard is a simple way to make these cooking must-haves easier to use and store. You can even use small open racks of stainless steel for tiny spice packs and sauce bottles. Nowadays, these accessories are readily available. Remember, though to purchase them as per your kitchen space and functional priority.

Although cookbook and knickknacks might add more decorative flair to the work, some open shelves, are the ideal spot for ingredients used at the nearby oven.

Every inch of space can thus be used to store your stuff and keep them tasting great.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan



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