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hot mustard

Since the dawn of time, people have built their homes from earth and so when we are surrounded by earth-coloured objects and materials we feel comfortable and at home. Two natural earth tones are ochre and burnt Sienna, and when blended together they create an orange, that has a rich tawny hue.

Earth colours are warm and embracing make us feel rooted and connected. They look good anywhere in the home, but if you don't want to decorate a whole room in earth tones you can still introduce rich ochre or brown or mustard into the wall or false ceiling or furniture or curtain.

In this week's feature, we will discuss a spacious master bedroom. This is almost 500 sq. ft. in size and a man's room, we selected a mustard, brown, and cream colour theme for this room. Brown represents masculinity in Western cultures.

At the first step of the interior work, we made a silk false ceiling surrounding the main ceiling. This is made of super teak board and Burma teak moulding beat, which frames the ceiling in a gorgeously bold mustard line. Spotlights fitted into the false ceiling provide illumination.

Bedrooms are the rooms for sleep and relaxation. Therefore, the most important facet of their design is comfort. What we did here was to put the bed, wardrobe and built-in cabinet on one side of the room, so that we could have space for a seating arrangement. A two-seater off-white leather sofa was backed up against a wall, and opposite from this, we put two chairs to complete a cosy sitting corner. At the centre, on the floor, we spread a carpet with a green and brown motif, and placed large cushions for further sitting options. A hanging light over the carpet completes the picture.

The focal point of this room is colour. The brown touch is all over. The curtain is mustard brown, a solid colour. This is contrasted with a box-pleated palmate in shaded fabric. The wall panelling is different; rust orange laminated board covers the lower part of the wall and the upper part is deep brown. Deep brown, suggesting confidence and steadfastness, becomes warm and passionate. Brown, beige olive and grey will blend home as beautifully as they do in nature. We chose a beige tone for the bedcover, which complements the colour of the sofa.

A room containing collections of books, picture and ornaments will feel more personal and inviting when you display them against a backdrop of earth colours, so our client's collection of paintings and photographs look fabulous against this earthy wall.

A creative colour scheme and the right furnishing can work together to make sheer magic. Just so, the mustard brown colour turns this bedroom-come-sitting room into a place of quiet, intimate comfort.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks: Mr. Mizanur Rahman



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